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  • fantastic scan pics lady, have we all had our first scans now? 

    My sickness has died down alot now, aslong as I don’t eat or drink till after I’ve started work I seem to be ok. Im trying to decide whether or not to book a gender scan. I’ve not had a private scan before but 28th Jan feels so far away.

  • thanks ladies, I’m thinking we’re going to have a surprise this time if I can hold off lol xx

  • It’s like a trapped wind pain again like I had last week. I was worrying loads but haven’t had any of that blood since this morning so I aren’t gunna think about it too much xx

  • I've got a weird low down tummy ache like period pain.  Not cramping.  Does feel like trapped wind but in wrong place. Hard not to worry about every pain!

  • I keep getting that feeling too ladies, it must be stretching xx

  • Happy Saturday 

    Everyone ready for Christmas? 

    My hubby is out all night tonight for his work Xmas do staying at a mates, I'm glad tbh, not slept well at all ! 

    I just keep thinking about next Christmas  little 6 month old boys and girls ! 😍 

  • Only me! That is exactly my pain! Like trapped wind but in my lower abdomen 🙈 

    it’s my works xmas do tonight I’m looking forward to it but im only one that’s not drinking 😂

  • Btw is anyone else having trouble posting comments? Seems not to have worked for ages then if I refresh it appears

  • That happens to me sometimes 

  • Hey ladies

    sorry haven’t posted since yesterday been on cloud 9. I had to go back to work after scan then it was our Christmas party.

    which was a very different experience and probably realise a lot of people annoy me when they had too much to drink.

    i left early and was rolled up in bed by 11am

    all ready for Christmas my last present turned up Thursday so just got to wrap it.

    im off to see my dad at the crem today and give him the good news even though he has sent me my little baby bless him xx

    then my mum is at a craft fair so going to go see her and then back home to chill

    hope everyone has an amazing day xx

  • I’m so happy for you hopefully! I hope everything is okay inside me I worry to much 🙈 I think a lot of people at my work will annoy me when drunk toothey already do when they’re sober 😂

  • I'm with you there loza! My work do is tonight, I am driving as it's about 30 mins from my house, so offered to take some of my friends, but now worried I will want to leave early but can't :-( x

  • Ill be able to leave whenever I want But I’m just going for the food hut I’ll be shattered because we aren’t eating till 8 so won’t be out of the restaurant till 11 so im going to be so tired 😂

  • I was like that last night loza. Been up since 3:19am and then food didn’t come out till 8 and I needed to take my tablets aspirin etc. So looking forward to doing nothing tonight xx

  • No Xmas do for me,  no invite to the night out (it's ok it's just cos I'm not part of any team at the mo & I wouldn't gave gone anyway lol) and I will be off sick for the lunchtime one i was going to.  I'm still gonna take my secret Santa gift in tho.

    I can be quite anti social, work-wise,, I need to trust people to want to socialise with them lol.

    I'm still snuggled up in bed getting warm,  though not had enough sleep I don't feel like going back to sleep.  

    Got to try and rescue my poor pet fish who is looking poorly 😔. And might do a bit more tidying or sorting in spare room.  

  • Has anyone else had to go back for a 16 week dating scan? It says because the maternal habitaus and fetal Lie and also impaired images because of increased bmi. The worry has started to kick in again now lol 

  • That’s really odd hopefully, I have a high BMI and everything was fine for me, they didnt even go over my tummy, just the bit under it mainly... when I had my private scan I asked and she said that the positioning of a lady’s womb is more of a factor than BMI so maybe it’s a bit of a scapegoat thing! I’m sure everything will be fine though.

  • CCan anyone advise me on what I need to take or do before my private scan tomorrow? 

  • Happy my sister said that it was just couldn’t get. Clear enough scan to measure baby she has had 4 kids and assured me not to worry. Xx 

    they also scanned me under my belly as well I could see baby but it wouldn’t stay still was doing somersalts haha

    has anyone as a scan at 16 weeks do you need a full bladder? 

  • Hey ladies just been catching up! Have been busy with Christmas shopping etc! Loza I hope your ok now xx iv been having lots of cramping/stretching in my lower tummy and sides of tummy recently. Back pain is also back with a vegence. Finally have my dating scan on Monday x 

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