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The over thinker 🤯 ( scans shown 5/half weeks )

So I worked out I should be 6 weeks 5 days today.... last period was 30th September I have pcos and multiple miscarriages... what’s everyone else’s weeks ? I booked a private scan for yesterday 15th and pregnancy confirmed little sac there but showing more 5 and half weeks so a week earlier... that’s fine good thickening and it’s a nice circle not ridged..... all showing good til last night I took a test again and it was the faintest line ever lighter then my others... none of them have been extremely strong so my question is  would you worry? Or assume your just earlier then expected? No bleeding and sore boobies am I just expecting the worst to save my feelings? I am scared to get excited will be baby 3 hoping for a nice easy ride 😂😂 but for anyone interested in what your pregnancy could look like at this stage here’s my photos 💕 ( not a clue what the 2 white things are didn’t ask ) but little black circle in green circle is GS ( sac/pregnancy ) yellow circle uterus and anyone who read the whole thing Thankyou 😂


  • Aww good luck hun 💕 amazing news 💋 xx

  • Really freaking myself out I wanted to see progression lines so did this this morning with first wee.... mind blown.🤯

  • This what two days before scan.... 
    everyone keeps telling me hormones too high won’t be detected.... I am still early so how can this be? 
    I am just getting the awful feeling of this isn’t going to go well... but still no bleeding nothing. Just normal early pregnancy discharge...
    any similar stories? What was your out comes?
  • Did the Dr's say your hcg levels where all OK? I've seen most girls use First response tests in early pregnancy as they're the most sensitive xx
  • I normally use first response but for some reason I can’t find them been to ASDA chemist Tesco even Sainsbury’s. shortage of first response by me or everyone’s pregnant 😅 , they won’t see me til 7 weeks so have to wait until then , I went private for the scan I’ve done it on all my others the Sonographer is lovely and used to work at a hospital and she told me to stop worrying myself The sac is lovely and the thickening is perfect but I can’t help it , it’s like the only thing my brain is trying to understand just hoping to see if anyone else had a similar experience , obviously something is happening why would my test not be getting darker 🤯 to be honest I am just scared and my partner doesn’t really know what to say apart from relax and reassuring me the faint line is still there 😂 x
  • Ahh OK well hopefully someone that's been through similar will come on and share their story. 
    Well that fact that's there's no bleeding or cramps is good thing so I would keep telling yourself that in the mean time. I hope you can try not to worry (easy said I know) xx
  • @L3IGH94 it’s really hard to stop worrying- in fact it’s flipping awful. I would’ve thought the tests would be getting darker to be honest but I would feel reassured by the scan. Are you having another scan soon? I think they can see the baby/ heartbeat from about 6 weeks.xx
  • I think once you see the heartbeat, you’ll feel better.
    have you done a digital test?x
  • Yeah I did a digital clear blue before my scan literally 2 hours before and it came up not pregnant so was expecting to worse explained to sonographer and she told me not to worry different tests but surely they should be getting darker I rang my Epau and I am booked in Wednesday so don’t so far away, did a clear blue this morning and had a faint line but was there didn’t have to squint. Just hoping it sticks and grows now 💕 will keep post updated xx
  • I really hope it’s good news for
  • Started bleeding pink when I wipe feeling hopeless 💫
  • @L3IGH94 I know what you mean about not getting your Hope's up... I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry yourself too much. What will happen will happen just try to stay positive! I saw my babys heart beat with my scan on the 15th and it helped me worry less a bit but I know it's still early in pregnancy and something could still go wrong! I don't think I will ever stop worrying even after baby is born!! 

    Some people have less hcg in their system so that could explain the tests.  Some people also have light spotting too which is normal.. Wishing you all the best for Wednesday!!! xx
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