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  • Dad loved Christmas so I always celebrate it as he Would tell me off otherwise xx

  • My grandad was the same! Xxx

  • I know how you feel hopefully, my dad passed away 3 years ago and I am so sad to not be able to share this journey with him, he would have been the best grandad ever! He was the first person we told about both our pregnancies. But like yours, he adored Christmas so we are trying to stay positive and keep it the way he liked to celebrate!

    Such a sad but happy time of year! Xx

  • So true loulou. My dad was my best friend and he was the one apart from my husband when I thought I was ok to go back to work after my second miscarriage I wasn’t I got sent home and drive to see my dad and broke down on him and he just hugged me and said he was waiting for it. I am such a daddy’s girl and miss him so much but I’m just hoping he is looking down on me on this pregnacy and  making sure everything is ok.  Seen a baby grown that says hands picked by my grandad in heaven ❤️ It xx

  • I'm so glad he was there for you when you needed him hopefully. And I am sure they are both looking down on us praying for us and our special rainbow babies! 

    If we have a boy, his middle name will be my dad's name. Xx

  • Will be thinking of those who have lost loved ones, hopefully you still manage to have amazing Christmas’s x

    Who has a scan coming up this week? I have my 12 week scan on Thursday 😊

  • Mine is on Wednesday! Starting to get excited and a bit nervous! 

  • Mine is on Friday ❤️😁😍

  • HappyHappy how far along are you? 

    Hopefully - I’m so excited!! Have a feeling this week is going to go slowly 😂

  • Yeah me to jem90 really hope it doesn’t xxx I’ve got my Christmas party on Friday too 

  • I've got another scan on Thursday, just hope the week goes quickly. 

    Found out over the weekend that the best man from our wedding and his wife are expecting twins two days after I'm due as well, so pleased for them because they've been trying for a few years and ended up having IVF treatment 

  • I’m 12+5 today so I’ll be exactly 13 weeks when I have my scan. I’ve opted to have the extra tests (downs, Edwards etc) so im planning on waiting for those results before we announce

  • Think I'm last in this group for a dating scan, mine isn't until Monday :( 6 more sleeps. Currently due on the 22nd June x 

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  • image

    Had a private scan yesterday, although it says 11+6 I’m measuring at 12+4..

    Unfortunatel, baby was too busy doing acrobatics to sit still for picture 😂 so I appriciate it may not be clear but does anyone have any gender guesses?! (I’m not planning on finding out, but super curious for peoples predictions!) 

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