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  • Friday this week is dragging 😥 xx I’m getting realmay nervous and scared xx

  • Aww Nic so glad it went well! 😁 mine is tomorrow at 11:30, eeek! 

  • Who did you have niC?? Wish mine was nice would of love to have seen my baby moving on the screen xx

  • Loza her name was Sira, she was a young lady- really friendly and explaining it all to me. So glad i didnt get the misery you got :( They said i can ring on thursday to get my 20week scan date. Wooohoo! x

  • You might get it in the Post, I did 😁 so excited 😊 xx

  • Aww Nic you had your scan! How gorgeous ! So happy all is well. 

    I went to the Dr yestrrday at the end of my tether with work pressure. He's signed me off for 2 weeks but I'm seeing him again next Thurs and he said he'll extend it if I want. 

    I'm not happy it says stress related illness on sicknote cos the gossip will be rife at my place.  I work at head office and it's bitchy. I do need a conversation about what is my remit because I've ended up doing bits of 3 people's jobs. But I'm going to tell work it was more about my blood pressure and insomnia.  Then have the conversation.

    But I'm not ready to yet so I guess I'll be of f a few weeks.

    It's not just work,  I am a stressy person and constantly anxious about the pregnancy,  plus we've so much to do to get house ready,  I just needed some head space I think.  

  • Onlyme - so sorry your having a bad time :( How awful! Glad the doctor has signed you off though, it sounds like you need some time to get your thoughts together.

    I struggle with anxiety but luckily havent had to deal with any yet. sending you a big hug! xxx

  • Thanks Nic. I'll be ok just need a break and work crap just feels unimportant at the moment! 

  • I have been sent home from work under my demand as 111 and my doctor have advised me to stay away from close contact with anyone that has hand foot and mouth and the little boy i look after is covered in it.. 

    They weren't gpinlittle g to send me home but i said I've been advised until they all heal to stay away.. they are being really funny recently and don't  seem to care about their child. 

  • Onlyme I feel the exact same with work. I’m so fed up with it, my back is in agony every night after work. I’m tired and people just think I should just ‘crack on’ my work is also bitchy 🙈

  • Oh dear hope you are ok onlyme and Georgia. Make sure you both rest 

  • Oh loza go to the drs if you feel you need a break.  I'm glad i did even though I'm not looking forward to going back!

  • I would but I can’t afford to be paid with sick pay 😫😂

  • Morning ladies, my scan is at 11:30, eeeek! 🙊

  • Good luck happy happy 

  • Good luck happy happy. 11+6 today keep getting twinges in stomach on left and right side is this normal. Roll on Friday at 10:50am 😞 this week is dragging lol

  • Good luck happy! cant wait to hear all about your scan! x

  • image it was my turn today absolutely in love with my little baba. Any guesses on gender xxxx

  • butterflybaby- beautiful photo.. its so lovely to see your baby for the first time. I can't really see a nub in your picture so its hard to tell. but I'm saying boy (but i'm not 100% as cant really see the nub) 

    I have my private gender scan on sunday.. I am very nervous but excited at the same time. I think its because I get to see my baby on the screen again before Christmas and I get to find out the gender but because its a private scan I don't know how it will work and if it will be the same as a scan taken place at a hospital through the NHS. 

    Anyone got any tips on what they do at a private scan? 

  • image

    Back from the scan, everything was fine 😁 i went to Pontefract and they were lovely, took them ages to get the measurements they needed and they were chatting away to us. I have opted for blood tests so once we get those back we can finally announce. I’ve been put back a day so now due on 20th June. 

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