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  • Thank you Danielle :)

    had an early scan today as I will monitored very carefully after what happened last years with the problems my baby had. I am 6 +5 due date around the 3rd March. Scan went great and the midwife told me everything looked perfect for 7 weeks which is a massive relief. Next scan will be 12 weeks or possibly earlier x

  • That is fantastic news amy17. We are so pleased it went well! 

  • Good to hear your scan went well Amy.

    Had my booking appointment today, i went well. I have early scan in 2weeks and then 12weeks. It's all beginning to feel real...ek

  • Thank you Danielle & Sharyoh. I felt like that yesterday like it was all becoming real! I felt so nervous at my scan but feel a lot better after be reassured everything is okay so far :) do you know your due date?

  • Aw glad your scan went well Amy. Mine is next Friday. I'm too scared to see midwife until after scan. Have lots of symptoms though so more positive this time x

  • Amy, you are welcome. I'm due 5th march....dates might change after scan though. How are you getting on? Any nausea yet?

  • Hi everyone,

    Ive just found out (about ten mins ago!) that I am pregnant. LMP was 8/6/16 so that will make me due mid-March I think. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!😆Xx

  • imageimageHi ladies found out I'm expecting last week...had my midwives appointment yesterday and found out I'm due 15th of March 😀 So excited!!!!!! This is my second ... My son will be 14 when this baby is born 😀

  • thank you gummybear I am sure your scan will go just fine :)

    Sharyoh- I am due about the 3rd March according to my last period but that could all change! I have had quiet a few symptoms to be honest, my boobs are KILLING ME! and I have felt pretty sick the last few days, my appetite is just non existent at the moment! how about you?

    Congrats Bethyo & Sineadybaby86!! :):):)

    has everybody seen their midwife? I had a scan yesterday (7 weeks) which my GP booked for me, but I actually haven't seen a midwife yet, I keep calling me but they keep passing me from pillar to post!!

  • Congratulations and a big welcome to Bethyo and sineadybaby86! Wow sineadybaby86, you must let us know how your son reacts to your big news! 

  • Hi everyone i got my BFP on Monday and I'm due march 22nd! This is my first, so I was just wondering how long does it usually take for midwives to get in touch? my GP referred me on Monday 


  • Hi Frankie86, congratulations and welcome to MadeForMums! We're not sure how long it will take for your midwife to get in touch (things have likely changed since we had our babies!) but we're sure someone in this birth club will be able to fill you in! 

  • Hi everyone, we were wondering how are you all doing and how are you coping with the heat? 

  • I just feel nauseous 24/7 and very hot😩 And all I want to eat is fruit😂

  • It's worse if I'm sat still (like I am now - stuck in a horrible hot office😩). If I walk around the sickness goes away.

  • Sineadybaby86 have you told your son yet? My little boy is extremely unimpressed with the idea of having a sibling (he is only 3 though). His response when I told him there's a baby in mummy's tummy but it won't come out til after X as....."Don't let it out Mummy!"😂😂😂xx

  • That's so funny Bethyo

  • Hahaha bethyo thats funny...i told my son, he didnt really react at all lol...hes not excited or disappointed just your typical teenager!

  • sineadybaby86 - we thought your son might be grossed out as he realised his mum's been doing the baby dance! 

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