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  • All good here apart from heartburn at night which gets so bad I think I might be sick!! And I’m getting quite a lot of Braxton Hicks and when baby is low makes me need to instantly pee😂
  • @MillP how was your babymoon? :)

    @Ac2984 Do Braxton Hicks feel like stomach cramps? I feel like I had some 2 weeks ago but not sure on how early we can get them?

    I got a bit overwhelmed over the last few days as I started to get a lot of anxiety with everything we read in the medias recently 🙄 just started to feel worried about literally everything that could possibly go wrong. Took a couple of days off to relax as I was having panic attacks.

    On the bright side, I feel like we are definitely ready to welcome our little one as we painted the nursery last week and we got pretty much everything we need (based on my essential list at least!).

    We lucky to have very invested future grand parents as well and they went q bit crazy with all the baby purchases so I feel like we are good until 6 months old!

    I started reading about post partum experiences and considering starting doing Kegel exercises. Anyone else looking at options to make the delivery easier?

  • @Karinenini they are just tightening of the stomach they done hurt can just be a little uncomfortable if baby is low!! Which I think baby boy is I can feel his hands or feet right low it’s the strangest feeling!! Has anyone picked a name yet im pretty sure we are going with Marley it’s a bit different but we all seem to like it even the kids so looks like a winner xx
  • Hey everyone! Hope your all okay, I’m fine. Been to the hospital today for my GTT and growth scan, baby is looking well measuring fine and they have predicted just over 7lbs birth weight. @Ac2984 we like Arlo for a boy and willow for a girl. Xx
  • @Ac2984 love the name Marley!

    We picked a name just at the end of the first trimester I think 😂 We have already bought a customized toybox and cubes with his name on it so there is no going back!
    We went for a French name as I am French and a second English name as Daddy is English so one of each :)
    Are you telling the name yet to family and friends?

    @georgiatim how many weeks are you? Really cute names! Good they can predict the weight already 🤗
  • I love arlo!! Marley is the only one we could agree on!!willow is cute for a girl too I don’t have to see the midwife again till I’m 28 weeks!! I don’t think Marley will be that small but my girls were fairly big at 8lb and 8lb 15oz I’m hoping he isn’t much bigger than that xx
  • Yeah we decided on Arlo about 3 years ago 😂 and both names are the only ones we can both agree on, it’s so hard! I’m 27 + 5 now x
  • We have a couple of boy names we agree on, but nothing set in stone until we meet him.  We don't want to give him a name before he gets here. 

    We are a bit the same as you @Karinenini we have two sets of invested grandparents.... so the boxes of stuff and things just keep appearing.  We have been doing home renos as well, so the grandparents have been storing stuff so lord only knows what else they have to give us. it is lovely that they are so invested in the bub though. 

    i will be 27 weeks this saturday.... time is flying by it feels like. 
  • Hi everyone, hope you are all good. 
    I’m currently 25+3, I feel that time has flown in since Christmas.
    we have started planning out our nursery. Going for neutral colours just now until we have the bambino & know the sex. 

    I go to Dubai in just over 2 weeks, slightly worried about the Coronavirus, but hoping everything will be ok. I’ve also got to take Fragmin from my midwife, so also slightly worried about taking a syringe into Dubai in my luggage. Has anyone had to do this before?
  • Hi all, good to read everyone's updates. I am 25 +2 and been to see the midwife today. I have glucose and protein in my urine, just traces so of for a GTT in 2 weeks and will be closely monitored regarding the protein. I have been getting bad ligament stretching pain, including in my shoulder where little girl is pushing on my diaphragm, who even knew that could happen.
    I have taken a week of work to rest up as feeling the anxiety is taking over. But the nursery is done, wardrobe is filled up, it's getting real.
    We like the name daisy, but we are waiting in her arrival before we decide. 

  • @Followyourdreams Sorry to hear. I feel you as I am also closely monitored for a potential risk of pre-eclampsia (which can also be identified with protein in urine or high blood pressure). The good thing is that they spotted it early and you will receive all the attention and care you need to make sure you and your baby are fine. 
    I have also been away from work as my anxiety is growing... I am sure we will be fine but I understand the feeling! Is it your first? Have they talked to you about induction yet? I am 26+2 so we are almost at the same stage of pregnancy :)
  • @MrsMcM If you have a doctor's note and your syringue is in a checked luggage, it should be okay... in doubt you can contact the airline and ask to confirm? 
    Are you going to Dubai for your babymoon? I feel like Medias are generating more and more fear around the virus...trying to stay away from news for a bit :/ you will be okay I am sure! Enjoy your time away!
  • Hello everyone, nice to hear lots of updates. 

    I am 24+6 and had my 25 week midwife appointment yesterday. 

    My bump has suddenly appeared over the last 2 weeks! 

    Does anyone else on here run by any chance? I do and still am and I feel okay when doing so other than I feel like I constantly need a wee as soon as I start but then the minute I stop I’m fine again. Mentioned it to the midwife yesterday and she said I could self-refer to physio for pelvic floor but seems a little drastic! Just wanted some reassurance it’s normal and/or I’m not doing myself any damage! 
  • Oh and I LOVE some of your boy name choices. We are pretty much set on Millie (middle name Hope) 💜
  • Hey everyone, great to read all your updates! 

    @Karinenini I’m still on my baby moon, and it’s my birthday today too! We’re having a great time though, weather has been beautiful too. It’s just the break we needed! 

    Love all the name choice too ladies 😍 @Laura_J Millie is a great name, but I am biased as it’s the name I go by! I’m actually an Emily though, just always been called Millie! 

    We are pretty much set on Myla Stephanie for a girl but have absolutely no idea for a boy! So at this point I’m hoping for a girl so I don’t have a nameless baby 😂. My 3 year old is Jenson Harry so finding it hard to find names that go with that! 

    As for everything else, it all seems to be going ok! I’m now 28+1 and have my next midwife app on Monday. I’ve been getting horrendous heart burn, especially at night and a bit of PGP on and off but other than that I think this pregnancy has been much easier than my last one! 

    @Laura_j I don’t run properly but I have done various bits of exercise through this pregnancy, my main thing I find if when I start my tummy goes really tight but it does ease up after a bit! The runs I have done I’ve had the same needing a wee issue tho! Must be the motion of it or something making baby push on bladder xx
  • Happy Birthday @MillP 🎉🎁🎈
  • Happy birthday @MillP hope you had a lush day and having an amazing time!! I love the name myla!! I was eat in indie if we were having a girl girls names are so much easier because you can pick pretty names!! But I am in love Marley not that I’m going to tell my oh that because he picked it 😂!
    im suffering with heartburn really bad gaviscon is my new best friend I keep a bottle by my bed and so far so good!! Although I do think it tastes rank but it helps xx
  • @Karinenini yeah! 😊 we had booked it before we got pregnant (it was taking quite a while to fall pregnant again after our mc) so we booked Dubai & low & behold a month later we found out the good news. So have decided to go through with the trip, just a little cautious now obviously with everything that’s going on. 
  • Happy birthday @MillP Hope you are having a great trip. 
    I am 27 weeks + 2 days today, got my next midwife appointment at the antenatal clinic tomorrow.  Did the GTT last weekend, not as bad as I thought it was going to be just a lot of sweetness for so early in the morning and a long wait :) 

    we have a couple of names picked out, we both love Henry John or Darcy John. His middle name will be John for sure as that is both his grandads middle name and we want to continue that for them. 

    I love the name Myla and Marley.  So many cool names you guys are coming up with. 
  • Ladies what’s everyone thinKing after what Boris Johnson has said about pregnant people not going to work??
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