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  • I need to stop worrying too!! I have lile a dull ache in my lower abdomen like where you get period pains and it’s worrying me really bad! I’ve been at work today and done a lot more than I have done for the last couple of weeks, could this be a reason why?? 

  • It could be ... I guess we need to either speak to a midwife for advice or relax ! Easier said than done.  I've got that tummy ache again today too.

  • Loza- I’ve been having these period type pains for about 3 weeks or so- I think it’s normal so I wouldnt worry. x

  • I am due on 12th June, but will probably change after first scan. We have decided that we want to know the gender, but with family history I have a strong feeling it will be a boy. As long as I get a girl at some point in the future I'll be happy haha.

    I am worried as my major symptom is severely sore boobs, twinges/stabbing pains, and a weird lump in my throat. Occasionally don't feel up to eating but my stomach is constantly growling for food. Otherwise I feel fine, I know that makes me super super lucky, but it also makes me wonder if everything's ok ... Xx

  • Does anyone know what we can and can’t do at our workplaces? Feel like I get no help and told to basically ‘get a grip’ but im worried and I don’t want to lose my baby 

  • Loza like what? I don’t think they will change anything in work places unless it’s actually dangerous x

  • Loulou- I get that lump in my throat too!! It’s like I’ve got something stuck!! 

    Lozza - you work in a nursery don’t you? i work in a nursery and my manager has put in a risk assessment for me which means I can’t do any heavy lifting, no nappy changes or I can’t deal with the kids that decide they want to kick off. I’ve only told my manager and the girls who I’m based in the room with, no one else knows but when they do all the girls in my place are really good and won’t let me lift a finger. Maybe talk to your manager about how you’re feeling hun xx 

  • I’m getting the odd sudden sharp pains after today and I’m really worried. I told my managers 2/3 weeks ago and they still haven’t put up a risk assessment for me. I’m really worried and scared but I don’t want to risk anything that could cause harm 😔

  • Loza, maybe ask them politely if you need to check over or sign the risk assessment, that way it may trigger them into remembering to write one!  

    I told my manager and admin assistant today and she is doing the paperwork for me, will definitely be asking to read it so that I know what I can and can't do. Xx

  • I work in a care home on The reception desk but I know even the carers don’t have a risk assessment until they are 12 weeks. But I hope yours is different if your worried xx 

  • Oh really Kayt2? I work in a care home as activities coordinator and at ours carers aren't allowed to work on our dementia unit right from the beginning, think it's different for me but obviously will be avoiding anyone that gets aggressive xx

  • Yeh when I did work On care at the care home with my little girl I got hit then the midwife said of they Don’t put you on a safer unit they would sign me off! But thankfully don’t have to worry this time and I have a chilled sit down job now 😜 

  • In my work you don’t get the risk assessment untill 20 weeks considering I work 13 hour days with only 45 minute breaks and it’s a standing job with some heavy lifting so it’s very bad on your back and legs.

    i was still working at 35 weeks and my midwife spotted me and told me to go home sick because my ankles were massive lucky it was my last shift and Charlie arrived 5 days later.

  • I don’t like my job at the moment the management are shocking there. Nothing is by the books and most of it is illegal 😂 I work 10 hours a day and get half an hour break all day. I told my manager 2/3 weeks ago about being pregnant and she still hasn’t done me a risk assessment I asked her yeaterday and she said she still hasn’t done it. I’m gunna speak to her today and tell her I aren’t doing as much because I was in agony last night, I shouldn’t be moving heavy tables on my own. Does my head in sometimes just wish I had a job that wasn’t as much stress, got told off for the stupidest things 😫😂 

  • Does anyone else suffer with hot flushes and light headedness?

  • I get the lightheadedness when I stand up sometimes yeah, I have anaemia though as well 

  • Yeah i have anaemia aswell.. I literally got up this morning went really hot,light headed and sick had to head back to bed.. no way i was making it to work today especially for 7. 

  • listening to all your symptoms makes me worry as I’m just tired really few headaches nothing major boobs are fine 😞 5+5 surely I should be worse by now 

  • Hopefully I am 8 weeks tomorrow and still feeling pretty fine, not too much sickness, just the odd feeling of not wanting to eat sometimes, but otherwise ok. I am cold all the time now though which is strange lol xx

  • Yeah I got up off the sofa this morning to go upstairs and I couldn’t see i went that lightheaded! i feel really sick this morning though

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