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  • @danielle250701 lovely your babies will be so close  in age 😊
    This is my third pregnancy, hoping this wee nugget will be my first baby. 
    I had a mc at 8 weeks in Dec and at 16 weeks in May but I knew from  the 12 week scan that things were not so good. But keeping positive that all will be good. 
  • @Ada34 oh bless you that’s awful! I miscarried twice before my daughter so I can empathise with you! You will get your healthy bub! 

  • Has anybody else got really swollen hands? I never had this with my daughter and I’m not sure wether to be concerned 
  • @danielle250701 thank you, I will get my little miracle and hopefully this wee nugget is it 😊😊
    Swollen hands Im not quite sure what to tell you there. Its a strange one if it is 😂😂 
  • Thanks @Ada34 congratulations to you too! Such an exciting time for us all isn’t it. Ahh not long until your scan. Have you got it booked in already? I haven’t called my GP yet the sonographer told me to wait until this viability scan is done.

    I’m bursting at the seams to tell our nearest and dearest but I’ve been sworn to secrecy until at least 12 weeks - OH wants to wait until Xmas day but I don’t think I’ll be able to hide a 17wk bump without people guessing. Our son is nearly 10 (huuuuge gap 🙈) and we want him to be the first to know so it makes so much sense to keep it quiet... But! We’ve wanted this for so long and it’s been such an emotional rollercoaster to get to this point that I just don’t know if I can keep it a secret for that long 🤣
  • Thank you @Ada34 congratulations to you too! It’s such an exciting time for us all isn’t it. So sorry to hear about your journey, hopefully all goes smoothly from here on in.

    @danielle250701 no swollen hands but feeling full, bloated and nauseous 🤢 I’ve cleared the shop out of ginger nut biscuits this evening to see if they help
  • @Ada34 @FingersCrossedx oh bless you both, thank you, I have no idea what it could be! Im not looking forward to the nausea I had it so bad with my LG and so I empathise with you! It’s awful! 
  • Oh @FingersCrossedx congratulations! What a lovely surprise! Welcome to the June club! I am so excited to tell too but going to try our best to keep it a secret. I just want to have the first scan already! I’m starting to get more symptoms now...boobs are sore sore and I need to go to the bathroom a lot! The bloat is just constant! Only very mild waves of nausea so hoping it stays that way. Poor you! Does anyone else feel short of breath?

    @danielle250701 I’ve heard you can bloat in other parts of your body but that may be worth an ask? Hope it’s better!

    How are you feeling @Ada34 ?
  • @FingersCrossedx wouldnt it be lovely to keep it to Christmas Day but yes 17 week bump be hard to hide
     😂😂  Your son sure will be a doting big brother when you little one arrives

    I cant wait to tell people. But with our past losses it makes us ever so cautious to make sure we keep it quiet for now ... if my husband could wrap me in cotton wool he would 😊
    Just 2 weeks to our 8 week scan we will feel much more confident after that. 

    @Elsie1 Im so bloated I feel a stone heavier 😂😂 
    My boobs are starting to get heavier so im sure they will start aching soon. My last pregnancy my boobs ached so bad I couldnt bare to go without a bra to bed 😂
    Getting wee waves of nausea now that comes and go. My last pregnancy my nausea was so bad from 6 1/2 weeks that I had to eat something every 90 minutes other wise I spent half a day on the sofa trying to come round again. Even if I had to pee in the night I had to eat a cracker b4 I went back to sleep 🙄🙄 so Ill be 6 1/2 weeks next weekend so be interesting to see if I get it as bad this time 🙃🙃

    I have a wee bit of heartburn too at minute ( only get it in pregnancy ) 
    Nothing appeals to me food wise. I eat just to eat but cant get a real taste of anything
    And boy am I tired. So fatigued at times I cant keep my eyes open.
    And peeing alot 😊

    But its all good 😊😊

  • How did you all find TTC? I fell pregnant really easily first time round but miscarried twice which was so hard whereas this time it’s taken 4 months which sounds like nothing I know! But I used to get so upset when I came on! 
  • Also we have told close family and 2 of my closest friends but I want to tell the world!
  • @danielle250701 The 3 times I ttc I fell pregnant in the first cycle each time but I mc with the last 2 pregnancies. 
    Actually thought it would take longer this time but to our surprise it didnt. 

  • Hi ladies, I am due June 10. I found out September 26th, it was just a hunch. I have a almost 17 year old and a 15 year old. I had a HCG test done Saturday and it was 1200 which I am told is good. I am having very light spotting on and off over the past 12 days. I don’t need a pantyliner or anything but it’s scary because I have never had that in previous pregnancies. Does anyone have any experience with this? This pregnancy was a big surprise (I was on birth control)but I am already worried it might not stay. Does anyone have any experience with spotting like this? 

  • Hi!! I am so happy to have found this group! I think I am about 6 weeks pregnant. I am feeling a bit frustrated, anxious and sad because for the last 3 days I have had some pain (more than cramping) towards my right side. I have also had some light bleeding. I was concern and went to the doctor today (my regular OBGYN was not available) I felt cheated out of my appointment because the doctor did not check me at all. Just told me I should be fine and I should come back in a week or so for an ultrasound because he would not be able to get a heartbeat. There were no appointments until 3 more weeks!! Should I go to an ER? I have had surgery in the past due to cysts and I am concern that something may be wrong. Any suggestions?? 
  • @Aj37 sorry to hear you are having a worrying time. Im sorry I have no experience of what your going through. Some ladies do spot or bleed throughout their whole pregnancy but I know its worrying all the same. You got a good hcg reading so that is a positive. 
    Keep positive and I do hope all is well. 

    @Bealm Im so sorry that your doctor did not check you over. I know a heartbeat may not be totally visible until 6.5 to 7 weeks so was obviously wanting to spare you to not see a heartbeat just yet as still time. Saying that he should of tried to put your mind at rest. Its such a worrying time. We read so much into every little symptom or ache that we tie ourselves in knots. Hope you get in contact with someone and that you dont have to wait 3 weeks to get some reassurance xx
  • Hi @Aj37 welcome to the thread. We're sorry to hear abut your worries. When is your next appointment? 

    Hi @Bealm we're sorry to hear you're having a worrying time of it too. How has your spotting and pain been today? 

    We have a pregnancy forum here, which might help with some questions you may have, but if you don't find the answers you're looking for, please do feel free to post a new thread with your questions in. 
  • @aj37 I am the only girl in my family with a difference of 17 and 18 years with my brothers, so I pray that everything works out for you because it will definetly be a difference experience for everyone, but I am so close to my siblings that sometimes I cannot believe we grew up with such an age difference. Spotting is definetly scary, at least for me too being the first time. 

    @DanielleMFM thank you for asking, today the pain has been less although there is still spotting. I called another office and they will see me in two weeks instead of three. They suggested that if the pain increases again, I should go to the ER. 
  • Hello Everyone :) 
    I'm 5+2 today (due 11th June) and this is my first pregnancy. 
    I have my first call with my midwife tomorrow so I'm really excited to get some more information. 

    I have been struggling with not really feeling pregnant, although everything that I'm reading seems to say that I will start feeling it in the next few weeks. The only symptom I really have is some tender boobs and some period-like cramps which seem to be normal. 

    How are you all doing?
  • Welcome @MumToBeMaz and huge congratulations! I remember when I was pregnant, the most intense, sore boobs ever. It was agony! 

    How is everyone doing? Managed to make those first midwife appointments?  
  • I’m having to go to our local epu due to bleeding and pain, so I’m hoping everything will be okay. I would really recommend looking for an epu at your local hospital, they’re specifically for early pregnancy and they’re really good
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