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  • Hey everyone got my positive last week I'm due around the 12th of March so so excited but also so nervous this is my first I live quite far from home so don't have anyone to ask about whats normal and not normal etc.

    Been to see the lady who will be my doctor shes lovely made as a box of frogs but really lovely gave me her mobile to text if I want to know anything but I would feel abit weird texting her to ask what I think are stupid things.

    Anyway I haven't had any sickness at all not even a little nuesea but I do get a lot of cramps and pains any time you google it sys your having a mc and that then sends me into a blind panic, but I'm even worried over the fact I've had no sickness is it not normal to e sick as well.

    But its gonna be a long 12 weeks (even longer 40 weeks lol) so I guess I could get it yet.

  • Huge congratulations Louiseire! And welcome to the Due in March 17 Birth Club. That's pretty amazing your doc gave you her mobile number! And please feel free to ask away here what's normal or not - to be honest, pregnancy symptoms vary so hugely from woman to woman, try not to worry too much. 

  • Ment to write doctor is Mad as a box of frogs but a really lovely lady has had 4 children of her own in the hospital I'll be in and knows all the mid wives so least she's speaking from experience which is reliving. 

    So looking forward to everything that's to come but it's also so hard to keep it quite and keep the news from family and friends its always on the tip of your tongue but want to wait until after 1st scan to tell people 👍

  • Hi ladies, congratulations on your BFP 

    I got my first BFP last week after trying 4cycles. It's been exciting since we found out. Got my first appointment next week. 

    Not a lot of symptoms yet, i just seem to need frequent nap, cramps, sore boobs and needing needing bathroom a lot. 

  • Hi sharyoh, huge congratulations! We've spotted your name on the 2ww thread, so we're so happy you've come and joined this new Due in March one. We'd like to wish you a happy and healthy 9months! Hooray!

  • Thanks Danielle, i have been looking out for this thread since i got my BFP. Just stumbled on it now.

  • Hi ladies! not due in March due on February the 23rd But I could burst out in excitment, basically I have pcos and never thought I'd fall pregnant hospital put me on tablets and on the first month after trying for 3 years I conceived :D! I'm not 7w and 2 days, had 2 scans already to see if baby is in correct position and it's fine and even saw a heart beat at 6w 4days! waiting for the midwife to call to arrange a app! No ad pregnancy signs apart from boobs killing and feel sick if I go to eat after 8pm, that's all! How all you ladies doing?xxx

  • Hiya Sofiahennessey, so many congratulations on your pregnancy! We love hearing from peeps with PCOS who fall pregnant as it gives soooo much hope to those who've been told otherwise. 

    If you'd rather join the Due in February 17 birth club, you can find it right over here. Whatever suits you, we're just glad to have you here! 

  • When's everyone's first scan?? My doctor said mine should be at around 10weeks. 

    Having a lot of pains though back pain

    and pain under ribs 😩

  • I'm having a scan at 6 weeks as I had a miscarriage and an ectopic last year. I'm do anxious about anything going wrong. I feel different this time though so hoping everything will be fine xx

  • Hi ladies :) did a test on Thursday and got my BFP, according to my last period I am due around the 3/4 March. So happy to get my BFP as I lost my baby last June. Getting a call of the midwife tomorrow to book my appointment and book in for a early scan as I am now classed as high risk and will be monitored very carefully.

  • Hi amy17, we are so pleased to see you got your BFP - we remember you from when you were in the Due in Dec 15 Birth Club, so we are just SO happy to read your news. Great news you'll be closely monitored, and we'd like to wish you a happy and healthy 9 months ahead. 

  • Hi ladies 

    Congratulations on the new bfp's x

    I managed to book a scan for next Friday I'll be 6 + 1

    Fingers crossed all is OK xx

  • Please let us know how it goes GummyBear9, won't you? Is anyone else thinking of booking a private scan? 

  • Ofcourse I will :) it's an NHS scan due to mc and ectopic previously. 

    Just keeping my fingers crossed xx

  • We have everything crossed for you too GummyBear9 and are sending buckets of sticky baby dust! 

  • Hey just got my bfp two days ago on a digital clear blue, I'm 4 weeks, this will be my second baby... Congratulations to you all!! Xx 

  • Hi Lollypopswirl, congratulations and welcome to the Due in March 17 Birth Club! How old is your child? 

  • Thankyou and She will be two next Sunday :) 

  • Hi everyone, there are two things we’re talking about on the forum today.

    The first is, do you think smoking should be banned in playgrounds and parks? That’s over on this thread HERE!

    The other thing we’re talking about are these lyrics to a song (see pic), a child was sent home with to learn for their school production which really poke fun at parent’s evening… do you think this sends kids the wrong the message? Please do check out this thread, over HERE!


    Thank you!  

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