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Hello everyone! Updates on everyone… (June 15)



  • Really hating this new forum. Just written a long post and it hasn't posted! 

    so I'll have to summarise. 

    Allytoot, my gp fave me meds for sickness, so it's worth asking. They help a little xx

    mrsAlexander, your boss sounds horrible. remember you have rights tho so don't be bullied. 

    My scan went well. Very exciting seeing it wriggling around and seeing it's little heart beat. I've been moved on 2 dates so now due 2nd June. 


  • Just seen your post, FaithRyan (love your scan pic - how lovely!) and read that you're finding the new forum hard.

    We know there are some bugs we need to fix (we're working on that right now) but it would be REALLY helpful if you could tell us what's 'bugging' you. 

    We'd much rather prioritise fixing stuff that we know is annoying you folks - rather than trying to guess which things might be annoying you most, if you see what I mean!

    If you - or anyone else who has a moan about the new site - could possibly come and post about it over on this thread - - that would really help.

    It means we can keep track of all the 'issues' in one place (rather than on lots of different threads) and we can also update you all quickly on what's happening and when the fixes might be released.

    Thanks so much! Hopefully, see you over the other thread...

  • FaithRyan - fantastic scan piccie!! I can't wait for mine on the 19th December!! Such a beautiful clear image :)

    MrsAlexander- you employer sounds awful... I had problems with mine when I was pregnant with my son and I didn't return after my mat leave because of it. Lucky for my voluntary redundancy was on offer so I didn't have to pay back any of my mat leave!

    I've been so so ill... convinced it's a girl this time as they say it's worse with girls and I'm much worse than I was with my son! I've got anti-sickness meds which are helping to some extent... better than I was anyway! I'm very lucky to have a fantastic hubby who has been looking after me... harder to cope when you have a 15 month old to look after too! xx

  • How's everyone doing? Any new scans? Hope you're all well! So quiet in here xx

  • Hi Louja,

    Im doing well, how are you? My little boy has been really unwell though so not had much of a chance to keep up with here.

    I had my scan last Wednesday 3rd. It was great, baby was kicking and flipping all over the place,  the sonographer was struggling to get measurements at the beginning ha! Finally managed and i have the due date 13th June.

    I totally agree this is such a quiet group. The group of ladies from when i was pregnant with my son were much bigger and we all still talk on a daily basis. I have even met a couple of them and their kids too. We made a facebook page though which i find much easier to keep an eye on than here i always forget!!

    Hope you are keeping well too x

  • Hi Mrs Alexander- yes I'm on a private Facebook group too for my little boy- so much easier than on here and we also talk daily! This site doesn't seem to be what it used to be which is a great shame!!

    Glad your scan went well and you got your date- naughty wriggley one!!

    My scan is on the 19th, next Friday... Can't wait but also a little scared too!! I can't wait to tell everyone my news 😊

    Hope to speak soon and that your little one gets better.

    Take care xxx

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