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Due in June 2019 - Part 3



  • No that’s me also. My sister was feeling upset today and I nearly cried because she just looked sad bless her.. I’m very emotional recently 

  • Loza at least its not just me 

  • I’m really emotional 😂 I get upset over just looking at my partner and sister, mum etc just because they look cute and make me happy 😂

  • Hope everyone's scans went ok today! Can't wait to see more bubba's! 

    My 16 week appt is on the 2nd Jan, and my 20week scan is on the 28th Jan. Nice they aim to see you between 18weeks and 20+6 I believe! 


  • Nic** my phone keeps autocorrecting, sorry XX 

  • imageour scan went perfectly today, sonographer was lovely as well which helped. Confirmed the due date of 25th June. Baby kept dancing around so took a while to get all of the measurements but it meant we got to see more detail which was nice. Got our 20 week scan on the 8th Feb but we will be having a private gender scan early January 

  • Congratulations linzieb so happy for you xx 

  • Thank you hopefully, good luck for your scan tomorrow 😊 

  • Thanks linzeb. Think its an early night tonight so tomorrow comes quicker haha. cant wait to see jem90 scan too xx

  • My scan also went well thanks! Due date has been moved from 27th to 25th June, was so amazing to see the baby! Any guesses as to whether it’s a boy or girl? image

  • Yeah congrats jem90 I’m going girl but never good at guessing haha 

  • Glad it all went well jem. We've got the same due date now 

  • Hopefully I have my fingers crossed for a girl! So excited to see your scan tomorrow 🤗

    Linzie my husband isn’t pleased as that’s his birthday haha 😂 it’s all suddenly feeling much more real now! 

  • Oh dear haha extra special present for him. It's the same date as my nephew as well, don't think he'd mind sharing it with his cousin though, quite a novelty when your only 12

  • Yeah will be interesting to see if any are actually born on their due date! Aww yeah I bet he would love a cousin sharing his birthday!

  • So happy your scans went well ladies! X

  • Good morning ladies,  something iv noticed recently but more so this morning- I keep getting cramps/pain after iv been for a wee. Especially if I have had to hold it. Last night was the first night I did not wake up for a wee during the night, so I went as soon as I woke up and now I have such bad cramping! Has anyone else experienced this? Xx 

  • I’ve not had this but I have noticed the last few nights I’ve had problem sleeping as I can’t get comfy and my tummy hurts- fine in the day though? 

    Never know whats normal and every twinge puts me on edge! Lol.

  • Woke up at 3:19am which is normal for a trip to the loo but couldn’t get back to sleep so been up since 4am I feel so sick and keep getting aching pains. 

  • Does anyone use a pregnancy pillow yet?

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