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  • She really is such a cutie :) can't believe you had her 4 weeks ago I'd doesn't feel like that long ago you told us x

  • Wow Aedie, Effie has already grown so much! Isn't she so lovely! 

  • Thank you :) I know!! I has gone in the blink of an eye it really has! They always say cherish the little moments because they will be grown up before you know it but I really do believe that  now!! 

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     ForeverOlost- my first daughter was a back to back labour and I found the contractions become uncomfortable with the pressure you get from it rather then painful. But they do say getting on all fours helps to turn them around. 

    Harper has now started physio as she has got nerve damage in her left arm, and has a condition called erbs palsy from getting stuck during delivery so we are now working to get full use back in her arm. (Long road ahead)  

  • Paige, we had no idea about Harpers arm - how did you discover this? Sounds like you have a good plan in place going forward.

  • The only plans I've made are to keep bouncing on my gym ball and walking as much as possible. Some people have suggested starting a project of some sort as their kiddies all showed up while they were half way through finishing something (which they wanted to complete before baby arrived). 

    I've tried bribing her with a party on 1st April next year if she comes today but no luck as of yet, guess she's twigged she gets a party either way 😂

    I have now tried all the normal recommendations aside from Castor oil but I don't fancy the side effects of that option! 

    Hmmm, there's a limited space in my belly now, if I stuff my face she'll have nowhere to go but out lol

    Or failing that, sink plunger 😅

  • While she was in the NICU unit they noticed her arm was limp. So we now have to attend physio therapy and I have exercises to do with her arm and should 3/4 times a day. It is hard watching her in pain, so the doctors have given us pain relief to make her more comfortable xxx 

  • Paige it must be hard for you seeingredients harper in pain. It's good she's started physio and you have a plan in place. 

    Little update from me. Had my bloody show on Thursday night then all night and all day yesterday I had back pain. Then last night my waters went on there own. But has bits of  funny colour in it so went to hospital to get checked out. They said everything is OK and sent me home (was ment to be going in this morning for induction) but as I now don't need first stage of that I have to go in tomorrow night instead unless things progress quicker than that naturally. And the back pain is contractions in my back. Not having them in stomach yet but it is getting a bit achey now so I guess this is good x

  • Yeah we're going to ask to be referred to a better hospita. After speaking to other people who's children have this I don't think the hospital were with really know much about it as there just a basic hospital so hoping to go to addenbrookes hospital for a 2nd opinion on her recovery and how bad her arm is at this stage. 

    How are you getting on ForeverOlost? Is he here yet ? 🙈💙 x 

  • Paige I hope the other hospital help you.

    I came to hospital on Sunday night as planned for 2nd stage of induction but contractions and dilatation had all ready started so didn't need it and was moved to m labour ward. But about 6AM baby started showing signs of distress and it was decided a section was tge best option to get him out safely. And when it was done it turned out his cord was round his neck but he's OK. 

    Jackson Daniel Ogilvie born on Monday  (3/04/17) at 6:30am weigh 8ln 13.5oz 


    However he has anot infection cause my waters broke to long before birth and is in neo natal unit but is doing well x

  • Congratulations forever0lost he's so cute! 

  • Congratulations on your beautiful son Forever0lost, we are so glad Jackson is here safe and sound. We're sorry to hear he's in neonatal - are they giving Jackson antibiotics? Hopefully he will be back with you soon. And we hope you're starting to heal after the section. 

  • Thanks :) 

    Yes they are giving him antibiotics but at the moment they don't know how long he will need them but he's doing good and they are taking good care of him so that's good at least. 

    I'm healing OK and getting rest between my times spent in neonatal unit with him so Imuch getting time to heal up so i hope to be in good condition for getting him back x

  • Hi everyone, well we are well and truly into April now, and as most of you have had your babies now, we thought we'd give you a brand new thread to come and chat on. Here's your new March 2017 babies thread! And for those of you who come and post in the next week or so, we have a lovely gift in store for you! 

    We're going to be locking this thread later on to give as many of you as possible a chance to see this post. 

    New thread this way! 

  • Congratulations :) hopefully he won't be there too long, Harper had an infection and was allowed home by day 5 so fingers crossed you'll both be home together soon!! 

     Glad he's doing well tho xx 💙

  • Hi Paige, please do come on over to your new thread March 2017 babies thread right this way...

  • We're closing this thread now peeps - we hope you're all getting a little rest.
    New thread this way! 

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