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  • Hi everyone, I'm Lizzy. Got my bfp last week and I'm 5 weeks 1 day today, due 27th March. Had a mmc last October so feeling a bit nervous about this one and wish I could fast forward the first 12 weeks! Hoping for a straightforward 9 months for all of us :)

  • Hiya LizzyO, welcome to MadeForMums and huge congratulations on your BFP. So sorry to hear of your loss, but we'd like to wish you a super sticky bean and happy and healthy 9 months ahead. 

    How are you feeling at the moment? Any symptoms kicked in? 

  • Congratulations LizzyO, wishing you a happy and healthy 9months.

    I just had my scan and the date is exactly as Ovia predicted 8wks 2days. Baby is doing fine bouncing about, saw the heartbeat. Also found out i have 2 small fibroids at the back of my uterus. They said it's not big but it might have gotten bigger cos of the pregnancy hormones. So far so good, waiting for a formal report from the doctors. Next scan is at 12weeks.

    Any advice about these fatigue and exhaustion? I'm usually up and about but I'm now mostly tired and needing to sleep.

  • Thank you :)

    I've had sore boobs since before af was due - that was what made me take a test when I was late. Other than that just a little cramping, on and off tiredness and very hungry! I start feeling a bit funny if I've not eaten for a while. 

    Sharyoh, that's great that everything looks good! From what I've read the only thing you can do about the exhaustion is to not fight it too much and rest as much as you can. Hopefully it'll improve for the 2nd trimester!

    Still not phoned the doctor to get booked in... waiting til Thursday when I work from home!

  • Congratulations in the bfp's ladies. I'm 6 plus 5 today. I didn't have my scan last week I was so nervous so rescheduled it and it's tomorrow morning. Morning sickness is in full swing but I'm not complaining as that's a positive sign. Hope you are all keeping well x

  • Congrats Lizzy :)

    hope all goes well tomorrow GummyBear, I am currently 8+5 days, got an appointment with my consultant Thursday and with my midwife the following Friday. Not feeling as sick as I did last wear but still extremely sore breasts!! Hope everyone is well! x

  • Hello ladies I'm Louise I'm currently pregnant with my 3rd child but this is a tricky one and wondered if I told the story you would give me your though.

    I was on deposit injection for 2.5 years come off Nov 15 went straight onto pill stopped that in April I had a day of spotting in may then nothing.

    Because I had no bleeding I took a test on 16th June it was negative I then baby danced on 17th June and went on my hen do 18th for a week.

    On 15th July I took a chemist test there was 2 lines then took a clear blue test which said I was 3 weeks + working out 3 weeks from 15th July would of been 24th June  (I was away) 

    Went to doctors who said I was 12 weeks tomorrow until I told him about the negative test who then said I was 8 weeks tomorrow.

    Edd 10th March 17

    Question is ladies was I pregnant on 16th June when took that negative test or did I conceive on 17th June?

    Sorry about long post just confused

  • Hi Louise, congratulations! That is a bit confusing though. Could the first test have been a false negative? I suppose you'll only find out for sure (hopefully!) when you have your dating scan. Do you know when that will be yet?

    I went to bed at 8.30 last night as I was falling asleep on the sofa! So tired! Going to finally ring the doctors today to sort out a booking appointment. 

  • Hi Louise, it's a tricky one...doctors use days of last period to determine how far you've gone...but that's not always right. You will get confirmation when you go for your dating scan.

  • Hi lizzy 

    I no very confusing in my area your first scan is 12 weeks I can pay for a dating scan which I'm going to do but if your not 7 weeks and they can't see nothing I have to pay again for another scan so unsure of when to go was thinking 12th Aug.

  • Hi Louise05, huge congratulations! Sorry we can't help with the dates though, but a dating scan should hopefully clear things up for you - do keep us posted won't you? 

  • Hi girls 

    Hope you are all well. 

    I had my early scan on Wednesday and saw my little one. I was exactly 6 plus 5 and saw the heartbeat. Think I'm still in shock 


  • Ahhhh great news gummybear! When's your due date again? I went to see my consultant yesterday and had my bloods done. I am 9 weeks today :) got a date of the 19th August for my 12 week scan! feeling so excited yet so nervous as my last pregnancy all went wrong at the 12 week scan when abnormality's we're found and my baby had to be still birth.

  • How are everybody's symptoms? Mine seem to have disappeared which was concerning me a little, after speaking to my consultant she said it was completely normal which has made me feel a little better.

  • My symptoms are not good I'm constantly sick or feeling sick tired all the time feel completely drained and my lower back and belly have been hurting this week I don't ever remember feeling this back with my last 2 pregnancy :(  if I go with what doctor says I'm 8 weeks today but going to book a early scan for 12th August.

    Hope everyone is OK? 

  • Ah Gummy Bear, so pleased for you! Hopefully you feel more reassured now :) 

    Amy, fingers crossed the next few weeks go quickly for you!

    Louise, sorry you're feeling rough, but hopefully it's a good sign that all is as it should be!

    I'm feeling quite tired. Had a busy day working at a Bioblitz event getting kids to record wildlife. I've been so hungry almost all day! Even my colleague commented on it on the drive home...!

    Hope everyone is all good 

  • Hi all, my symptoms have completely gone now, all i have now is sore boobs and im tired. Im so excited to get my first scan. I took another test to be 100% sure im pregnant. image

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a stomach bug and  I can't take anything but paracetamol. I am struggling to drink or eat  anything. I am really cold one mintue and the next mintue I am super, it's so annoying. 

    Any advice ladies. 


  • I've got really sore boobs and I cannot get through the day without a little nap! It's becoming difficult at work especially seen as no one knows yet! Thankfully I've not had any sickness! 

  • Ive been suffering from really bad crampy diarrhea nausea/vomiting and incredibly sore boobs and bad mood swings....funny thing is i was taking pregnacare plus ...i ran out 4 days ago so just been taking folic acid.....ALL my symptoms have eased off since stopping the pregnacare. My OH brought another pack pregnacare plus i took it with lunch this afternoon..Diarrhea nausea and boobs sore again. So ive decided to stop taking it and just take folic acid and eat friut veggies and fish really messed me up bigtime! I figure with the diarrhea from the pregnacare i couldnt have been absorbing the vitamins anyway..hope maybe this might help someone else xxx

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