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  • Hope you’re ok Jade

    Loza - with my first I started showing around 15 weeks, I feel like I’m showing earlier this time around tho although that could mostly be bloat!

    Were definitely finding out the sex, im just too impatient and like to be organised haha

  • Yeah I’m very bloated atm haha, can’t wait till i get a bump I’m excited 😁 and Nikki I have a private scan at 8 weeks me and my partner have paid for it just because of the reassurance that we want! we are definitely finding out the sex, it’s our first so we are excited and we want to be organised too 

  • i Booked my early scan at 6 weeks, I need to know that everything is okay with my little bean😬😬, I can’t wait to have a bump and fell my little baby kick🤗🤗🤗, I pray that this little one sticks 😥

  • Hi Nikki - i wont be finding out the sex, both me and hubby want a surprise! My sister in law named her daughter when she found out it was a girl, i found it strange talking about her like she was already here. Then when she was born it didnt feel as special. Just my opinion though! I already cant wait for all the ladies on here to find out what they are having and let us know :):) x

  • I want to book a private scan  but my partner is telling me we dont need too as my scan is at the end of this month and everything is fine so we dont need an early scan. 

  • me And my husband decided not to find out to, I love the surprise 😜😜

    georgia it’s completly up to you, how many weeks are you? 

  • Welcome Saila15 and MrsVB - so glad to have you here and congratulations. 

    Oh Jade, we're so sorry to hear you're in hospital, but we're also glad they are taking good care of you. Do you have someone with you at hosp? 

  • Hi ladies,  just want to share that my scan showed a healthy baby growing as expected and a good heartbeat.  God I'm relieved

    Thanks for your support

  • Glad everything is okay onlyme! Been sick again today, is it normal to be off your food? I don’t want anything to eat at all I’m physically forcing food down me 😔

  • I'm 10weeks tomorrow.. 

    Onlyme-so glad everything is ok.. must be such a relief to find out all is ok.. that's my worry. Even though I have no bleeding and only have cramps now and again I still worry. 

  • That’s great news Onlyme! x

    my nausea has disappeared now....

  • Fantastic news onlyme xx

  • Awww happy for you only me and welcome to the group newbies. This is baby number 3 for me and i look about 4/5 months alreaddy its literally impoasible to cover it up. My ex partner who ive got 2 children to has just had a baby today born 6 weeks early god bless her. My kids live with there paternal nana and dad after a nasty court case. So i visit where they live ecery 2 weeks we live 7 hours away from eachother now. Feeling wierd today think im gnna tell my kids there going to have another baby brother or sister and make this a really special weekend for them. Xxx 

  • So pleased for you Onlyme glad you got that reassurance today!

    wow butterfly thats Sad that you are 7 hours away from your babies 😞 do you get to speak to them often? 

    having Some strong period type cramps today at 8weeks. Hvent felt them for a while. Just want my scan over and done with now! X

  • Nic yes we keep in contact alot and im here all the time. Its sad but its in the kida bwst interest for now. I was 17 when i had my first and had 2 kids at 20 and then went through a horrible break up at 22. But life goes on and im happy now and the kids are so thats the main thing. Dont worry about the cramps everything is stretching down there when are you having your scan. Theres nothing like reassurance tho i want an early scan to ease my mind xxxx

  • hi, I'm 7 weeks today. I've been having difficulty falling asleep for the past . Anyone else experience this? Any tips to help?

  • It was magic ... it was wriggling About! Had tiny arms across its chest and leg buds. Had tripled in size since 7 weeks! But still Only 28mm.

    She could see no reason for bleed.  Wasn't convinced by my constipation theory but I am.  

    Meanwhile I've been awake since 6,! Looking at my pic. I'm in love


  • Morning everyone, I woke up at my normal work time today as I needed to pee so badly! First time all week I haven't been in the night and I get woken up early instead. I am 8+3 today and can't wait til booking in appt on Weds, just want a scan date now so we can know that our little pickle is ok and then we can tell everyone, so hard not telling my mum!! 

    Jade - hope you are feeling a bit better now that you are getting the right care, thinking of you! 

    Agutu - getting to sleep isn't a problem, it's staying asleep that's hard, what with waking up to pee or rolling over and squishing a painful boob! Think I need to invest in a bed time bra xx

  • Oh onlyme that's perfect!! So pleased that everything is ok, and what a beautiful little bean you have! I would want to keep staring at it too! Xx



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