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Scans coming up and so scared.

I have my dating scan coming up, it’s actually on Friday. This will be my second “pregnancy” my first pregnancy unfortunately I had lots of complications and had a miscarriage. I didn’t find out I had a miscarriage until my dating scan last time and now I don’t know how to feel about my scan on Friday. Like I am so so excited but I can just remember hearing last time “the baby is no longer there” can anyone help me out. I have no reason to believe that something has gone wrong because I haven’t bled this time and I still have all the symptoms. I’m just scared of the out come of the scan I guess.. 


  • It is definitely hard to be excited and not worry when you have experienced a loss before... I also lost my first pregnancy and I am 11weeks and a bit now and still worry something will go wrong.. all we can do Is try our best to not stress too much and whatever happens will happen no matter what we do! 
    Fingers crossed for you and little baby!! 
  • I had to have an early scan when i was 6 weeks due to bleeding and cramps, they found a cyst on my right ovary which they will monitor throughout the pregnancy. I now have a scan next Tuesday and i am head to toe of emotions, can not wait to see how much my baby has grown. 
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