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Hello, and welcome to Due in July 2022 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Hi Danielle! Long time no see! 3rd time here on this forum! So excited to get to know everyone in this July 2022 group. Looks like I'm the 1st here, so there will be mums out there that don't even know yet 😊 
    I think I'm due around 11th July, which makes me 5 weeks, and we found out on bonfire night on Friday! Super excited! 
  • Hey, hope you're well. 
    Have recently found out I'm pregnant with number 2 (can't figure out how to change my screen name) not 100% sure on dates though.
    I thought I was due on 05.11 but had a negative test on 07.11 on a chemist one, but then a positive the same evening on a FR. With my first pregnancy I had a dark first response before I'd even missed my period but this time round the positive isn't as dark and clear blue is showing 1-2 weeks. I have constant nausea which I didn't have last time but am very wary of the fact the tests aren't as strong. The first 12 weeks are such a worry aren't they!
    How are you feeling? 
  • Heres a picture of the first test I did at 2 days late (I think) on Sunday evening, the one I did Monday morning looks exactly the same. And then the clear blue said 1-2 on Monday. I will retest soon to see if it gets any darker as it is worrying me x
  • Hi ladies, we found out on 1st November. Think I’m 5 weeks tomorrow but not 100% as I’m still breastfeeding my 9 Month old so hadn’t got my cycle back properly yet! So happy!! Still have the first trimester nerves though! X
  • Hi, congrats to you both! Ttcfirsttime try not to worry too much, I know that easier said than done! Maybe take another clearblue in a week to see if the weeks have gone up. The fact you feel nauseous is a good sign 😊 
    Summer 1287
    I am still BF my nearly 2 year old! First time I have been pregnant and BF at the same time! 
    I have booked an early 8 week scan, how about you guys, will you do the same? It's such a long time to wait until 12 weeks isn't it. 
    Not feeling sick at all yet, but I know I will from 6 weeks, so I'm making the most of eating what I want until then 
  • Thanks Gospel. I did another FR last night and it's definitely darker. I think part of me just thinks this has been far too simple, it took 14 months to fall with my DD, we haven't been actively trying this time and somehow I've managed to fall. I'm going to try wait until its been at least week or so between CB digital as they're expensive 🙈
    With my first we had a private scan at 8 weeks and another at 12 weeks cos my NHS was so late. We're gonna try hold off until 10 weeks this time as we'd like to tell family on Christmas day. I would like to have one earlier too but trying to resist the extra expense. What date is your scan?x
  • My progression of tests . Last is definitely more reassuring!  
  • Oh yeh, that last test looks much darker! 
    I was the same with my last baby, took a year and a half to have him and had to have some fertility treatment in the end. This one was first try! I was in shock! 
    We would like to tell family on Christmas day too, not sure how we're going to do it though. Have you had any nice ideas, or are u just simply going to tell them? 
  • We're not sure how to do it yet. I have seen some scratch cards that reveal it which could be nice in crackers or we'll do some sort of big sister clothing for our DD to open. Have you registered with the midwives yet? I can't remember when I did it last time but I feel like 5 weeks is too early?! 
  • @Gospel22 congrats! How are you finding breastfeeding? I feel like I’m suddenly not producing enough milk…must be hormones?! We’ve booked a scan for 9 weeks so we can tell family sooner 😊 x
  • Gospel22Gospel22 Regular
    edited Nov 14, 2021 7:23PM
    No I haven't booked with the midwives yet, I'm going wait until after the scan I think. 
    I've not really noticed my milk supply changing that much. But then, he only really has it for comfort so I'm guessing there won't be a massive amount there anyway. I'm hoping he'll wean himself off before this baby comes along 😂 
    I did another clearblue today to make sure the weeks had gone up. I was really nervous doing it as I've not had any morning sickness or anything yet, but they had gone up so such a relief x
  • edited Nov 22, 2021 9:43PM
    Good afternoon everyone! I am super excited to connect with others due in July :) This is my third pregnancy

    unfortunately I have had 2 miscarriages before this, once in 2007 and once in 2020 *end TW*

    I tested positive at 3w 2d (I tested to get rid of the baby brain, I fully expected it to be negative as I thought it was going to be too early) and am now 5w 3d. My first ultrasound is on December 1. The doctor decided to do an internal ultrasound to see if we can see a heartbeat sooner, rather than later. :smiley: I am attaching my pregnancy test photos, both taken the same day!!
  • Welcome CaffeinatedBirdy & congrats. 

    How's everyone doing? I had a scan at the early pregnancy unit today as I've been experiencing alot of pain. All looked well and saw a little heartbeat flickering 😍
    Symptoms are so much worse than they were with my first, have the worst pregnancy acne, my face is so sore. Want to wait until Christmas to tell anyone but struggling to hide it as my jeans barely fit 😂 has anyone else told anyone yet?x
  • Hi everyone I found out that am pregnant and this  is baby number 4 it was a complete surprise and unexpected as my son is only 2 but am happy.i am struggling with morning sickness and I think I have HG as it all day and I have no strength hoping it gets better by 12 weeks.i have already told close family already as I cannot hide it due to constant nausea and sickness.
    Wishing everyone well and congratulations. 

  • Hey ladies, how's everyone doing? I am really struggling atm, constant nausea and flu like symptoms that come and go. Really hard keeping it a secret. Got another private scan in 12 days, will be 10 + 4. If all goes well we will tell family on Christmas day. Has anyone seen a midwife yet? I'm still waiting to hear. Hope everyone's keeping okay x
  • Hi everyone, im Cassie and im new here and currently 9 weeks pregnant with baby number 3! Im hoping some of you ladies can give me abit of reassurance. So we decided to keep this pregnancy a secret until the new year but last week a family member found out. A few days later they then old me that myself and my partner are being cruel and selfish towards our other 2 children for even thinking about having a third and basically told me the kindest thing i could do would be to just 'get rid of it' and concentrate on our other 2 children. This has really shook me and made me worry whether i am being cruel to my other 2 or am i just really over thinking this?? 
    Sorry for the long post but im feeling very lost and confused at the moment and just need to talk to someone as i have no one else i can talk too x
  • Hi cassie hope you okay am Pamela mother of 3 already and 11 weeks with baby number 4 it came as a surprise at first and my little one is on 2years and 3 months I thought about every scenario possible and torturing myself about how cruel I was and I decided to tell my kids about it they are over the moon about the news and cannot wait for baby to be here obviously the last one doesn't understand but as long as each children get their one on one time and affection,don't let people tell you what to do if you want to do or make you feel bad about your choice of a bigger family as long as you can take care of you family that's the most important take good care of yourself and hope to see you here with baby scan pictures soon
  • Hi Pamela, congratulations on your 4th pregnancy and thank you so much for commenting. We havent told our other children yet as we wanted to wait until after Christmas. But know this has made me worried about telling them. What's really annoyed me is they have 3 children themselves 😒 i donot ask anyone to help me with my 2 boys and have always done everything for them myself so dont really see why they had to say these things in the first place x
  • Hi everyone. Congratulations to all the new mummy's to be. Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas. Unfortunately this will be my last post, as we have lost our pregnancy a week ago. We think we have lost twins. We are heartbroken as you can imagine. I had the miscarriage then went for a scan to check everything was gone (I work in maternity so got the scan through work) and there was a baby there with a heartbeat! We were so shocked. The sonographer told us it must have been a twin that we lost. A few days after the scan, the bleeding started again and we lost the 2nd baby. Such a sad time, especially at Christmas, but we'll be ok. I really hope everything goes well for you all for your little summer babies 💕 Take care xx
  • @Gospel22 I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage so sad and I really hope you alright as it's never easy.sendi g you lots of ❤ .
    @Cazm1620 hope you okay honestly I think you will be surprised about how you kids take the news of an addition and also depends on how you make the announcement you know your boys better, as for whoever has been giving you all these worries I don't know joy close you are to them but whenever your ready you need to make them understand it was mean and rude especially let them know how you felt and live you pregnancy to the fullest it's early but I actually cannot wait to meet my baby and start shopping clothes and all.
    Hope everyone else is alright and wish everyone well 

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