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  • Hi @ginajolly90 Glad you messaged! It’s quiet on this group eh? So pleased your scan went well and congratulations on the baby boy!! That’s so exciting 🥰 

    It’s definitely so nice when you feel movement although it took me until about 22 weeks before I could feel any big movements and kicks! Feeling it regularly now which is so reassuring ❤️ I am now 23 + 5 which is so’s all going so fast now! Have you bought any baby bits yet?
  • Ahaha @Elsie1 I really is! I was contemplating joining the May group but they have been together so long I don't want to intrude 😂🙈 Thank you so much, we were so relieved to see that things are ok and I'm so delighted he's a boy! Now it's just waiting to meet him that's the hard part... 💙💙

    I think I'm probably on a similar trajectory as you. I definitely feel him moving about but very few forceful kicks. I'll be glad when they begin as it's a nice reassurance. Like today he's been quite quiet and I just want him to wiggle to let me know he's ok 💙

    It must be amazing to feel those regular movements! And nearly 24 weeks too 😍😍😍 How is everything else with you?

    Not really bought much yet but I did finally do the list of things we will need today, as well as starting to clear the room which will be the nursery (it's currently an office with three bookshelves so need to find homes for the books - one bookshelf down and two to go!). We will be moving at the end of the year so we don't need to worry too much, but it's nice to know that things will be ready for him in case the house takes longer to sell than we think, or other circumstances that make us stay a while longer. What about you?! Have you bought much or thought about ideas for the nursery? 
  • Hello ladies, sorry, it's been ages since I posted! That's great that your scan went well. Mine was last week too and we've found out it's a boy! 💙 So my son will enjoy having a little brother to play with. They're not happy with the placement of the placenta and cord, so we have to have another scan in two months and probably a caesarean. 

    Feeling them move is so exciting isn't it! Still quite small movements, but they're getting stronger!

    Oooooo, wow, moving with a little one. Hope it all goes smoothly for you xx
  • @ERM so great to hear from you!! This is a really quiet thread so it's really easy to let time pass by without catching up! I hope as time passes we are able to lean on each other a little more, especially going into the later weeks and awaiting the births!! Congratulations on your little boy!! Hopefully he is healthy and it is just the mechanics of the location of the placenta that is the issue? It will at least be nice to see him on screen again in 8 weeks - we will all be getting close then!!

    Feeling them move is just amazing, you're right! Our little boy is getting very active evening and night, but during the day it's like he doesn't exist - I could not be pregnant! I'm looking forward to when he is a bit bigger in a few weeks and the movements become more regular :)

    Thank you so much!! My dh got a new job in Edinburgh (his home city) and we were planning on moving at some point in the next 5 years but not so soon! But it'll be nice to be back up north, we both love it! Xx
  • Hi everyone,

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  • I have no idea if anyone is still checking on this forum, but thought I'd give a quick update none the less, since it's been 6 weeks!

    I'm 28 weeks on Friday and I have a very lazy boy in there! Movements are regular but there are very few of them, which is rather disconcerting.Mostly early afternoon and then late evening and into the night.

    I'm off work this week and then have 6 weeks left before I take A/L before mat leave. Cannot wait. Can't believe it is going so fast! Booked a 3D scan for next week as wanted to have another glimpse at the wee man before meeting him after the birth.

    Hope everyone is doing well - it'd be lovely to hear from any other June mamas if anyone is checking up on this thread!
  • Hi @ginajolly90 👋
    It has been ages since this thread was active! I feel like the pregnancy is flying by too. Now in the third trimester which is crazy!

    Ah, bless, my first was really lazy in the womb and he was such an easy chilled out baby, so hopefully it will be the same for you. Can't remember if this is your first?

    This baby is crazy active, he's always kicking or moving around and will kick his brother if he sits on my tummy! 🙈

    Ah, I haven't done a 3D scan but they look great! I've got another scan beginning of April to check the placenta, but not as exciting as 3D!

    Have you been getting much stuff for the baby? I'm just looking into double buggies but can't decide yet!
  • Hi @ginajolly90 and @ERM ...It’s good to hear from you Both...I can’t believe how quiet this thread is in comparison to all the others!! I am Glad all is going well for you...can’t believe we are in the third trimester already! Weeks are flying by! 

    Baby is moving around lots and has been quite active which is great so hope it continues. @ginajolly90 I am sure that he’s just nice and chilled like @ERM said!

    I haven’t done a 3D scan either but I would say it’s amazing! You must send some pictures!

    we have bought a few bits now but I’m on holidays from school soon so that will be my Easter job to get the last few bits! 30 weeks tomorrow! Eeek!  

    Have a good day!
  • Oh yay, I'm so glad there are still people checking this thread ahaha!! So lovely to hear from you both @ERM and @Elsie1!

    It's mad isn't it @ERM, I think maybe it is because of Covid and lockdown? All the days just seem to think nearly 25% of the year is gone - I mean, whaaatttt?! It's good to know the laziness can be normal and...I'll definitely be hoping for a chilled baby outside of the womb, but I guess we will see what happens! Sounds like your little guy is much more of a mover! Aha. Yep, this is my first so nothing to compare to!

    We have barely bought anything, eeek. We were waiting until the nursery was painted (a couple of weekends ago)... and now our progress is happening but slow! We have lots of hand me downs which is nice, but need to get a travel system and some furniture which we haven't researched yet. Biggest investment so far has been cloth nappies...I went a bit mental and spent about £400, whoops. What about you? Do you have quite a lot from last time?

    @Elsie1 ahaha it's so quiet isn't it. I sometimes wonder about joining another thread but to be honest the last 4-6 weeks of work have been absolutely mental it has suited me that this thread has been silent! But it'd be nice to have more chats as due dates get closer! 30 weeks tomorrow, so exciting!! 75% of the way!! I will be sure to share the long as he shows his face! So keen he was not, at the anomaly scan aha. Hurrah for the Easter holidays! 2 weeks off? Are you going back afterwards or straight onto mat leave?
  • Ah, lovely to hear from you both!

    I've just discovered Facebook Marketplace and have been getting a few bits, mainly for my toddler though so he can move out of the cot etc so the baby can have his stuff! Really looking forward to looking through all his old clothes and putting a new baby in them. I am so hormonal at the moment so will definitely be crying at all the little clothes 🥰

    Yes, it is absolutely flying by! How are your bumps growing? I didn't have much of a bump a few weeks ago and now I seem to have suddenly popped and got a proper bump! It's definitely feeling a lot more heavy now and still has quite a few weeks to grow 🙈

    Ahhh, decorating a nursery is such fun! What colour did you go for @ginajolly90?

    We also went for cloth nappies and loved them! They are expensive at first, but we still have them for the second one and reckon we have broken even now and can always sell them on at the end too! Cloth wet wipes are the best! They are so much easier to use than throw away ones. And cloth bums look so cute 🥰
  • So sorry it took a week for me to see this @ERM. I was actually off work last week too, so should have been more on the ball. Sigh. I think I was trying to get out everyday and time slipped by very quickly!

    My friend recommended facebook marketplace for stuff, but I don't have facebook...I'll have to get dh on it! I can totally relate to the emotional. I have a lot of tears to give the world at the moment, for not much reason :blush: I'm also with you on the took until about 22 weeks to show at all, then I had about a month of 'pregnant or just a bit of lower belly weight' but finally 'popped' around 26 weeks. And since then I feel like I've ballooned. He waiting a long time to show his face and then bam, it's some big growth!

    Oh gosh, kudos to you that you like decorating, I hate it! We went for a fairly inoffensive pastel green. We aren't putting a huge effort into the nursery as we are moving back to Scotland at the end of this year, but I wanted it ready, just in case!

    I'm so glad I made the right decision with the nappies. I've got a few different brands to try (and quite a few of one brand that was recommended) and so if there are some that work particularly well, we will get more of those as time goes on I think. Summer babies will be good for getting the washing air dried too, aha! Which cloth nappies have you found to be the best?
  • Hey ladies, 

    hope your all well. I see the group is more or less really quiet. Ive been quiet also. Im currently 31 weeeks , waiting stages. Went for a midwife appointment earlier todqy, she couldn’t find the start of my cervix to measure the bby, anyone gad this??
    I did Gtt test 4weeks bk i didnt hve gestational diabetes . Now today midwife is saying she foung glucose two (Sugar) in my urine . I literally ate about 25?minutes before my urine sample. Anyone had anything like this im sooo worried sigh
  • Hi @MumTobe2021! Yes, very quiet on here! It might be less so once we are all on mat leave and desperate for the babies to arrive, aha. I haven't had the midwife unable to find the start of my cervix, but I wouldn't worry about it - all is going well so your cervix must be doing it's job! 

    If the midwife is worried about GD, I'm sure they will get you in for another test. I know it is easy for me, but just try and relax if you can. They won't leave it to become a problem. I'm not a medical professional so I have no idea if it's normal to find glucose in urine, so don't want to advise. But they will be looking after you! And if you are super worried, maybe give your midwife a call for some reassurance? 

    I've got my 3D scan this evening at 28+6...if he shows his face, I'll post a photo on here for you to see! 
  • easy for me to say**
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