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The Due in June 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, June 2017 is upon us, and we know there's been a couple of new arrivals from your Due in June 2017 birth club already, so we thought we'd get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  • Hey !! First post and everything birth story goes a bit like this

    Warning do not carry on if you are really squeamish

    I was induced just before 38 weeks.... Which was Last Tuesday at 11am ...some waters broke at 6.50am on weds and contractions started. I was doing ok got moved to the delivery ward at about 11am and the contractions were 4 in 10 and strong !!! Decided i couldnt cope and had an epidural ( even though everyone said i was doing fine on gas and air) so that went in the evening i think ( i dont remember much) The epidural was the best (midwives said it was the best they had seen in a while.....but they thought i had a very high pain threshold anyway) so from then on they had issues with baby's heart rate but only occcasionally and my contractions slowed so had to have the hormone drip to kick them in again. 4am they woke me ( i was having 15 min cat naps) and said ok time to start pushing. So without any feeling i was pushing and was doing ok but they then said right we need forceps.... I swear there was like 15 people in the room. They flipped me up ...legs in stirrups and had to cut me to allow the forceps. I was still pushing to help them but then they told me to stop. Then all hell broke loose..... I needed to i was pretty much head down and vomited so hard that i pushed her head out ....whoops that wasn't supposed to happen. Then her shoulder got stuck so i had 3 people twisting and pulling her out of me.....who knew that area could go so big ..... I had her at bang on 5 am so it all happened quite quickly.... I barely remember it and i felt nothing I have 2 stitches however one is the length of my pereneium and continuous and i was on the verge of transfusion as i lost just over 1.5 litres of blood. But we are both fine and dandy and although im sore it was all worth it Hope i haven't scared u too much. I just went with what the midwives thought was best and then i wasn't stressed. Xxx

  • jeanettea, thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story - we're a few weeks on now, how's the healing process 'down there' going? And how is Amelia doing too? (Also please pop me a PM with your full name and address so we can send you a little baby gift for sharing your story) 

  • Hi Danielle

    Healing really well !!! Still little sore but suppose thats normal ! 

    Amelia is just perfect....d ont think i could have asked for a better getting 4-5 hour bloks of sleep at night from 11.30 / 12 am so its a dream.

    The only thing that has surprised me is the feeling of being lonely...since the oh went back to work. We work in the same place and he has been doing long hours.... Suppose it makes a massive difference going from seing 100 plus people a day to looking after a newborn. Having said that im doing well and loving it xx

  • So birth story....

    Was having quite bad period pains all day but just put it down to the usual stuff. Just before 5pm on 8th june I then felt like desperate for loo so I went and 'cleared out - gross I know' and saw I had my bloody show.

    Rang hubby and told him and said I would have a shower and keep him posted. After shower started to actually feel contractions so started timing them and called hubby to come home. My contractions were 3-4 mins apart and 30-40 seconds. By the time hubby got home around 6 they got quite painful and hubby rang triage who told me not to come in yet. Shortly after they were so painful and then my waters broke so we rang back and said I was coming....i already felt urges to push I was so worried. 

    Got to birth centre 7.30pmish and was examined and I was 10cm dialated already!

    Got in the birth pool for about 45 mins and was having more contractions and involuntary pushing. Time came for proper pushing and it wasnt going well in pool so had to get out and push on birthing stool with hubby behind me and my feet in midwifes knees. The pushing I found very traumatic just horrible to push through that pain barrier, I was doing this for almost an hour, head came out with cord round neck but very quickly sorted then he was here! 9.27pm he was born 6lb7 my little Toby!

    Had to have some stitches for a tear on vagina but no perineal tear which I was told was good for a quick delivery!

    So 4 and a half hours from bloody show until baby came! 

    Oh and hated the gas and air so had to do without any pain relief.



  • Tina, what a birth! So fast! And you know, when you say pushing through the pain barrier, it really, really made me remember the intense pain, but as you say pushing through it. Totally struck a chord in me. Now how are you and Toby doing now? 

  • wow Tina what a story !! Hope you are healing well now ! 

    I can't comment on the pain barrier because i had the epidural 

  • very long 21 hour labour!!!!
    Waters broke at 20:15 on sat.
    Got sent home.
    Returned 2am with heavy contractions.
    3am 4cm dilated so labour started.
    Stayed that way for a while so at 12 pm was put on hormonal drip to boost contractions.
    I went to 5cm, 7cm, then stayed 8cm for hours.
    Babies heart rate then reacted to the drip so all the staff came rushing in!!!!
    They allowed me to get to midnight and I was still only 8cm when they decided it had been over 24hrs for my waters and 12 for my drip so neither could go any longer so I was rushed to surgery!!
    During surgery I was awake and all went well until I lost a litre of blood and my uterus would not stop bleeding so they had to pull it out to repair it but I could feel it so I had to have a general.
    I'm feeling ok now and he's latching fairly well and we've had lots of skin to skin time. Logan is doing amazing all he does so far is sleep hehe. I am also on antibiotics and staying in hospital overnight x

  • Wow Lbester, we've just caught up on your birth story - that is so intense. Any idea when you'll be home? And how are you feeling post surgery? 

    Please don't forget to send me a PM with your full name and address so we can send your gift. 

  • I'm heading home now with lots of meds!!! I'm feeling very sore and very gassy and just find hospitals so hard to sleep in!! so exhaustion is my biggest issue.

  • I can't believe I'm finally writing in this thread, feels like I was pregnant forever and now he's here for 4 days  I can't remember him not being! 

    I had a standard growth scan at 36 weeks which showed baby was measuring big predicted 8lb8! We then had another at 38+2 And he was predicted to be 11lb 2!! We were advised to have a c section as the scan could be out by a pound meaning there was a chance baby would be 12lb!!! 

    We got a phone call on the Monday saying we were booked for a section Wednesday morning. It's not at all the birth I had planned but was worried about the risks if baby got stuck! We arrived Wednesday morninh at the hospital at 11am, feeling very very nervous! We were taken down to theatre and it all got a bit over whelming and I got really tearful but the midwife was really good and calmed me down! 

    The spinal was what I was most scared of and actually wasn't anywhere near as bad as I imagined!! Benjamin was born at 12.38. Everything went to plan and after a long night on the ward was allowed home Thursday afternoon. Ben only weighed 9lb 14, really long at 56cm but not the 12lb they predicted lol. 

    It's now Sunday and my dressing should come off tomorrow.  The after of having a section isn't as bad as I imagined the pain is managed with paracetamol and that's it! 

    Ben is just perfect, sleeps and feeds!! Am totally in love with him! 

    The due in June thread helped me from the very start and I'm sure we will all continue asking advice, supporting eachother and just being there for a moan.  So glad I stumbled across this site when i was 6 weeks pregnant and had some bleeding and just needed some reassurance, can't believe our beautiful boy is here now! Xxx

  • Firstandexcited, thank you so much for posting your birth story - and so interesting about all the predictions on your Ben's weight too! We really hope you're healing well and do come on over to your brand new June 2017 Babies thread, won't you? 

  • Finally got round to my birth story!

    9th June early hours I went into triage with reduced movements (8days overdue) and was monitored for a good hour, baby was absolutely fine, my blood pressure was high for me but not dangerous so they ran some blood tests and i stayed in over night with an hours sleep! 

    Dr came round in the morning around 7am and said everything is fine and dandy but we need to get lazy baby out and I was offered an induction - I was still fully closed at this point. I hadn't really thought about it so i agreed. Wishing I didn't now! 

    I was taken down to Delivery suite around 8am and 8:35am id been given the first lot of gel and monitored for half an hour, everything was going brilliantly my contractions started being 4mins apart, they weren't agonising but definitely there! Had a wander around the hospital grounds for a couple of hours and by 3pm they came to monitor me and give me the next gel, only the midwife couldn't get babys heart rate and when she did it would drop drastically, she asked my sister to press the midwife button on the wall and I was calmly told there would be a lot of people about to surround me.. she wasnt wrong! I had so many people talking to me telling me what was happening asking me questions it Was all very overwhelming. I was then told they needed to get baby out and I would need to be put to sleep, which was my worst fear. I was shaking with shock, crying my eyes out i couldn't calm down. 1 midwife managed to get me to calm enough I could have a spinal and baby's dad was able to be in with me, I'll never forget her she was the nicest woman I've ever met (i know she was just doing her job but she did it very well) 

    I kept asking baby's dad if he could see what was happening, and when he said 'its out' I kept asking what it was, and he told me it was a boy 💙 He was moving but not crying, he had a check over with the pediatrician and he w

  • Argh! Laura your story got cut of mid-way! Please come and tell us the rest! 

  • And was absolutely perfect. Born at 15:52 9th June via emergency section due to fetal distress. Apparently it took 18mins from decision to birth, I can't thank the staff enough they were all amazing!

    I was stitched up and taken to recovery where I was told he weighed 7lb 11oz (turns out he was 7lb 13oz really!) when I finally got to meet him we did skin to skin and he latched perfectly. Feeding going brilliantly. I decided that night to call him Harry Steven and he's the most perfect little boy I've ever seen


  • Ok so here goes......

    third baby and large nearly 11yr gap I new this birth was unpredictabl, I was planning a home birth.

    started contracting every 10 mins on the evening of the 25th, painfull but too irregular by 3am I had to get out of bed as I couldn't lay still with them... this carried on until about 3pm where they became more regular until 11pm then back to 10 mins apart (this had not happened to me before and I got very upset) I tried to rest between contractions by 1:30 they picked up again so at 2am I phoned for a midwife I was asses at 3:30 am I was 5cm.. started gas and air an hour later.

    all the pain was in my hips and front of thighs so I couldn't sit or lay down it made it worse.

    by 0730 I was 8cm membranes intact.. 

    by 1130am I was exhausted being on my feet pacing all night they reexamined me I was 9cm they broke my waters and a torrent came out ....

    i dont know what time I started to push but it seemed like forever I was on all fours then up on my feet, it was much harder than my first two.. I felt like he was stuck! But he eventually came after a lot of hard work at 13:54.

    perfect apgars 9+10 skin to skin straight to the breast, and he had been a dream since.... but holy shit it was sooo hard!!! 

    But at 9lb6 he is my biggest with the other two being 9lb and 8lb13oz.

    i had a small tear which wasn't sutured by my bum is killing me 😳.. 

    here he is one day old with his big sister ...image

  • Wow Pickle, what a birth! Who was with you at home? And were your kids there too? Must have been so lovely to be at home throughout it all - we hope you're getting some well earned rest, and Phoenix is doing great. 

  • Hi I actually had three midwives and two students but that was only because of shift change but I was very well looked after! My hubby and kids stayed in the other room until the baby arrived then they came straight in to meet him, it was lovely x

  • Wow Pickle, that's amazing! Loads of people on hand to help. Please do drop me a PM with your full name and addy so we can pop you a gift out for posting your birth story... 

  • Aww thanks for waiting so patiently for our update ladies! Meet my little dreamboat Finley! 💙😍 8lb 9 at 12 days late!


    So to my relief we managed to avoid induction on 12th. My contractions started at 3am on 11th! Woohoo! I bounced and bounced on my ball with all my might and managed to last at home until 6pm before my waters went all over the bathroom floor! 

    Got to hospital around 7pm when the pain was becoming quite intense and contractions were about 4mins apart to be told that I was 4cm. Laboured in the birthing pool with my music on and low lights using just gas until I was 7cm. My waters which I thought had completely gone at home hadn't and they were broken for me to help the labour progress. Could not believe how much gushing there was!!

    Anyway, I loved the pool but hadn't even planned on using it beforehand. It really helped me cope with the pains although I had to get out a few times because my contractions slowed right down at least twice. A bounce or two on the ball and they were soon back with a vengeance! Phew I hated that ball at those points and remember giggling to myself about going home to stab mine with a pair of scissors! 😂

    My baby was back to back throughout my last trimester and didn't shift despite all my ball work and being on all fours. He didn't turn in labour and my midwife started to get worried about his heart rate dropping so sadly at 7cm I was transferred away from the midwife led unit. It was quite upsetting as being active in labour had really helped me keep the pain at bay. Being monitored on a bed from 7-10cm was hell for me! I had to request something stronger for the pain as it really intensified, so I took the diamorphine that was offered. Things progressed and I was encouraged to start pushing. After pushing for an hour they became concerned about his heart rate and said that his positioning was making it very difficult for me. I was taken to theatre where I was given a spinal whilst they tried to turn baby around in to a better position. I was absolutely terrified by the number of people in the room and the speed that everything was happening.. anyway, after being encouraged to push again (despite having had the spinal and feeling zilch!) he wasn't budging so we had an emergency c-sec for both our safety. 

    I was exhausted and emotional but my husband was amazing. We've spoken since and he told me how scared he was too but honestly he stayed so calm and reassuring. We've been offered counselling from the hospital to discuss the birth but I think we're ok at the mo. Definitely something I'll keep in mind if I struggle later down the line.

    So baby is here! He's amazing, we're sooo in love! 💙😍We've only just escaped from hospital because of concerns of sepsis for me and an infection for little man. He really struggled to regulate his body temp too so had to stay in a hot cot wrapped up like it was the middle of winter!! Been through the wars but so happy to finally be home as a family and excited to start getting to know our beautiful boy!

     Sorry I appear to have waffled ALOT! There's something therapeutic about writing it all down though. Thanks for listening ladies x



  • Peanut well done 👍 it does sound like you have been through it, but he is here safe and home with his family now... and he is blinking beautiful xx

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