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  • So far only our parents, work and our closest friends know but I am planning to tell one of my siblings this weekend as he lives far away and I am unlikely to see him face to face for the rest of the year after this. I wasnt going to tell work until my scan but discussed with my husband as something happened at work which made me decide I should let my boss know. Plus I work for a really supportive company and if anything bad happened I know they would be really supportive with it so I figured they would find out either way. 

    I had an idea that because it will probably be early December when i have my scan I was going to get Christmas cards, stick a copy of the scan in and sign it from from us and the bump 😊 what’s everyone else’s ideas? 

  • Were going to try and hold out to Christmas day And put tshirts on the boys or put it in a christmas card.

  • Hi butterfly I'm ok thanks,  no more blood so am really hopeful that being constipated has caused a bleed rather than it coming from baby or womb..... scan is tomorrow afternoon

  • imageI’m going to get these made but with my own scan and post a couple of weeks before Christmas. I’m going to post them all together but put a note in saying don’t spoil the surprise for snyone else (but in a nice way) lol xx

  • I don’t have a big family so my parents and that already know as we are all close family. i just haven’t told my friends haha! 

    I don’t like these symptoms haha they came full force today😫😂

  • Thats really good news only me. Im loving all these ideas of telling people pretty much everyone close to me knows. Trying to keep pma going around. Still cant get over the initial shock that this is actually happening. Xxx

  • I‘m too nervous to think about how to tell people. I’d probably just be so relieved that I’ll blurt it out to anyone that’d listen!

    In other news- I don’t feel pregnant at all today! Not that I’m looking for nausea and cramps but I feel better when I have them! 

  • Iv not told my work yet but I know they will be lovely about it 😊 but I only work part time so I actually enjoy going for a rest from my 2 year old! 

    weve Only told out mums that’s all xx I’m desperate to tell my little girl but I don’t want her to get excited until after the 12 week scan x

  • Morning ladies!! 

    I am new to all of this but I’m so glad I have came across this thread. 

    This is my second pregnancy - last one ended in MMC in April. So I’m so anxious this time around, I feel like I’m boring my family and Partner with every ache or worry I have. I am 8 weeks this week,with giant sore boobs and a big bloated belly. 

    How is everyone doing?

  • Hi newbie88. I’m 7+3 today and my boobs are massive (always had small boobs so it’s a massive difference🙈) they’re so sore and my sickness kicked in yesterday after having a week with really bad nausea! Quite emotional too! 

    How are you feeling? Xx

  • Sorry TMI so today the wetnest feeling down below is back and I have one only one sore boob. Lol

  • I’m at the doctors at 10, I’m literally being sick every 20 mins 😭😭 can’t keep a thing down x 

  • Sorry you're so poorly Jade25 - do you think it might be hyperemesis gravidarum, or a tummy bug? Please do let us know what the doc says. 

  • Butterfly baby- I'm a private nanny and they were funny with me being off this week.. I am going there in about an hour to have a chat about changing my hours so let's see how well this goes down 

  • I have a feeling it could be HG as my mum had it when she was pregnant with me and my sister and I’ve read it cAn run in the family. I feel drained and very dehydrate. I also feel like I’m getting a urine infection where I can’t keep any fluids down 😭 not in a very good place this morning, spent the last two days hugging the toilet! 

  • Oh Jade25, not good at all. You really could have it; but at least you know about it. We do have an HG thread here, it might help? Hope the doc can help, we really do. 

  • Jade- hope you feel better soon Hun and get something for your sickness. I have a water infection so I know your pain they’re awful, I was sick for the first time yesterday and I hated it so I feel for you being sick every 20 mins. 

    Georgia- good luck with talking to your employers about your hours hun xx

  • Thanks loza.. they seemed nice so hopefully they will be understandable  but we will see how that goes 

  • Hi, I had my 6 week scan on wednesday evening due to my first two losses this is not my third pregnancy we got to see our baby’s heartbeat which was amazing and everything looks amazing and doing what it should be we’re very happy feeling very positive just can’t loose another baby now especially seeing the heartbeat cx

  • Hi Jade - oh gosh i feel for you hun that cant be nice being sick so often. Fingers crossed the doctors get to the bottom of it for you. These babies know how to mess with us!

    8 weeks today for me, im treating every week as a huge milestone, getting me closer and closer to seeing my little kidney bean (according to my app!) at the ultrasound. I can sympathise with the massive sore boobs ladies, mine are becoming a joke!!! So big and sore i cant bare it haha. Whenever im in bed and roll onto my side i trap one of them under my body and it blummin kills!!! lol. x

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