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  • Good morning everyone, hope you are all ok and have a lovely day today xx

  • Good morning hopefully! Hope you have a lovely day also 😁

  • Flippydando i hope your okay! Let us know if you get a scan today - i have everything crossed for you.

    This tiredness is another level! its like i can literally feel this tiny baby sucking every bit of energy i have from me! When i get home from work every night i have no energy to cook/clean/speak to my husband haha. Credit to all you mummys doing this with a child already, its hard enough looking after myself at the min! x

  • Today I am 7 weeks, feels like a bit of a milestone 😊 got my midwife appointment on 15th Nov & an early scan on the 16th, feels like it’s getting closer! 

    Crazy how much things change in just a few weeks, my bloating was better last night so “for a treat“ I slept on my front 😂 I’ve never appreciated the simple ability to sleep how I wanted until now! 

  • I am 9 weeks today 😍 and today has been the first morning in about 3 weeks I haven’t been sick (it’ll hit me this evening) I’m getting such bad headaches though and I don’t really want to take anything for them. I got my dating scan appointment through yesterday. 26th November but I think we will have a private one next week just to try and chill me out a bit. 

    Thinking of you today flippy please keep us updated xxx

  • I’m 7 weeks today too but I’ve got really bad trapped wind 🙈😂 I can’t wait for next week to see my little miracle on the screen I’m worrying about little stuff a lot 🙈

  • I've been off work this week with low blood pressure. Dizzy spells and stuff..feel awful 

  • Went straight in for a scan today .. all is well so far.. there's still a good heart beat which is reassuring . We aren't out of the woods yet, they don't know what caused it but they've given me a direct number for their unit should it happen again.. feeling slightly relieved for now.. but don't think I'm ever going to feel 100% settled 

  • Aww flippy I'm so glad to read that. Try and relax now xx 

  • I don’t think it would be normal if any of us was 100% settled we’re mummies were supposed to worry 🤷‍♀️ So glad everything’s ok xx

  • so glad you are reassured Flippy. Positive vibes coming your way hun xx

  • Aww Flippy I’m glad everything was ok! 😊 fingers crossed all is ok now xx

  • Oh flippy I’m so happy for you! I’m glad everything is okay. I’ve still got it today and having a few cramps this afternoon which is scaring me a bit. Xx

  • So glad to read the good news flippy. Its understandable not to feel completely settled, just got to try and stay positive 😊 

  • So happy for you flippy! Lovely news hope all is well. I have quite bad cramps today which are worrying me 😫

  • Loza I’m having some cramps too that are worrying me. I’ve also been sick tonight. After having no nausea at all so far a big wave of it came over me earlier and I threw up!  I’m also having a pain under my left boob which is worrying me. I’m a mess tonight!!! 😂 if only I could have a glass of wine to calm my nerves! x

  • So happy to hear Flippy- know it’s hard to relax! xx

  • I’ve been trying to hold my sickness in but I feel very very nauseous x

  • I had a bad cramp on the way home from work today as well, I keep getting worried then having a word with myself about how these things are mostly normal! 

  • I keep posting and it’s not showing up on the feed. Can you see my posts

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