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  • Hi guys I hope you dont mind me joining 😬, I got my BFP a few days ago after suffering with a MC in August of this year😊. I’m still very scared so I can’t get over excited yet and I really hope this little bean sticks 😭😭😕. It looks like I am due in June of next year 😜😜. I feel Sick all the time, my backs kills and I feel so so tired 😴😴😴. I am a care Assistant so I decided to leave as I don’t want To risk anything. how. Far along are you guys and when did you get your BFP? Xx

  • Hi Saila. I’m 7+3 and due on the 19th June, I have a chemical pregnancy in September and was devestated as this will be my first baby, me and my partner have been trying since July so we are over the moon and have our early scan next Saturday as I will be 8+4. I am so excited but these symptoms are awful lol, glad I have them so I know everything is going well! 🙈😁

  • Aww bless you, I hope everything goes well for you 😊, me And my husband had been trying since 2015 but no luck and then I found I was pregnant in august but suferred a MC 6 days after, it’s absolutly broke me but we tried again and here I am at 5 weeks and 3 days😬😬

  • Aw bless you both, I’m so glad everthing is ok so far! Got everytbjng crossed for you, what date are you due? ☺️

  • Thank you Hun😘😘, I spoke to the dr and she is the 1st of July 😬😬😬, I worked my dates out wrong so I think I joined the wrong group lol x 

  • My birthday is the 1st July! I hope everything goes well for you! Are you thinking about booking an early scan? It’s a bit of reassurance for you I guess! 😁 xx

  • Ahh that’s kool😜, I dont know where to book one? The doctor said I couldn’t get one so do you know if there any private ones?

  • Hi Everyone!

    Can I join you please?

    I’m 8+3 with our second baby, first baby just turned 4 on Halloween 🎃 

    I came off the pill in July and feel lucky to have caught so quickly, I’ve been bad with a cold all week and feeling nauseous for the last couple of weeks but sickness started this morning 🤢

    I have my booking appointment in the morning and looking forward to hopefully getting my scan date, at the moment my due date is 11th June 🤰

  • Saila if you put into google private scans they should come up with some in your area Hun!! 

    MrsVB- congratulations! i know how you feel with the sickness and nausea🙈😂

  • Okay thank you Hun 

  • Congrats saila and MRSVB. Xx

  • Quick question, when do you start showing a bump? 

  • Thank you 😊😊

  • i think it depends on your weight, my sister Inlaw was soo skinny so she started to show around 3-4 months. I am quite overweight so I think I might start showing right at the end 😂

  • imageI’m obessed with testing 😂😂, I like the reassurance 😜

  •  Just an update. They’ve admitted me to hospital and being put on a drip as I’m really dehydrated x 

  • Good luck georgia hope you gwt what you want out of it xxxx

  • Awww hope your ok jade your in the right place. Hooe your feeling better soon doll xxx

  • Hope you’re okay jade! Thinking of you x

  • Just got my booking in appointment for 12/11/18 (I’ll be 9 weeks) I’ve no symptoms at all at the moment just had the odd tired day and that’s it 🙃 I’ve al aye had sickness

    i had sickness in all of my pregnancy’s but there is nothing it’s like I’m not pregnant. I carnt wait for my first scan then I might believe it. I keep testing just for reassurance.

    ive noticted a lot of you are having scans at 8/10 weeks, is this new as I’ve been scanned at 12 weeks with other pregnancys unless I’ve had a problem where I have then been scanned early.

    is there anyone not finding out the sex of the baby, I’m determined not to know this time, I’ve found out with all the others but this is my last so really want a surprise this time.

    also even though I have children already I have never breastfeed and of my children (I’ve expressed for my twins who were born prematurely but that’s it) and I really want to breast feed this little bear but I’ve always felt unsupported in this in hospital and have never followed it through. Have any of you got children who you have breast fed and can give me any tips


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