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The Due in June 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

June 2018 is around the corner, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in June 2018 birth club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and this gorgeous super soft Gerri Giraffe comforter, thanks to those lovely people at Gro Store

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • imageimageimage

    Pearl Ophelia born at home at 37 weeks. 5lbs 15oz.

  • So I did not get my home birth as planned as baby girl decided to do a massive poo in the amniotic fluid which was a bit scary when my waters broke. They brought me in as a precaution (waters broke around half 3). Unfortunately not able to use a birthing pool due to the infection risk but got by (just) on gas and air. She was born at 01:20am just into 6 days overdue and weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. 

    Etty is now officially 6 days old (they counted Thursday as day zero) and in her weigh in yesterday is almost back up to birth weight. She is a greedy little thing! 





  • Thank you NoraP and Schmorgan for sharing your birth stories. Please don't forget to PM me your full name and address. 

    Schmorgan, that last family pic is so lovely. How's the dog taken to Etty? 

  • Thought I would try and put my birth story together before my baby brain takes over much more - sorry it might be bit lengthy it was a long process lol

    So after spending last Sunday phoning the mat unit waiting for a bed to go in to be induced I finally went in for monitoring at 6pm now 41+12. There will still no beds and night sister suggested we go home to sleep and they would phone when a bed was available on delivery suite - we ended up going in at 4am and they commenced the 24 hour pessery

    24 hours later after pessery removed, examined and cervix still high and not favourable they did say they could just about try to break the waters but wanted to leave it another 6 hours to allow for further progression, cue lots more walking around the hospital.

    That afternoon baby was very active and actually managed to move her head further away from my cervix when they checked and no chance of breaking waters, so 3rd pessery inserted. When we were checked at 11pm there had been no progression so were left for the night to get some rest and discuss our options the following morning with the consultant, expected a c section although they were talking about a 24 hour rest and restart the induction process again, but at 42 weeks thought this would be unlikely

    Wednesday morning now 42+1 the consultant came round and decided he would attempt to break my waters if possible, after examining they decided to but had to have my legs in the strippups to allow them to reach the cervix better and it was all a bit traumatic, think they should off explained what they were going to do but at least they gave me gas and air - waters broke @ 9.30am and Syntocinon Drip commenced, now 2cm dilated

    Started regular contractions from 12 and was due to be checked at 4, managing well on gas and air and having 4/5 good strong contractions an hour I thought things were progressing well however when checked at 4pm cervix was still only 2cm, seen by 1 of the obstetrics team who were then discussing either c section or turning the drip up to the maxium over the next hour and half to progress things. Decided I wanted to avoid the section and agreed to have the epidurial so I could manage with the pains when the drip was turned up.

    Unfortuntely the epidural failed and needed to be repeated in the mean time they wanted to monitor babys heartrate by clipping her head, well trying to get the clip on baby was not happy and dropped her heart rate down to 60 so cue the emergency section I never wanted suddenly rolled on my left side to let babys heartrate recover and whisked off to theatre rather rapidly. Had to have a spinal put in in theatre and was all a bit of a haze from there on in

    19.19 my little Rosie Jayne entered the world with a good scream which was the best sound in the world as really thought we had lost her - weighing  healthy 8lb 2oz

    Recover has been slow discharged eventually on day 3 but the pain has been intense due to a haematoma building under the skin, this burst Sunday evening which was another frightening experience I wish someone had told me it was a possibility I wouldn't have freaked so much - but now little lady 1 week old and feeling a lot better going to be  long road to recovery but its all worth it to see her little face

  • Blimey NurseJo, that's pretty intense: thank goodness she is here safe and sound. How are you healing up?

  • Wow Nursejo that sounds very traumatic but I’m so glad you are on the other side and on the road to recovery. Your little girl is so beautiful. 

    Danielle, we have 2 dogs, the little one fancies herself as nursemaid if we gave her half a chance. Has to constantly check Etty is ok. The bigger one was less sure at first but is getting used to the interloper. They both love to sit and watch me breast feeding through the stair gate. 

  • Just read your birth story Schmorgan -  Etty is adorable, sorry you didn't get our home birth. I really wanted a natural birth but I suppose its the one thing out of our control.

    I cant wait for my dog to come home he is staying on my parents farm while I recover a little

    Healing is slow going Danielle going to take sometime to recover but wound is getting there then hopefully I will start getting out of the house

  • Thought id take my night duty hours as an opportunity to write my birth story before I forget all about it (hopefully!)

    It all started at 11pm on Thursday 14.6.2018 with severe and constant lightening crotch and slight contractions, went in to be checked at 6am and was 1cm, sweep performed followed by a scan, scan showed a sleepy baby and doctor wanted to induce, I firstly said no as was desperate for my water birth and asked for some time to see if the sweep helped things along. Did get to 2cm but then everything stopped, cue lots of tears but final agreement  to be inducee at 4pm. At 4pm it was agreed they could just break my waters so needed to wait for a bed on the labour ward, this took till 2am! And we got no sleep because there was a young girl in the opposite bed who had her Mum with her and she was steaming drunk and making a general nuisance!

    i started contracting following my waters being broke but 2 hours later was still 2cm so drip commenced by this time I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was recommended an epidural so I could get some sleep I refused for 4 hours before realising there was no way I would have the energy to push her out. 

    Had  epidural (best thing ever!!) got a couple of hours sleep and started pushing at 7pm - they said baby was so low they could already see her head but by 8pm I was exhausted and nothing was progressing, maternal instincts kicked in and I was begging to see the doctor, they did get the doctor because nancys heart rate dropped and she became tachycardic and the doctor said she needed to do suction cap delivery as Nancy had her hand in front of her face which is why I couldn’t push her out, she said I had 3 contractions to get her out or it was a section and she came out on the last push of the last contractions!! I was so pleased!! 

    Recovery will likely take a while but she was so worth it!! 

    and As you can see this took a while - started writing at 3am 🙈🙈

  • Oh Allybob, thank you so much for sharing your birth story. And congratulations again on Nancy! 

    Everyone who has posted so far, please do PM me your full name and address so we can send gifts. 

  • Birth story for Theodore Benjamin born 19.06.18 at 16:23 weighing 8lbs 3 (39+6)👶🏻💙

    Induction started Wednesday 13th


  • Wow Jackie0403, that is such a long labour, what an ordeal you have been through, but congratulations on your beautiful son. Makes it all worthwhile and isn't he perfect. 

  • Thank you 😊 It's all worth it in the end ❤️💙💙❤️

  • Just a little reminder, please can NoraP and Jackie0403 please PM me with your full name and address so we can send you birth gift. 

  • Birth story for Joseph, born 25/06/18 at 00:18 weighing 8lb 11 -

    I developed high blood pressure towards the end of my pregnancy and was in and out of hospital for monitoring of this. Had 2 sweeps but these didn’t have any effect, induction eventually booked after diagnosis of pregnancy induced hypertension. 

    I went in Sunday 24th, the pessary was inserted at 09:30 and I was having period like pains within an hour. These got progressively worse, and were coming every 3-4 minutes. At about 18:30 my waters broke and the pains increased, I was examined and was 3cm. I was moved to the delivery suite and commenced gas+air. By about 22:00 the pressure was really bad and I was asking for extra pain relief, but when examined I was 9cm. 1 hour of pushing started about 23:00 but I was getting tired and baby was getting stressed. Joseph was delivered with ventouse assistance, at 00:18. 

    He didn’t have an effective cry at birth and began to struggle a lot with his breathing. The decision was made to take him to the NICU, which was so scary to watch them trying to help him breathe and then take him away. Thankfully, despite a lot of ups and downs and an awful lot of stress over the next week, following some excellent care he moved to SCBU a couple of days later and then came home on Friday. It is so amazing to have him home :-) image

  • Bit late but here is my birth story....

    I woke up around 2.30 on Monday 25th June with period type pains. By 3.30 i was definitely experiencing contractions and they came every 2-3 mins from the start. We phoned the hospital who advised a bath and to phone back when the contractions were 3/4 every 10 mins and quite strong. As soon I was in the bath they were this so we phoned back and were told to  go in. 

    We arrived at the hospital for 5am and I was told I was 3cm dilated. By half 7 my waters had gone and I was pushing. it progressed pretty quickly and the midwife kept telling me that thr nexy contraction she would be able to see the head. This went on until around half 12 when it was decided I would need to be moved from the birth suite to the the labour ward to be seen by a Consultant. 

    The Consultant told me that I would need to go to theatre for an assisted delivery and failing that an emergency c-section but that the theatres were full so I would have to wait. Luckily at this time I was given an epidural as up until that time all I had had was gas and air. 

    I went into theatre at around 2.15 and after 3 failed attempts with the forceps Indigo was born by c-section at 3.11pm. 

    Luckily there were no complications and we were allowed home just 24 hours later 😊


  • My little girl is nearly 5 weeks old now!! Here is my birth story..

    My due date (8th June) came and went. I always had a feeling baby would arrive on 18th June (the first England match in the world cup - to annoy my husband) so at my 41 week maternity appt I arranged for a sweep the day after which would be 41+4 and induction for day after that - 41+5 which is the latest they like to do it. I didn't like the idea of an induction but by that point decided it'd be best for both of us!

    The 19th arrived with no signs of labour whatsoever. I went for my sweep - the midwife couldn't reach babies head so only managed to perform a stretch of the cervix.

    Next day - still no signs of labour so we drove to the hospital for induction. I was very upset at this point at the fact that she hadn't arrived naturally. The midwife was lovely and explained all my options before strapping me up to check heartbeat etc. She looked confused & asked me if I was feeling any tightenings. I said no and she looked confused - "you're contracting right now!" she said! I was a bit bemused! I couldn't really feel anything - all I could feel I thought was baby stretching out a bit but no pain or anything. We decided to try another sweep to see what was going on down there. She managed to reach babies head this time & told me that I was 2-3cm dilated already...! 

    I was over the moon! So we decided against any induction that day, and booked myself in for 2 days later (42 weeks) just in case. I went home, we had dinner & went to bed - still no signs.

    I went to close my eyes but as I was drifting off to sleep I started to get pains, and soon realised these were proper contractions! They came thick and fast - pretty much one every 4 mins at first but as I could talk through them the midwives said to stay at home and relax. I ran a bath but couldn't get comfortable. I rocked on my ball on all fours & tried breathing techniques. Everything I did I just couldn't get comfy. The contractions quickly progressed and 2 hours later I decided I needed to go to the hospital. 5 mins down the road we realised we had forgotten my notes! So we had to drive back. Just as we parked up I felt my waters go on our month old car seat! Thankfully I managed to get out and most of it went on the road (also thankfully it was 2am and pitch black!!). 

    Unfortunately the MLBU was full so we headed to delivery suite. I remember the midwife repeatedly asking what colour my waters were and me rather frustratingly saying it was dark & I couldnt see!! So we spent about 5 hours on delivery suite - my contractions coming about every minute - 2 mins. I remember not knowing what to do with myself and after a while asked to try gas & air. The midwife was reluctant but I finally got to try it. As I was in a zone, and still practicing breathing techniques I found myself unable to breathe it in (I was breathing in through my nose, and couldn't get the deep breaths in through my mouth!). Finally I asked my husband to run a bath in the very shallow bath that was in the en suite. All the while constantly rocking back & forward and asking if there was a room in MLBU free! (I was determined to get my water birth)! Once I was in the bath, my body started to push. Unfortunately I was either unlucky with my midwife or it was just so busy that she couldn't give me the attention I needed - I just remember her sitting there & not checking what stage I was at etc despite me asking. 

    Finally at 7am someone came in and said there was a free room in MLBU!! I was wheeled across kneeling on a wheelchair - I didn't realise at the time but I was fully dilated! That was the exact time that the midwives did their shift swap so we waited a few mins to be introduced to ours. Thankfully this midwife was incredibly lovely. I got straight into the birthing pool & continued to push. I found the water more relaxing & the pushing stage easier to deal with - I knew what I was doing. Unfortunately I probably found it too relaxing as it was taking longer than midwife liked. I got out and ended up giving birth on all fours on the low bed, hugging a bean bag! 

    Fern Suzann arrived at 9.05am on 21/6 nice and healthy - 7lb14oz. I decided to stay overnight to get help with breastfeeding as it was very painful at first. I'm still struggling but hopefully can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Fern is however nice and chunky so I must be doing something right! 
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