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  • Hi everyone 

    still feeling really really sick and the headaches well ..... 3 more weeks until 12 week scan wow goes quick doesn’t it. 

    What names does everyone like? Xxx 

  • That’s a amazing picture - how far gone are you, did they date you the same? Ive Had two private scans already (I had a tiny bleed a week after the first scan) and the same lady dated and The second one was a few days behind, she said not to worry by the 12 scan should match better to my dates. 

    Agutu With sleeping at night, I started to make sure I didn’t eat too late or drank anything but water in the evenings.Also took my vitamins earlier somehow helped, a couple of times ive Gone to bed with something boring on in the back ground. Also no naps less I don’t have to be up too early. 

  • I'm 9 weeks 6 days since period,  both early scans I've had due to bleeds have dated me a couple of days less than that, and I did have slightly irregular cycles anyway l.

    She did say the 12 week is the best indicator. 

    She was lovely and moved the probe about to give us a good look for a couple of mins

  • Bleeds are so scary, I’m so glad everything is ok. It’s amazing isn’t it seeing it on the screen. She told me to stick to my dates until the 12 week scan, so my due date is 13th of June. We have another scan booked for next Sunday, my partner Is a nightmare. Think he would have a weekly one if it was his choice, he’s like a big kid at Christmas. 

    I'm so bloated today, I have a wedding to go to and I look 4 months pregnant. I’m only a size 8/10 so its very noticeable. 

  • Onlyme how many weeks is the scan picture? Glad everything’s well 👶 

  • Onlyme that’s amazing I’m so pleased everything is ok 😊 

    I think your right about the constipation, I had it earlier this week, and when I wiped I got some red blood and I was surprised at how red it was and the volume of it... without going into TMI I wasn’t panicking as i without a doubt knew where the blood had come from, so I think you are right! 

  • Well it definitely wasn't from my back passage,  but I'm sure that it being hard and difficult (tmi lol) might've bust a little blood vessel in my cervix or something.  The red blood was all mixed with cervical mucus. 

    Bit more tmi lol

    Wish i hadn't panicked but the epau told me again that we should always phone them for any bleed or worry 

  • Hi Carls EMS, can you add me to the train, I am due 12th June xx

  • Onlyme yeah I think your right, they say he cervix is very sensitive at this stage of pregnancy don’t they so it would make sense. You got to see your little baby so still worth it 😍

  • Onlyme- that scan picture is gorgeous, I can’t wait for mine next Saturday! I’m so excited to see my little bean 🙈 so glad everything is okay and growing like it should be onlyme! So happy for you 😆

  • Onlyme-so happy to see your little one is ok.. I can't wait for mine still got 4 weeks to wait

  • Thanks for the tip newbie, I'll definitely try that.

    My due date is June 21

  • Hi Lou Lou I’ve added you I’ll send the update tomorrow. 

    Anyone got a gut feeling they know which sex Your having. I think mines girl but would love a boy... two girls double trouble LOL 

  • I just want healthy but i do have girl feelings and a very sweet tooth! 

    I like the names Lois or Laurel for a girl

  • Me and husband had a bet. I said boy and he said girl x

  • I’m happy with one healthy baby too only me xx

  • I think with your second you naturally want the opposite sex, but girl would be nice for Jessie (she’s 2 January) got a feeling I’m pink again don’t know why. I’m not going to find out neither going to have surprise. 

    I have a consultancy appointment to talk birth options as my first was very traumatic and it’s givinf me anxiety just thinking about it all again... not good as it ruined my last pregnancy and starting to affect this one... 

  • I had sweet tooth with a girl constantly eating chocolate and cake LOL .... 

    this sickness is repeatig on me .. need some baggy maternity clothes can’t fit into anything 🤣🤣🤣

  • Your scan picture is so lovely onlyme! I can’t wait to have another one. 

    Stull in hospital, had 4 bags of fluid going into me but I feel really rough this morning, still being sick but not as much. 

    Im on a ward where all the women are waiting to go into labour, was very busy last night, opened my curtains and they have all gone, must be a lot of new babies around this morning 😍

  • I’m sure it’s a boy, I would love a girl but as long as it’s healthy that’s the main thing 😊 my husbands family have nearly all had boys so it’s looking likely to be team 💙

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