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Due in March 2016 Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in March 2016 Birth Club Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Great idea Danielle!


  • Hopefully you'll all find it over here but any problems, just message me!

  • 1 sleep for me now...woke up with terrible butterflies and will be like this now until after the scan! 

  • Hi ladies all seems fab I'm so relieved for now :) we've got due date just about spot on due 5th March. Had bloods taken for downs screening too eeep hate needles I'll never get used to them. My LG was thrilled as were we can't wait to tell the families later. We're now off out to enjoy hubby's bday :)

    Here's my teeny bean xx


  • Brilliant emsy...that's a really lovely pic too ...hope it all goes smoothly later with the reveal at the meal x

  • Aaw he/she looks like they've got their bottom lip out, so cute. Lovely pic. 

    Great idea to know where everyone is from. im from Kent (UK) x 

  • aww lovely pic emsypop glad all went well x

  • Ah. I understand now with notes. Mine are green. 

    Nice pic Emsy. 

    Im head high in boxes today. Moving tomorrow!! eeek! 

  • Oh wow I'm from Texas in the USA 

  • Glad your scan went well emseypops lovely scan.                                                     im from st-helens merseyside x

  • Wow Texas! It's good we have a good mix of ladies to share experiences. X

  • image I was wondering why our times were off it's 12 noon here right now ! Lol

  • Thanks Pearl16 I haven't yet got information about it just that they would be keeping a closer eye on me and that I'll have to see them every 2 weeks and will have extra scans to make sure my cervix doesn't open early again.

    been getting very mild cramps the feeling i get when my period is due but every little thing worries me this pregnancy so I'm going to pop into the EPU tomorrow morning to get checked to make sure my little bubba is ok.

  • I'm from South London image




    Hi ladies!


    Had my scan, they said everything seems as it should and that's i'm due 13th March 2016 image Makes me 11+4 today which is exactly a week less than my midwife estimated so not bad really.


    Hope everyone's well and hope your meal reveal went well Emseypops!



  • Aww flossy that's a lovely pic 

    I've been shopping for the last of the school bits I needed for my youngest 3 ...I've had a terrible stitch/pulse like pain in the low abdominal area since I got back...just can't wait until 1:40pm tomorrow to check our bean is all ok 


  • Lovely scan pics ladies! Glad everything went well xz

  • lovely scan pic glad all went well x

  • Pearl just noticed you're from kent too! Where abouts?! I'm in maidstone x 

  • Hi ladies we had a fabulous time at hubby's birthday meal last night our families were overjoyed and there were lots of happy tears. So relieved people know now. I'm off to see my nana and granda and my granny today to share the news they're having another great grand child x

    Here's my little girl in her break the news t shirt which went down very well :) 

    image image

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