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Due in June 2019 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in June 2019 - Part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Thanks danielle

  • Hi everyone, been quiet for the last few days. Had my work xmas do on friday - my first ever sober one - it was interesting to see everyone so drunk lol. Lukcily no one really questioned why i wasnt drinking so i think i got away with it! Scan tomorrow morning, i didnt sleep a wink last night so not sure how ill sleep tonight either! Will be telling colleagues this week and then revealing to extended family, grandparents, aunties cousins etc this weekend. Just cant wait for everyone to know, its the hardest secret to keep ever!

    Im wearing maternity leggings today, they are still too big but so comfy - they are basically tucked in under my bra hahaha, loving it! x

  • I’m due on the 20th June. I woke up this morning and felt huge I got ready for work and my belly looked so big 😂

  • I am due the 2nd June..  and I am starting to get a bump.. I dont see it as much as other people.. but I'm def getting bigger.

    Feeling so run down today.. full of cold and just generally under the weather..  day off today so hopefully time to relax..  5 more days and I get to find out what i am having. 

  • My scan date is 31st jan to see what I’m having I can’t wait. Loads of people have said that its a boy but the jaw line and the head lol but I’m not sure 

  • Exciting..  I've booked a private one to know before Christmas..  everyone is saying girl in my family apart from 2 people 

  • Getting some little pains all around belly area today don’t really hurt.

  • Had a private scan yesterday, although it says 11+6 I’m measuring at 12+4..

    Unfortunatel, baby was too busy doing acrobatics to sit still for picture 😂 so I appriciate it may not be clear but does anyone have any gender guesses?! (I’m not planning on finding out, but super curious for peoples predictions!)image

  • hey! I had my dating scan at 11 + 1 currently 13+ 6 

    does anyone have any guesses into what we are having ? 🙈 image

  • FINALLY it’s scan day!!! Feels like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this 😭😭 will report back once I’m done! Appt is at 8.30am! X

  • Does anyone know if hand foot and mouth is dangerous for us to be in contact with? 

  • Yeahhhh Nic x good luck xx

  • Georgia I personally would stay away xx

  • Hopefully-that's what i thought..  just got to work and the little boy i look after is covered which looks like hand foot and mouth got to take him doctors at 8 to be confirmed..  if it is I'm best off telling the parents i cant be around it jusr to be on the safe side rhen?

  • i think so Hun hopefully they will want to look after him anyways x

  • Hi Georgia, I looked into this recently as my neighbours son has it, it isn’t a risk per se, the only thing that could potentially cause a risk to your baby is if you got a high temperature as a result of catching it 

  • Hopefully- you say that.. I would of thought so too.. but they have both gone into london and let me take him to the doctor. He has an appointment at 10:50.. so if it is that they will be coming home. 

  • imageHere’s my little nugget at 13+2. Due date is 16th June so I was just two days out 😀😀 the whole experience was lucky and the lady I had was so nice showing us baby! We saw it doing flips and looked like it was waving. So amazing and so in love! Xx

  • Congratulations Nic xx

  • thanks Hopefully! it was an amazing experience i loved seeing it! Is it your scan tomorrow?? xx

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