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  • Lmao, what did they estimate the weight of your baby was at the scan? x
  • Omg that’s hilarious @MrsMcM!! 
    Baby looks super cute though 😍
  • @Jetty1989 they didn’t give me an estimation. I didn’t know they done that? Anyways, I’m back next week for another scan so can ask the question then. 
  • at my hospital they give you a print out of all the measurements taken and an estimated weight of baby. I guess they may not do that across the board. 
  • Here they give you an estimate based on how many weeks the baby is measuring at.  When I went for our 20 weeks scan they asked again how many weeks i was (was 20 weeks to the day) and they went "oh" because baby's head is measuring at 22 weeks and overall he is measuring at 21 weeks 5 days in size.  He isn't going to be a little guy I don't think.   His dad and I are both tall (6ft) so it was inevitable. 

    Have to say the coolest thing so far happened last night.  Really hot here last night so had my belly out while sitting on the couch.  I have been feeling him kick for a couple of weeks, slowly getting stronger.  But every time I have told my partner to put his hand there, the baby stops.... little bugger! But last night I told my partner just at the right time and he felt this WHOOMP of a kick. I saw him get a bit teary and emotional and surprised and it was the most beautiful thing.  
  • @MrsMcM we are crying at the penis legs - absolutely amazing. 
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  • @MillP everything went great thanks... Have just been so busy! The move day was stressful but we are in and pretty settled now 😚.

    The scan was great, we found out we are having a little girl 💖 which I am a little surprised about - everyone was convinced it was a boy (especially my husband) but we are very happy! 

    I don’t have the scan pic with me at work but I will upload it later. Little Miss was very active again and kept putting her hands up and was looking out to the outside world! The radiographer also said I was mega easy to scan due to still being tiny so we were only in there 20 mins but everything looks great! 
  • Hi ladies!
    been invited for whooping cough and flu vaccine - iv no real objection to them but just thought do I NEED them? I’m well and had both with my first child who’s just turned 2 so although the vaccine doesn’t last forever it’s been in my system within the last 3 years.
    has anyone declined? Thoughts please x
  • Glad you’re in and settled @Laura_J! And congrats on the girl news 💗

    @ChenisteM it’s entirely up to you whether to have them or not. The flu is to protect you although we’re coming to the end of the season now. That one changes every year as the flu virus evolves. The whooping cough is to protect baby when it’s born, so you’d need to have it again for this baby to be protected but again entirely your choice. 
    I chose to have them, the whooping cough mainly because I know a couple of people who didn’t and their babies got whooping cough. And the flu I had earlier on in the season when I’d been picking up every bug going so felt I needed the protection from that. 

    I think there are some good leaflets about them both on the nhs website which might help you make a decision :-) xx
  • @ChenisteM i think @MillP’s advice is very sensible.  I think there is nothing to loose from having them and I believe in vaccinating but it is obviously a personal choice 🙂. 
  • Hi @ChenisteM I too had my whooping cough injection.  It was my first time as this is the first pregnancy. But my doctor's explanation to me was that it isn't so much about protecting us, but that if we have it between 20 - 32 weeks pregnant then the baby takes some of the vaccine to help build some sort of immunity as it doesn't have any immunity for the first 6 weeks of being born.   Given that I am due in June (which is winter and rainy and sickness season here in Perth Australia) I decided I didn't want to take the risk of not getting it :)
  • How is everyone going?  It's been a bit quiet on here lately :)
  • I have really been overthinking everything this is my 3rd baby but it was 10 years ago I last done this I’m worrying about feeding, giving birth, because I’m a bit older what if something is wrong with the baby my weight which doesn’t help when nearly everyone I encounter say are you sure there is only one in there and there is no way you will make it full term! Rather than wow you look really well looks like you will have a nice size healthy baby. I think I’m probably just being a bit sensitive things were a lot different in my life when I had my girls 😊 I need to toughen up a bit and I’m not sleeping well either I’m tired but just can’t sleep 😴 sorry for the rant so early ladies xx
  • Going well! We are on our babymoon I. Tenerife 😁 it's just what we were looking for so very happy so far 🥰 
    I am starting to wake up at nights now so I guess my sleep pattern is starting to be affected by baby! Anyone else struggling to sleep? Any babymoons planned? :)
  • @Ac2984
    dont worry about ranting, we all need too! I don’t think it matters how many babies you’ve had everyone will always be just as scary. Think we’re probably all getting to that very emotional over thinking stage as it’s over half way now for most of us.  I know I definitely am. I’ve had the whole your massive, you look so big. Thanks everyone 😂 I already feel the size of a house no need to point it out. Don’t know why people think it’s okay to be so rude, they obviously think it’s a good thing! Makes you feel like poo though.  I’ve had to drop my hours at work as I have pelvic girdle pain, been referred to physio although haven’t got that until March 24th which seems so long away when I’m in so much pain. 
  • @georgiatim I know people seem to forget your extra hormonal when pregnant!! I’m wondering when to finish work I run a pub which i love but it’s such an old building the cellar is down some really steep steps I don’t really want to be lugging full or empty barrels about I was going to aim for beginning of may!! I keep getting pain in my groin and I can’t turn it’s the strangest feeling!! Why are they leaving it so long? Xx
  • I’m getting the opposite comments about my weight and bump. Everyone I see says the same thing. There’s no way there’s a baby in there, where’s your bump? Are you eating etc....? I was small with my first until the last couple months and it seems I’m the same with this baby. I do agree I do not look pregnant but the comments are getting me down
  • I’m sure you’s will agree that I don’t have a bump. But the comments of “the baby mustn’t be growing properly” is hard to hear 😔
  • I’m 23 weeks on Thursday so I think I am looking rather large but people don’t think before they say things!!! Xx
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