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The Due in March 16 Big Birth Announcement thread

Hello everyone!

Well, it's officially March, Spring has sprung (alright, not quiet!) – and we already know that at least two of you have had your babies already (yay!) – so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and well wishes and maybe a little gift for your baby too!

* Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in March 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in 2016 and beyond.

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • My little man, Toby James was born on his due date, 1st March at 15:41 weighing 7lbs13. instarted having proper contractions at about 8pm the night before, then was up all night timing the strong contractions. By 10am on the 1st we went into hospital and I was already 6cm dilated. 

    I had a water birth and managed to deliver using just gas and air. Won't lie, it was the most horrendous experience of my life, but he is so so worth it!! So in love with him!! x image

  • Oh LouiseB88, we LOVE your honesty (the bit about it being the most horrendous experience ever) but isn't it so worth it! And look at your gorgeous baby boy - he's scrummy! Amazing he came on his due date too, that almost never happens! We're going to pop you a little gift in the post soon! Please do watch out for it.

  • I've already announced my the birth of my daughter Janiya but not on here.

    So on 5th February I started having contractions which were uncomfortable. I was put on the monitor and was contracting every 5 mins I was kept in for further monitoring my cervix was till far back and closed. The consultant came and spoke to me the next afternoon and decided to induce me as I was contracting and my infection level in my blood was risen. By the time they broke my waters I was still contracting but they wernt really painful. I went for a walk to bring the labour on quicker the midwives said my contractions were still the same and they wanted to put me on a hormone drip so I would have 4 contractions in 5 mins and as soon as she said that the contractions started coming back to back this is where they said my labour started the contractions were very strong I was using gas and air which was not doing anything I wasn't allowed morphine because in premature babies it could create breathing difficulties and I wasn't allowed an epidural either because they said I was progressing to quickly and they thought I would be giving birth really quickly as I had a really short cervix  at this point I was 2 cm and a 1 hour later I was pushing her out.

    She weighed 6.4 and was very healthy considering she was a lil premature. Since her birth she's had treatment for 

  • She's had treatment for jaundice and has prolonged jaundice weight now which is being looked into she also lost too much weight as I didn't have enough milk initially so had to top her up with formal a but she is doing well now. image

  • My goodness Clareice, you went from 2cm and an hour later you were pushing - that's incredible! Well done you! And might we just say, isn't Janiya absolutely gorgeous! Has she kept that beautiful hair? Also are you still at your Croydon address so we can send your baby gift?

  • Thankyou. Yes she's still got a lot of hair it gets curly when Its wet. She's so much more alert now smiling and looking about I'm so in love. And I love watching her big brother try to look after her. 

    Yes I'm still at Croydon. 

  • image

    Eloise May was born on the 4th March at 2.42am. One day before her due date. 

    Id woke up on the 3rd March with tummy ache but ignored it as when I got up it went away. I feel so emotional all day and was a crying/hormonal mess. At 4pm I left some friends and walked home to mine. By 5.30pm my husband came home- I was having slight pains but nothing worth sharing with him. We went for a walk and had dinner around 7.30pm. 

    About 8pm after dinner I started getting stronger contractions and knew it was the real thing. My husband timed some and told me they irregular so we both believed it was the early early stage which I'd been told could take days to progress. My husband tried to get me to go to bed and watch some tv which was near impossible. 

    At 11pm after 3 hours of pretty intense "non regular" contractions I took some paracetemol and rang the hospital. It's an hours drive from us and I was so worried they would turn me away if I wasn't the magic 4cm dilated! They said to come and get checked so I had a shower (somehow- things were pretty bad by now) and we went to the hospital.

    We arrived at just after midnight- the assessment nurse could hardly assess me as by this time they were a min long coming every other minute. She did and said I was 8cm dilated!! I was taken straight to the delivery suite- within minutes I needed to push. With the help of gas and air I managed to successfully push out Eloise who no one had realised was back to back. She came out facing up with the cord around her neck. She is perfect!!

    Unfortunately I suffered some tearing which needed to be sorted in theatre so ended up having a spinal block and am now still lying in hospital excited about the fact that hopefully today we can take little one home!!! 

  • Oh congratulations, Charbar15! Eloise looks just lovely! Hats off to you for managing that shower so close to the birth!

  • My baby girl Abigail was born on the 1st March at 2.25pm and weighed 7lb 6oz

    Her birth, my labour this time around was very different to that of her brothers who came fast and furious.

    due to being monitored for diabietes i was induced at 39 weeks.  I went into hospital on the evening of the 29th Feb and was keeping everything crossed (literally!) that I wouldnt have a leap year baby!  Due to a very busy ward and understaffed I wasn't actually examined until 1am where I was told I was already 4cm dilated and couldn't have the drug they give you to soften the cervix (I forget what it's called) but instead they would take me down to the labour suit and break my waters.

    i was taken down about 12pm, waters promptly broken and i was started on the hormone drip to get my contractions going.  I decided to sit on the birthing ball and stayed on it right up until the last minute using gas and air.  Although painful I definately felt more in control of it this time around which was important to me as with my first I felt really out of control.

    The pain suddenly changed to wanting to push and the midwife promptley got me up onto the bed.  A few big pushes and my baby girl was delivered! I was still a bit spacey on the gas and air and I remember looking down and paniced because she wasn't crying.  5 seconds felt like 5 hours! The midwife just reassured me she was a little shocked but perfectly fine 😀

    My midwife was so lovely and kept me smiling and chatting through my contractions.  She predicted I would deliver at 2.45pm and I delivered at 2.25pm! 

  • A wonderful birth story Natxx - sounds really calm and thank you so much for posting it (twice!). When you have a great midwife (as I was lucky enough to with both my births) I think it makes the world of difference!

  • Baby girl Chloe Mia was born 8/3/16 at 10.15am via planned c section. I had to have two lots of anaesthetic as one lot is not enough to make me numb. Same happened with my other two children. They took a long time to get her out. When she came out I heard a cry but I knew something was wrong as after that she was extremely quiet.  Adam went over to see her and he came back and said it's a girl. Midwifes looked concerned. They took Chloe and I to recovery I was fine _ but Chloe would not feed and was grunting .  They said they needed to take her off to special care.  Since then she has had lots of blood tests which have all come back fine. She is still very sleepy and not feeding. They put a nose tube in to feed but she keeps throwing up. Last night she fed from me for the first time so fingers crossed she hasn't been sick overnight. I hate being away from her as I'm on the ward but hopefully we will be reunited soon x x 

  • Thanks so much for posting your birth story Col33, how is Chloe doing today? We're so glad all her tests have come back fine. And we really hope you're reunited soon too. It must be so hard to away from her at the moment. Please do pop us a PM with your address so we can pop you a little something in the post.

  • Baby Isabelle was born on 9/3/16 a planned c/section went very well she was 7 lb 6. I had gestational diabetes so when she was born her blood count was low so she ended up staying in special care for the night. She was fine the day after so came back to the ward we got discharged on the 11/3/16 she's doing really well so glad to be home I'm very sore but getting around slowly x

  • imageBaby Isabelle x

  • shellystar, Isabelle is just beautiful! And long may the sleeping continue! So glad you're well and hopefully healing up nicely. Please do pop me a PM with your name and addy when you have a moment.

  • image

    Hey everyone hope all mummies and babies are doing well here is my little beautiful bundle who arrived at 11am on 12/3/16 after a day and a half of labour I was exhausted the Doc came in to do a ventose delivery and I was like no chance and pushed him out naturally the docs had to rush over coz he crowned and they had already taken the end of the bed off, I had a cut done and that is mega sore right now but what can you expect lol. But anyway here is Jaxon weighing 8lb 9 and 9 days overdue! Love him loads already x

  • Hi Ljx, how wonderful to see your name pop up! And with such wonderful news too! Your birth sounds great - nice and straightforward - how is your beautiful boy doing? And we hope you're healing too? Please do PM me over your name and address so we can pop you a little something in the post.

  • Hi shellystar, do you fancy telling us more about your c-section? It might be really helpful to the other ladies reading this who are due one soon. And how are you healing now?

  • Hi all here's a bit of a birth story from me. 

    After a THIRD sweep on Monday 14th march my hubby stayed with me for the day as I was so blue about bring overdue again. We went for a huge dog walk and then went out to do some shopping. I'd noticed dull pains in my lower back coming and going but didn't read anything into them. On our way to pick our daughter up from school the pains were getting stronger but I refused to believe they'd mount to anything. I made tea and we played board games with our daughter and I decided to start timing how frequent the pains were as they'd definitely got stronger. By the time we put our daughter to bed at 7:30om they were 8 mins apart. I rang labour ward for advice and they said to take paracetamol and monitor myself but to go in if the pains got as close to 4 mins apart. I hopped on my birthing ball and told hubby every time there was a pain, he grabbed my tens machine and I popped it on my back to help with the pains. I insisted on watching the walking dead (priorities hehe) before ringing labour ward again and I messaged my folks so they knew there was a good chance wed need them to come up to ours as it's a 15 min drive to get to ours. We checked the timings of what we knew were contractions now and they were four minutes and getting very intense. I got into the shower for a quick spritz while we waited for my folks and hubby popped last bits in hospital bag. I was really feeling the pains at this point but managed them well with my tens machine. My folks kissed us goodbye at 10:45 and we had a clear road all way to hospital which was a god send as the pains were coming every three mins and I was worried we wouldn't make it on time.

    We got to hospital and parked in staff parking as we were dashing so much and I had to stop four times on way to labour ward to cope with contractions. We got to labour ward and I had a contraction in doorway and head midwife admitted me right away and took me to my room.  They checked me and I was almost 9cm dilated just before 11:30pm I has gas and air and hubby kept my tens turned up the midwives ran the birthing pool at my request but all of a sudden I felt the need to push and knew my hopes of a water birth were fading again!  I got up on to my knees and knelt over the back of the bed and at my next contraction baby's head was out, the midwife talked me through pushing the rest of my baby's body out at next contraction and with one final push our beautiful girl was born at 00:47 on 15th March, 10 days late! Little madam! Hubby cut the cord which he was thrilled about. She was popped straight on my breast and fed like a pro!

    I thought everything had been nice and straightforward but midwives were concerned about amount of blood I was losing and also the afterbirth hadnt arrived. A consultant came in and checked me over and managed to help the afterbirth out but explained I had a third degree tear and needed a spinal anaesthetic and surgery to repair it ASAP. Hubby stayed with our new bundle of joy and I was wheeled off to theatre. Apparently I had the 'dream team' as I had a senior anesthetiser and consultant carrying out my procedure due to junior doctors bring off so I felt very privileged, the whole team in theatre chatted to me throughout the process and made it very bearable even though all I could think about was the man I didn't know repairing my lady bits and bum! the whole thing took about forty mins and then I was wheeled to recovery where hubby and our new baby were waiting for me.

    we were in recovery for about 45 mins and then I was wheeled to the post natal ward and hubby went home just before 4am. Our little girl continued to feed well and the midwives were great checking on us although I had no sleep whatsoever and before I knew it hubby was back for visiting starting just after 8.  

    I was encouraged to get up and have a shower to check the anaesthetic had worn off. I called for hubby as I felt dizzy and he went to get midwife and they found me slumped in shower, I'd fainted....oh dear...when I came round I had no idea what was going on and was wheeled back to my cubicle I apologised for being a drama queen and they brought me some brekkie to try And eat and they thanked me for making their morning more interesting hehe! 

    I was determined to still get home the same day so once my catheter was out I drank gallons of water to make sure I did the three wees they required off me before I could go home. My dad dropped our little girl off after school as she was desperate to see her new sister it was one of the most moving moments if my life and I got very teary! She was a natural with her :)


    my folks came for visiting at 6pm just in time for the midwife to tell me I could go home at 7pm hurrah I was so pleased! My folks went ahead with our eldest and when we got back they had presents waiting for us all and I was so overwhelmed I had a good cry! We went to bed early and our new little lady decided she'd be a night owl and keep me awake feeding all night but I'd not change a thing she's an absolute treasure. 

    Aurora Rose born 15/3/16


  • WOW emsypops - I was reading your birth story thinking 'she's made this seem like a breeze' and then the surgery, and the fainting - gulp! But you did SO well! You sound so chipper, and look at the pic of your eldest with her baby sister! Adorable - thank you SO much for taking the time to post! What a cracking story, and so glad you're home. Dare we ask, how are your lady bits feeling and how's the delectable Aurora Rose?

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