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  • Is anybody else feeling irritable? Im feeling so irritated by my OH,its like every little thing he does is starting to annoy me..please tell me im not alone?! 😣

  • Haha danielle im sure ill be hearing the "its horrible" thing sooner or later! 

  • You are not alone! I feel exactly the same! I have no appetite, constantly feel sick and I'm ALWAYS tired! I wake up after about 8 hours sleep and I feel like I've been awake all night! I have no motivation to do anything :(

  • Hi all? Im 5 weeks pregnant today, im having cramps, is this normal. Its my first baby so dont know what to expect 

  • It's my first too and I had cramps all last week, I read that it's your uterus stretching! 

  • I hope thats all it is 

  • Hi Tishaalewis, so glad you decided to join this thread! And congratulations again! We're sorry we can't advise you on the tummy pains though. 

  • Hi girls. Congratulations on the new bfp's :) 

    I cancelled my scan for Friday as my husband is away now. It'srescheduled for next Wednesday morning.  X

  • I haven't got my first midwife appointment until 18th of August, seems like such a long way away! I go on holiday the week before as well and I'm a bit worried about that! 

  • I've just got my first midwife appointment through for 11th August! Makes it feel very real😀

  • Hi tisha i also am having type ones but my midwife reassured me it was my uterus stretching...but if your worried get it checked ☺ xx

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to check in and see how you're all doing today? 

  • to be honest, I think cramps and pains can be pretty normal in the first trimester! I'm feeling okay today thanks Danielle, felt really sick last night but not too bad today! still no appetite though, I have also gone of cups of tea!!

  • amy17 - YES! When i was pregnant, I went off the tea as the smell of the hot milk/tea combination made me feel so sick - I changed to Earl Grey and that's what I have drunk ever since! It's funny how sense of smell can be so sensitive when pregnant too. 

  • I normally love a cuppa tea but it's making my stomach turn. Also this morning the dishwater in the bottle made me heave :( I'm kind of looking at is as a plus with the whole no appetite as I won't be piling on the pounds!!

  • Feeling fab today, i have never been so content with my life, was my birthday yesterday and my favourite is lasgne but it just wouldnt stay down. My dogs are being so protective as well. How is everyone?

  • Tisha happy birthday hope you had a lovely day. So funny my mums dog sits and stares at me each time I'm pregnant!  Sits on my feet so when I get up he comes too ha. 

    I'm feeling very nauseous like I did with my son and daughter but I've never actually been sick. 

    Sore head today but think that's because I have two bored children and it's raining ING again :( 

  • Thank you hun i had a lovely day thank you, and my oldest dog is 11 yrs old and shes had her own pups so i think thats why she wont leave me. Im not feeling too bad, just constantly hungry haha 

  • Happy birthday for yesterday :):) after having a week of feeling sick and no appetite, finally today I got my appetite back! I have been starving ALL day so I decided to treat myself to a McDonalds and some reeses chocolates! :) has everybody had there first appointment with there midwife yet? how far gone is everybody?

  • Thank you Amy17, ive had my midwife appointment and im 5weeks and 2 days today 

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