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  • Love your scac picture its so clear. Cant wait for mine now. Xxx

  • Ah so exciting starting to see some scan pics! I have my private scan on Thursday I’m praying everything’s ok! Sickness has gone from all day nausea to all day nausea with bouts of vomiting also.. boobs are massive and sore. I was thinking I was having a boy but now I’m thinking girl.. I’ve got George or Joseph for a boy and girl I just don’t know.. I like Annie but don’t love it. My husband likes Frankie for a girl. I think well decide On D day ha xx

  • I am certain we'll be having a boy, pretty much all our relatives have had a boy first, and all my hubby's relatives have had boy first so... I like Logan for a boy but hubby hates it... Think we might be settling towards Harvey though. If it is a girl we will have an Izzy, that ones been decided for years haha xx

  • i want an unusal name next something different. I had ‘beau’ the entire pregnancy for girl and ended up with Jessie. Im sure I’m having another girl I like ‘ Renae’ For a girl .. boys name I like ‘ Remi’ xx 

  • They’re all lovely names Lou and Carls. I had Darcie, Olivia and Grace when I was pregnant with my dayghter! I still like Darcie and Olivia but I don’t if those nanes have now passed. That was 10 years ago lol xx

  • Olivia is still a lovely name! I quite like it myself, but can't change Izzy for love nor money hehe just hope I get a baby girl at some point!! Xx

  • Aww Izzy is lovely xx 

  • I like Jonah for a boy and Georgie for a girl! I think I’m having a girl haha But I’m not sure yet! 

  • Georgie is lovely for a girl xx

  • some Of my children’s names are, Atlanta, MacElla, Bentley, jensen, AudI, and then a few normal ones lol, josh Samanth, Stanley and Chelsea and Rossi 😊

  • So nervous we are at the er now, I had bleeding this morning:( I called women’s services and they told me to head to the er I had horrible back pain like I had to have a bm which I did afterwar coming in and it’s feeling better, I have cramping which hasnt been much worse then I’ve had all along 9 weeks on Monday send your prayers my way please!!

  • Praying for you xx

  • Praying for you manda please keep us updated hope all is ok xx

  • Oh manda I hope you're ok. I was terrified but turned out to be ok so I. hope the same for you xx

    Uk girls have you applied for your prescription exemption certificate yet? Mine came today

  • Hi onlyme do I have to wait for the midwife appointment. I think I do Haha

  • No just ask at the g.p for a form.  However the doctor who signs it off does need to see on your medical records that you're pregnant but mine has known since 6 weeks because I went for a med review.  The cert lasts til June 2020! 

  • Onlyme,   Did you have cramping and pressure and how much bleeding did you have I’m still at the er waiting for an hour and a half :(

  • Oh you poor thing.  No cramps,  had a red bleed that cleared up same evening.  I don't think you can tell whether to worry or not hon you need them to check you over.  Make a fuss tell them it's worse 

  • I don’t think it’s looking good for me I’ve bleed a lot everyti I pee since 9 am and I’m super crampy.  This is terribl. 

  • Hope you’re ok manda, fingers crossed that everything is ok x

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