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  • Hopefully I can see that one yes xx

  • Thanks happy. 

    I messaged Ged this morning to see how flippy was . Then  again after she messaged to say it’s good news and then again this evening to say it looks like I won’t be seeing the consultant till after 12 weeks scan so my 1st appointment will be 20th November for midwife. So worried as not really getting loads of symptoms. 6 weeks tomorrow 

  • Most of my symptoms kicked in at 6 weeks hopefully, this past week Nausea has developed and my boobs are really really sore. Really emotional and irritable too x

  • Fingers crossed then funny how I want these symptoms lol

  • Flippy - such good news! Glad everything is ok xx

    Nic - so sorry you are feeling and being sick now! Mine still hasn't hit me and was hoping that as I am 8 weeks today that I will get away Scott free, but you have proven that it could still happen!! 

    Loza - I have been having cramps all day!! Have been trying to tell myself that it is just my uterus stretching and to stop being so silly but I can't help but worry like us all. 

  • I'm bleeding 😔😔😔😔😔😔

    Went to the loo had bowls opened , can't say I strained but hasn't been for 2 days,  when I wiped (my front) there was blood like a period mixed with mucous. I'm worried sick.  Rang epau and they said if gets worse or filling 3 pads an hour (!) Ring them back.  Otherwise scan on Friday afternoon

  • Oh no Onlyme - i am sure it’s just the normal bleeding ladies sometimes get, like they said you’d get a lot more bleeding if it was anything serious I’m sure! Fingers crossed everything is ok tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. 

    Hopefully I don’t have that many symptoms either and I’m 7 weeks, mainly mild cramps, sore boobs and the odd very mild wave of nausea. But I spoke to my mum and apparently her nausea was mild so I’m hoping it runs in the family maybe?! 

  • Hope your okay onlyme. Xxx

    Try relax and rest 

    I feek so sick tonight its the first night ive not been asleep by 10 and its keeping me up hope everyone else is alright xxx

  • only me 😩 hope your ok, hope it doesn’t get worse. Let us all know xx

    so tired at bedtimes, I’m unable to stay awake after 9.30, it’s getting harder to keep it secret Now es from my friends I usually have drinks with 🤭 

  • Only me. Really hope you are ok. Thinking about you xxx

  • Onlyme83 - thinking of you, it’s awful how they make you wait when they know how worried you’re going to be, I had this when I had an early scan, told me it could an ectopic because of my symptoms and then left me for three days before they could scan! If you’re that worried head down to a&e they should scan you quicKeR? 

    butterfly - my neausea kept me up pretty much ALL night I’m just about to call in sick to work so I can catch up on some sleep!! X 

  • The bleeding stopped as suddenly as it started.  I'm not going in work tho, I'm knackered.  I don't know if it's a good sign or not.  Maybe the bowel movement did pressure cervix or something.  There was a lot of mucus and red blood immediately after.  

    Thanks everyone for your messages.  I hate to worry anyone and will update you tomorrow afternoon after scan.  I'm terrified of having to face bad news.  Already at 9 weeks it feels so realimage

  • Only me I know how you are feeling but try and stay positive. Get the day off and pj day on the sofa rest up xx

    has anyone else lost weight. Since I’ve found out I’ve been so good on my diet and lost 6lb in two weeks. I’m biggish lady so don’t really want to be putting weight on More than I need to xx

  • Hopefully I’ve lost a few pounds in the last couple of weeks, I’ve just generally tried to eat a bit healthier... I am also a bigger lady so I was hoping I could come out of the first trimester a few pounds lighter to give me some leeway later on, I really don’t want to gain too much weight overall so anything I can do now will be a benefit later! Well done on your 6lbs, that’s great! 

  • Thanks happy and well done to you too. Just had an awful pain didn’t last long just a sharp one on left hand side as I was walking into work. Feel so tired today... 19 days till midwife appointment. 

  • I just want everything to be ok woke up this morning and my boobs don’t seem to hurt as much as they did yesterday 😔

  • Ladies, 

    I've just told my employer i am pregnant as i have her  off all week.. They are very surprised and they dont seem sure about me continuing to work as i have asked for reduced hours. Let's see how this goes in a few days when they get back to me.

  • Been off all week that was suppose to say

  • Only me - i hope your feeling ok?? ensure you get checked out asap if you feel you need to! what a worry that must of been for you.

    no sickness from me since last night which is good, must of been a one off!

    midwife appt on Wed, excited to get the ball rolling, but nervous at the same time! x

    i know what you mean RE it feeling so real at the min. Im only 8 weeks and i love this little baby soooo much! I cant bare to think what if it all goes wrong.. x

  • Aww nic it'll be exciting seeing mw.

    Tiny bit more blood as needed another bm , think if all ok tomorrow I better get to Dr about constipation,  seems like that's what caused it.  I desperately hope so 

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