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Due in June 2019 - Part 3



  • Lag cramps can be baby laying on a nerve or baby stopping the blood circulation. I’ve been in agony the last two nights. When the spasms kick in it’s an absoulte killer .. leaves my muscles aching a few days later so painful.

    i haven’t got any names and it’s hard as need to pick two different gender names lol.. 

    I am feeling exhausted now and constantly on the toilet lol 

  • hi ladies, anyone else due 16th June? Praying our girl comes on her due date as it is Father’s Day! 🤞🏼 

  • 🤞 what a lovely fathers day present that would be

  • Leahchart im due 16th too. Praying for a due date baby too. Hubby would be over joyed 😍😍 xx

  • We are hoping for a due date baby too, a 3 day old bubba on father's day would be perfect!! Either that or an early bubba! 😍 Xx

  • How is everyone getting on with their pregnancies? I'm 28+5 now and feel like it's going way too quick! x
  • Hi all, we're giving away this beautiful Little Bird Changing Bag worth £60 - to find out how to win it, please check out Latest Discussions. And if you have the time, please do check out the other threads over there, you never know, you might be able to offer some advice blush 

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