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  • Good luck to all the ladies having scans today! Hope its as amazing as my experience was!

    Ive just called and got my date for my 20 week scan.. 22nd Jan @ 3pm. Ill actually only be 19+2 that day, does anyone know if this matters? I was expecting it to be after the 20wk mark! x

  • Jem90 10:50 tomorrow 23 hours 32 minutes lol omg..... today needs to stop dragging haha

  • Got an antenatal apt tomorrow (just short of 16 wks)... No idea what that'll be for and got community midwife appointment next week.  I'm suddenly feeling less confident again, maybe because I'm feeling stressed. Keep worrying about the fact the sonographer made a point of saying in her report at 12 weeks that she couldn't see much..... Got the quad blood test Monday but she didn't get the nuchal measurement at 12 weeks.. so don't know how I feel about that other than a bit worried. 

    I wonder if at any point we will all be able to relax and feel like all is well !

  • Onlyme, sorry your feeling like that. How come they couldn't get the measurements at the 12 week scan? I'm sure they are supposed to ask you to come back if they cant get everything. My baby was being awkward so i had to get up, drink water and walk round - then they were able to get everything they needed. Is your appt tomorrow with the consultant? x

  • I'm feeling worried too..I don't feel pregnant anymore.. I just keep getting little twinges now and again which i assume is normal..I'm not concerned as have had no signs but just not feeling pregnant.. Sunday will tell. 

  • It was that awful scan that really hurt. I walked about etc too.  No they didn't ask me to come back.  I ended up getting  a private one to at least see baby. 

    I'll tell midwife about it tomorrow. Maybe they'll get me to have another scan 🤔

    I assume it's midwife tomorrow ...  consultant is in Jan I'm sure.  

  • Onlyme I have a midwife appt at 16 weeks, she said it’s routine and they will use the Doppler to check the baby’s heartbeat so that will be nice, I’m sure it will be the same for you 😊 I have a consultant appointment a few weeks after when I’ll be 19 weeks so it sounds like your appointments mirror mine just earlier because your further along. That is rubbish about your 12 week scan, they are supposed to re-book you, as I waited for mine yesterday a sonographer greeted the lady next to me saying let’s hope they are in the right position today! 

  • Got my consultation appointment in an hour a bit nervous as to what it’s about lol! 

  • Sorry onlyme i didnt realised youd walked out of your appointment cos it was too painful! How awful for you!!! Mine was a little uncomfortable and could tell she was pressing hard but it wasn't too bad. She also kept asking if i was comfy and okay. Sounds like you had a horrible experience. I really feel for you hun. Please speak to your midwife about any concerns. Hopefully your 20 week scan is a lot better than the last xx

  • Good luck Loza, let us know how you get on! x

  • Haha Hopefully, not that you’re counting 😜

  • Jem90 my emotions are everywhere.ive cried on way to work I’m so scared,nervous, anxious and excited. Just really hope this is our time and my rainbow baby is ok xx

  • Oh no Nic, I didn't walk out , I gritted my teeth for 40 mins lol. I meant that she made me go for a walk,  have a drink etc  to try and improve what she could see.  

    Happy happy, thanks that's good to know,  i will feel reassured with a heart beat check for sure.  I've been a bit confused by my appointments,  they gave me one for quad test but then I got a different one in post,  when I rang I couldn't seem to get the girl to understand I just need to know which one to turn up to lol. Seems a bit slap dash, but then I like to know what's going on cos I can get anxious. 

    I'm wrapping presents today to take my mind off work worries, just need to make the most of a break from it!

    Good luck ladies with scans and appointments coming up! 

  • Thank you Nic. Hopefully it won’t be anything too scary 😂 whe I had my 12 week scan she was so rude and didnt show me baby, spoke to my mother like crap when she was asking questions and it wasn’t nice so I’m gunna ask for someone different if I get her again on my 20 week one x

  • I need to start my Christmas wrapping today too onlyme.. I hope they do the heartbeat thing on my 16 week appointment that will be nice to hear x

  • Oh Onlyme - thank god, i hated the thought of you having to walk out cos it was too painful!! I see what you mean now lol. Gosh, cant believe they were so firm with you though that it was painful!

    my 16week appt is 2nd Jan so just after the xmas break. They didnt mention id get to hear the heartbeat though, wondering if hubby should be there but may be difficult as its his first day back at work!

    Loza if you get a young Asian girl called Syra/Sira then your good to go cos she was great! Made me feel so relaxed and was showing us baby and answering all of hubbys questions even when she was concentrating on getting the measurements xx

  • Wish mine was like that, she was awful the woman I had!! And my 16 week one is on the 4th but they didnt mention to me about the heartbeat either so I’m hopeing that they do xx

  • Hmm just checked my green notes and don't know why my phone calendar has an appointment in for tomorrow cos my notes don't lolimage

  • Bless you Hopefully, I know how you feel! Have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Does anyone else just randomly cry when nothing has happened? Or cry when someone else is sad and it make you cry because you feel sorry for them.. or is that just me? 

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