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Keep getting negative tests

keep I have had two positive tests both clear blue but when I go and confirm it with a doctor they say it’s negative. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • What cb ones?? Where lines dark?? Have you used first reponse.?? 

    On my first I got postive cb digital and went doc was negative he made me come back 4 days later and I had a very light postive.
    Try first response and bring test with you to doctor
  • This is a second test I’ve don’t and it’s come out positive. But there tests are negative so I’m confused 
  • Oh that is a good positive.. I would say congratulations. 
    I'd say bring that to doctor.. make sure you bring first morning urine sample to doctor and ask for bloods to be taken if still negative 
  • I have had a negative from bloods? 
  • That's very strange.. maybe a faulty test or chemical.. hard to do but wait another bit and test again with a first response 
  • I have an ultrasound booked for 31st December 
  • Oh good idea.. hopefully you get the answers you want.. best of luck xx 
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