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6 weeks and had some spotting

Hi all, 

I am about 6 weeks and experienced some light spotting yesterday. It was a pinkish color mixed in with some cm. I only noticed it around lunch time and haven’t seen it again. I have also had some pressure like feeling in the bladder area. This is my first so overly cautious, And can’t help but go to the internet for research and find some scary things... I have reached out to my doctor and they basically told me to just monitor it. I have an appt on dec 5th. Just wanted to know if any of you had some similar stories. 


  • As you don't have bright red blood and don't have cramps I would say nothing to worry about, but as  your doctor said just keep an eye on it
  • Hey mama, 
    I am now 7 weeks 3 days I experienced the same till week 6 day the gynae says it is normal. I am currently on progesterone a precaution since I have a previous miscarriage. 
    Don't worry dear. Your baby is safe. 
    My next appointment is 14th Dec. Let me know how yours goes on 5th.
    All the best. Baby dust to you 
  • N ohhh.... Remember don't overwork or lift heavy stufg
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