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  • But on another note ladies have you heard of the crotchet umbilical cord ties I’m def going to purchase on of them instead of the horrible plastic ones has anyone used one before or knows someone who has?? X
  • Ac2984 said:
    But on another note ladies have you heard of the crotchet umbilical cord ties I’m def going to purchase on of them instead of the horrible plastic ones has anyone used one before or knows someone who has?? X
    Hi @Ac2984 we have never heard of these crochet umbilical ties and had to Google them! We think they are fascinating, and was wondering if you might start another thread on the forum about it, to see if anyone else has heard of them? Click here to start a new thread, if you're happy to - we'd most appreciate it! 
  • @DanielleMFM I think I have done it but I popped it in Labour and birth let me know if I should put another one somewhere else!! I think they are a fan idea better than the big plastic clips!!  xx
  • @Ac2984 your bump is not overly big at all.  I am 24 weeks this Saturday and my bump looks exactly like yours.  Are you having a boy?  Boys are carried all out front so makes the bump look bigger.   You are growing a healthy baby!!

    I know what you mean about the comments, i am 36 and having my first baby, trust me i have been getting alot of comments as well.  Even from my mother in law "well by this time next year you better be pregnant again, don't want to have an only child" 
    Ummmmm can i just enjoy my first pregnancy and meet my baby before you think that far ahead! 

    We all have rants. We are all emotional.  Take time for yourself and do something just for you! Book yourself a pregnancy massage or something x 
  • Hey @TryingforNo1! I’m doing ok over here! Works is ridiculously busy though, I’ve only got 5 days left with nothing booked in between now and finishing at the start of May. Most weeks I’m all over the country too so not in a great head space with that but I guess at least the time will go quickly! So much for winding down through April though 😂

    @Ac2984 you’re right to rant! People need to keep their comments to themselves sometimes! Your bump is beautiful! 

    Everyone’s bodies respond differently to pregnancy! There’s no right or wrong way, if only people would think before they speak! 

    @Bubbles616  do you know what you’re having? 

    Sorry pgp has got you @georgiatim, it can be so unpleasant! I had it from 16 weeks last time so thought I’d be similar this time but so far 🤞🏻 I’ve escaped it thankfully! It sucks you have to wait for long for an appointment, it was similar for me before, I remember thinking what’s the point?! As i was so much further along by then, but tbf it helped a little bit. Have you got a pregnancy pillow yet? 

    @Karinenini Hope you’re having the best time!! We are off to lanzarote in 2.5 weeks! I can’t wait! Need some sunshine in my life! And a week off! 
  • @MillP I’m having a girl but I was exactly the same with my son so I can’t even blame it on it being a different sex 😣 people probably think I should think myself lucky not being big but the comments just take the joy of it all away 
  • Ac2984 said:
    @DanielleMFM I think I have done it but I popped it in Labour and birth let me know if I should put another one somewhere else!! I think they are a fan idea better than the big plastic clips!!  xx
    Thank you so much! It was perfect. 
  • Hey all - don't forget to check out the posts over here in your birth club - anyone got swollen feet (or in this case, just one foot) 
  • I think I jinxed it the other day saying I’d escaped pgp so far, today I’ve really struggled with the pain 😭 hoping it’s just a one off bad day 🤞🏻
    I’ve just ordered a bump support band to come tomorrow in the hopes it will help keep the pain at bay 🤞🏻 Think I’ll dig my ball back out and get that blown up this weekend too! 
    How you doing with the pain @georgiatim? X
  • @MillP
    Oh no!! I’m sorry your having pain now, it’s so horrible. I’ve been looking at bands, which one have you ordered? I’m struggling to choose which one looks best. I’m also looking at a ball, did it help you? 
  • @georgiatim
    I lived on my ball last time! I found it helped me loads 
    I went for the belt that is like a strap that goes under your bump. I put it on earlier and It felt supportive but I wasn’t certain it was actually doing anything, but when I took it off I could definitely feel the difference! It says to only wear for 2-3 hours at a time so I’m going to try and wear it a couple of times a day :-) 
    im just sat watching a film atm with a hot water bottle between my legs 😂 
    has your pain got any worse? X
  • @MillP ah okay, il defo get one then! Oo, okay. I didn’t realise you can only wear them for a few hours. But if it helps it’s worth it! I’m going to order one tonight. Hot water bottle is my saviour!! And to answer your question from before, I’ve had a pregnancy pillow for years, just because they are comfy 😂 but only started using it properly since I got pregnant. And I’m not sure it helps to be honest, it’s comfy. But don’t actually think it makes any difference. The pain hasn’t got any worse yet, just so constant. Cleaned the house today for the first time properly in ages and had to have so many breaks took so long! X
  • Hey ladies, is anyone else feeling really overwhelmed about how much stuff you need? 

    I’m having a nice pregnancy and have felt pretty balanced all the way through but I did my baby list today and I ended up getting all emotional! I’m a mega organised person so I think not having stuff sorted (have just moved house and the priority has been to get new furniture etc sorted) is the biggest issue! Hoping when I start ticking off some of the big things I will start feeling a little better.... 
  • Laura J I love how organised you are! I really havnt got a clue about what I need and keep having to ask my sister! I’m defo gona be a sink or swim! 
    Ladies that’s useful to know ref the bands, I’ve been getting pain mainly when walking the dogs and was wondering if the bands actually make a difference, in active in my jobs also so the band may help as I get bigger.
    Ive been having a crisis of feeling huge over the past few days as my bump has suddenly propperly appeared and today my gran said to me whilst I was eating a cereal bar “no wonder your fat with all your eating” I tried not to take offence as she’s old a tactless but it’s hard enough getting my head around having no control of my shape changing (even though I do realise it will all be worth it in 18 weeks) 
  • I’m impressed how organised you are even doing the list @Laura_J! I’m sure you’re right and you’ll feel better as you start to tick it off! 

    I’ve considered doing a list but I just can’t get my head into it! We’ve got quite a bit from when we had our son but we are definitely missing some things! We’re off on holiday in 2 weeks, I’ll probably start sorting everything when we’re back from that. I’ll be 28/29 weeks then! X
  • I’m actually really organised. I’ve surprised myself 😂 after Christmas I did the list and now the nursery is pretty much finished, got pretty much everything just a few little bits now. We did get a lot gifted from my sister in law which really helped. But I remember doing the list with help from my friends who have had babies, and being like oh my god i don’t even know where to start. It’s definitely overwhelming, but we will all get there, whether your organised or you still have little bits to get once baby’s here. I’ve only done it early so I don’t have to do it while I’m huge and I know il moan a lot more 😂 
  • And definitely @Laura_J when you start ticking things off it’s so much better. I also did a amazon wish list so i could add it all on and just buy things when I could, even if I wasn’t going to get it from amazon I’d add it on the list so I don’t forget to buy it! I found a paper list just looks huge and really scary. 
  • Thanks ladies, good to know I’m not alone. I ordered a few bits yesterday and that has already made me feel a bit better! I just don’t cope well when I feel like I have a bit ‘to do’ list. 

    I also went to a pregnancy yoga class tonight, have never really been in to yoga but I really really enjoyed that and it was nice to be around other pregnant women! 

    @[email protected], I’m sure you don’t look huge but don’t blame you for being a bit offended. I’ve found people generally feel entitled to comment on your shape when you’re pregnant, it’s bizarre. I’ve been getting it the other way round a lot with people saying ‘are you sure you’re pregnant’ and ‘are you eating enough’ 😤. 

  • Hi everyone, how are you all doing? 

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  • this has been pretty quiet lately, how is everyone going?
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