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  • Congratulations @Kez29 - i still dont believe it either im 7 +3 today and meant to be having my first call with the doctor to confirm everything im still scared and nervous! 

    never thought i would have caught we only bd max 5 times last month we just stopped trying, and the month previously i was a week late then bled for 7 days and i only normally bleed for 5 days. im just so confused by it all and terrified that the first scan i will have to be on my own as hospitals arnt letting OHs in! 
  • Good luck @Ashwee2428!! I'm sure everything is going to be ok... Let me know how you get on!
  • thank you @Kez29 im still so nervous and dont quite believe it! 

  • Hi there, 

    Just tested this morning and it was a very dark positive! :smile: I already have a son, he's 19 months old, we've been trying for a little sibling since August and here we are! ❤️ I have irregular periods but I've been tracking things 🙈😂 And I think I'm due on the 30th of June! ❤️❤️❤️
    Slight nause, sore boobs, and feeling tired, but with a toddler there is no rest. 😂
    Nice to join you all, congratulations, let's pray for sticky beans! 😘
  • @Cloudlover welcome and congratulations! your gunna have your hands full :) my little boy is 3 and i still dont get any rest now :) think all sleep goes forever when you have a child.

    praying for sticky healthy beans for everyone :) 
  • Welcome @Cloudlover

    I think you're due the day after me!

    Sticky beans  <3
  • Congratulations and welcome @Kez29 and @Cloudlover! I think we are following a similar path in terms of dates...I have my follow up viability scan at the weekend so will know for sure whether the pregnancy is viable and what my dates are looking like 🤞❤️

    @Ashwee2428 did you get your appointment today?!

    @Emma Charlotte I can't believe you got to the airport and were only then told that the flight was cancelled! Do you have a new plan for the week? Sending you lots of strength to get through to 13 November. 🤞❤️
  • @ginajolly90 aww thanks so much. No, back to work tomorrow as we are due to go into lockdown Thursday anyway! Absolutely no distractions for the 13th now. I had the tiniest bit of brown discharge when I wiped before and had none since. Not feeling hopeful. Boobs are still really sore though xxx
  • Hello, 
    After taking the digital clear blue test I think I'm actually due on the 7th of July 🙊🤦‍♀️❤️😁
    So I shall join the July group 😀
    Wishing you ladies easy, joyful, healthy pregnancies and sticky beans ❤️
  • I've have everything crossed for you @ginajolly90. Let us know how you get on!

    Emma Charlotte I've also had some really light brown spotting when I wipe. Only nausea (no sickness) and slightly sore boobs. But i've read that's all relatively normal so keeping positive!
  • @Kez29 thank you. I’m just praying everything is okay xxx
  • @ginajolly90 Good Morning, i hope you are well, i did have my telephone call with the doctor, apparently we should be taking vit D as well as folic acid, any one else been told this? i will be seen by the midwife and the gyn unit i think she said, as my last pregnancy was high risk and not very nice experience overall, waiting for the midwife to get in touch to go further with things. 

    is it normal to have put weight on so early and get a belly i didnt show anything with my first unless i laid down till around 5 months this is so strange this time around 
  • @Emma Charlotte please dont lose hope i bled regular with my first pregnancy i was in and out of maternity the first few months getting scans. fingers crossed for you xxx

    and good luck @ginajolly90

  • Oh my god Ashwee, I was thinking the same thing. My belly is hard and round, I didnt expect to show this early, although at this stage im convinced its probably just bloating... but still!

    Thanks for the heads up on Vit D. I've heard a lot of talk about this with lockdown etc, but didnt realise it was important for pregnancy too!
  • @kez29 doctor said dont buy expensive stuff, supermarkets own are just as good for vitamins, i didnt think we had to take anything else but folic acid.

    im sure mine is just bloat too, but ive always been so small only put on 12 pounds with my first one, so this is all weird to me, im certainly not eating more as i feel really full half way through meals, but i am eating more often to try and kerb this nausea. im already uncomfortable in my normal jeans ive had to pull the bigger sizes out to wear.

    i was really scared about this pregnancy cos the last one was so bad but im trying to put it at the back of my mind 
  • @Emma Charlotte I really hope everything is ok. Don't worry too much about a bit of brown spotting - I think that's relatively normal. Keeping everything crossed for you for 13 November - only a week to go now 🤞

    @Kez29 I will definitely keep you updated. Only two days to go now 🤞 I've been so poorly recently that gives me some hope, but I still don't want to count my chickens until after the scan. Cautiously positive. 

    @Ashwee2428 yeh I heard the same thing about vitamin D....I'm still taking my pre-conception pregnacare as I've got some left, but then will probably just get the seven seas folic acid and vitamin D. The bigger tablets are making me gip when I take them, so anything to avoid that! I'm sorry you had such a bad pregnancy last time - I hope this one is better for you 🤞 And I totally understand the nausea...mine has been so bad I've barely been out of bed. After 72 hours straight without respite I have had three hours nausea free this morning, I've quickly done a load of jobs around the house and washed the bed sheets (living the high life aha 😬🙄).
  • I've had some bleeding earlier today so have been to the EPU for blood tests. I'm praying everything is ok. 
  • Sending you so much positivity and strength @Kez29 🤞❤️❤️
  • @ginajolly90 thanks so much. I will let you know xxx
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