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  • I'm due 10th June according to my dates but I really think it'll change after the first scan. We'll definitely be finding out, and probably at 16 weeks like I did for my first. Me and my husband are both too impatient 

  • Because i have a girl I’d love a boy but a sister for jessie would equally be nice. 

    Have u all thought of any names yet? 

  • Im due the 19th June! Might change at my appointment but they’re the dates I’ve got 😁

    i think we are finding out because it’s our first, I think I’m gunna have a girl but I wouldn’t mind either gender😁

  • Sorry been out for a family meal and now laid on sofa ready for a snooze haha. Our date is predicted until our first meeting. Think we will like to find out the sex 

  • Due June 10th!!  I have my first appointment on Wednesday happy Halloween to myself!   this is our first and we def want to know what we’re having before hand :) 

  • My midwifes appointment is on the 15th Nov and I have an early scan booked for the 16th Nov 😊 I’ll technically be 9.5 weeks but I have a feeling I’m not as far along as that so might clear that up then. 

    We are definitely finding out the sex as we are renovating the baby’s room so makes sense to decorate accordingly at the same time 😊 me and my mum went shopping today and had a sneaky look at baby clothes, so exciting 😍 not buying anything until after the first scan though.

  • Do you class your private scan as your first scan? I don’t know when to start buying lol, at my 8 week private scan or my 12 week one 

  • as long as everything goes ok, I’m classing my private scan as my first scan 😊 I’m going to wait until January though to buy big things like prams, might be able to get a deal in the sales! I didn’t realise how much prams were, passed some in John Lewis today and was like omg how much?!?! 😱 (imagine that with a West Yorkshire accent and you’ve got me haha) 

  • Hahaha happyhappy. Where are you from? I’m from Nottinghamshire. I’m going to wait till the new year too but we have got family pram and cot etc so don’t have to worry to much about the bigger things

  • Hahah I totally agree with you there happyhappy haha!! I went into mamas and papas today and looks at a 3 piece cot changing unit and wardrobe and it was like £1500 or something daft!! So expensive 🙈 After my first scan at 8 weeks I might go get the odd baby grow etc 😁

  • Hopefully I live near Wakefield 😊 I’m going to have to get saving! 

  • i Know I said same to the hubby we really need to start saving some money. X

  • Hi All,

    Thought I would join you guys! I’m currently 8+4 and due 5th June. Had an early scan today so have allowed myself one day off of worrying- back to normal tomorrow! 

    Couldn‘t wait for my 12 weeks as I was going crazy and lots of my friends had said they never had theirs at 12 weeks and it can be up to 14 and that seemed too long to wait. 

    My symptoms have come and gone- nausea, cramps and sore boobs...and the constant fear obviously. We have only told our parents and a few close friends. I do think this makes it a bit harder as it doesn’t seem as real when you can’t share it. Will be nice to chat on here!


  • Welcome tulip and congratulations x

  • Well after feeling fine last night after dinner today I have felt exhausted and all I did was go for a meal and ate to much tonight I can’t stop crying..... so emotional 

  • I feel exactly the same as you! My cousin told me to allow myself 10 mins a day to be excited and then feel free to worry! Have tried but it doesn’t work. Every conversation is ‘if’ and never ‘when’ x

  • My mother in law was talking to me today and I was like i just don’t know how I feel at the moment as yesterday I was fine so I don’t want to get too excited. It’s the thought of letting everyone down again. 😞

  • Hopefully you sound like me. I want to get excited but just waiting for somthing Bad to happen again! And then I’d feel nad for everyone that gets excited. Mums dads anuts uncles cousins. Just keeping it quiet. 1st early scan a week on Tuesday roll on! 

  • Im due 13th June Carlsem! lovely idea!  I will definitely be finding out the sex!  i even looked into the NIPT blood test which test for all likelihood of downs, edwards etc but also tells you the sex at 9 weeks!  after thinking about it though (its £500) i think it would be nicer to find out at the 16 week scan.  I feel the same as you all do everyone around me is excited but i just cant bring myself to get excited as im scared something may happen.  Then i feel like a party pooper as i cant be all jolly and happy with them.  Although this nausea is just the worst thing ever!

  • ***DUE DAYES JUNE 2019 ⏰👶🏼👶🏽💖💙


    Cars Emz - due 2nd June 💛

    Flippydando - due 2nd June 💛

    Onlyme83 - due 2nd June 💛

    Jade25 - due 5th June 💛

    Tulip05 - due 5th June 💛

    Binceys mummie - due 10th June 

    linzieb - due 10th June 💛

    Manda71418- due 10th June 💛

    Sleepycat - due 13th June 💛

    Kayt2 - due 18th June 💛

    Loza1234 - due 19th June 💛

    HappyHappy2019 - due 19th June 💛

    Bump98 - due 23rd June 💛

    Hopefully3 - due 27th June 💛

    Georgiamf - due 

    Nic1989 - due 

    Kdaisy3687- due

    Lots of dates merging guys.. let me know if ive missed anyone. EXCITTTINNGG EEEKKK

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