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  • Ah ok @Mumslife - this is for you then: Due in July 2021 birth club - we've just kicked it off, so it might be quit in there for a bit, but you're more than welcome to stay here, or over there 😊
  • Hi everyone, sorry i disappeared for a bit everything was a bit busy with work! Welcome to all the newbies 😊 catching up on the posts now but how is everyone feeling at the moment? Hope all is well x
  • hello ladies - I think I'm here! only took my test yesterday and its come up straight away! still cant believe its real other then my sore boobs and feeling like im gunna vom every 2 seconds is a nice reminder. this is my second and I thought I was completely out this month still googling every little thing! niggle, pain etc. fingers crossed for us all :) 
  • Hi @Ashwee2428 I’ve just read your comment on the October forum! Congratulations 🎉🎉 that’s so exciting! And a lovely surprise! Crossing fingers for everyone too! 
  • @Elsie1 thank you sweetheart - still in disbelief too scared to take another one haha! 

  • Oh wow @Ashwee2428 what a great test that is! Congratulations and welcome, welcome! 
  • Aww it’s so nerve wracking isn’t it but I agree with @DanielleMFM looks like a great test! 
  • the positive line is darker than the control line now its dried! im just hoping and keeping everything crossed it sticks! i think im 5 week 4 days from my 1st day of my last period.

    just every niggle has you worried, i feel a strange crampy/full feeling but not painful crampy at the minute which just comes and goes 
  • I’ll keep everything crossed for you! 🤞🏻 I understand that feeling I am such a worrier too! 
  • I am the worlds worst worrier! if there is anything to worry about I'm already doing it haha x
  • Aww don’t worry send your worries here ....everyone seems so supportive on these forums so I’m sure there will be someone who can send some reassurance!! It is my first so I have no advice I’m afraid but happy to lend a listening ear...😊
  • this is my second but it still feels like my first haha! i love being on here! so much support from everyone im still friends with people from the first time around.
  • @Ashwee2428 I think we all worry to be honest. This would be my 5th pregnancy and 3rd child. The pains you are talking about could simply be round ligament pains. I’ve had a lot of those myself. I am 5w6d today. And i already look pregnant. I was FaceTiming with my best friend last night and did a side view of my belly and she was omg because how big I am which is really mostly bloating. But anyway you most likely having round ligament pains. 
  • @Mom2alexis I know - think its just built in us to worry! I know what you mean, my jeans are so tight, my partner says my bum has changed shape and i know my tummy is bigger i can feel it! i feel huge and i was so tiny with my first! it is like a warm stretching pain im 5w 4days so im not far behind you :), have you been to the GP yet?  
  • @Ashwee2428 I’m in the states. I have been to my OB (baby dr) they confirmed my pregnancy with blood test On the 13th and I go back on the 27th to have it checked again and then I will be scheduled for a scan and actually see the doctor. I had a mc last month so they want to make sure my hcg is where it should be then I will start seeing the dr. 
  • @Mom2alexis oh wow! how is life over there atm? thats fab news I need to book in with mine. I'm sure I was pregnant but lost it last month as I was late but I never tested to confirm if I was I was very early if I did . 
  • @Ashwee2428 yeah mine was early last month. Thing are ok over here I guess. I tend to stay home and away from people. Where I live it’s not bad though. 
  • aww @Mom2alexis this one is your little rainbow baby :) im the same we have lots of local lockdowns in the UK 

  • @Ashwee2428 this will be my second rainbow baby. My son is also a rainbow baby. 
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