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1st baby- ttc for a year

Hello- I wanted to join this group bc I followed along on the ttc threads for awhile. I am around 6.5 weeks. I had an ultrasound last week with my reproductive endocrinologist and we saw a teeny tiny heartbeart. I'm so excited. I tried to get pregnant for about a year, meanwhile 4 of my friends got pregnant and my Mom who has been very vocal about wanting grandbabies made the journey emotionally difficult for me. So i have a lot of worry and have not told anyone other than DH. I had been seeing a therapist while ttc so she is helping me take it day by day and enjoy this moment. Im due july 10-12th. I will have another ultrasound with the RE next week then another around 11 weeks with OB. Hoping i make it there. Fingers crossed!


  • @Luna87 congrats on your pregnancy. My due date is the 10th or 11th depending on what website tracker I use so we are same. Its so stressful isn't it. Its so good that you have seen a heartbeat its one of the little milestones through out the pregnancy that just makes you worry ever ever so slightly less if that makes sense. It's good you have your therapist to talk to and I am definitely trying to do day to day too although struggle not to day dream about the future too lol xxx
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