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  • Amy I'm due March 17 :) 

    My symptoms are feeling nauseous all day everyday, exhausted and I've also had diahorea. I had that until 12 weeks with my daughter so must just be my thing unfortunately :( 

    Hope everyone is keeping well 

  • Hi everyone! I found out I'm pregnant again 3 weeks ago. After a bit of soul searching, I'm really happy - contraception failed us twice (injection and morning after pill). i was at a higher risk of ectopic because the morning after pill failed, so I had a scan on Tuesday to check all was in the right place, it was but there was just a sac, nothing inside. She said the sac was measuring about 5 and a half weeks, so I'm back on August 11th for another scan, fingers crossed there's a heartbeat! I'm really scared, but I know it's common not to see anything so early on so I've got to stay positive. 

    Congratilations everyone, and sorry for rambling! Xx

  • Hi Gingernut89, welcome to MadeForMums and wishing you a happy and healthy 9months ahead. Please do keep us posted on how your next scan goes and how you're feeling, won't you? 

  • Sineadybaby - those Pregnacare vitamins are the size of horse pills too! I've always been a wimp with tablets (have to break paracetamol in half ) so I'm just on the tiny folic acid and vitamin d tablets from Boots. Hoping that's ok...

    Gingernut - congratulations :)

    Gummy Bear,  that doesn't sound fun. How long til you reach 12 weeks? 

  • I've been taking the pregnacare too I'm not very keen on the size and I bought the Pregnacare max so there's 3 to take every day! I decided to go with them because before I was pregnant I had a few deificiencies and needed supplements anyway. Had my bloods done at the doctors a few weeks back and they were all in normal ranges, so I'm going to keep taking them for now! Hopefully i won't get any bad side effects :/ 

  • I Know how you feel Tisha, my symptoms have gone as well expect for sore boobs then you start to panic don't you!

    Congrats Gingernut :):)

    I am on a very high dose of folic acid which I had to get from my GP, but the tablets are extremely small which I am happy with!

    is anybody starting to show yet? I can tell I have gained a little weight or feeling slightly bloated as my jeans keep digging in me :(

  • I agree with you Lizzy, they are huge! I ha been on seven seas trying for a baby since feb16 and those are tiny...just finished my last one and decided to get the pregnancy one, hoping it would be smaller than pregnacare. I also break my paracetamol into 2, don't know how i will manage with this. There's no difference in size. I'm stuck with them for 2months then i will probably change to folic acid. 

  • Amy, i have also gained a little but i think it's all bloat. I hv had to unbutton my work trousers several times this week as it was uncomfortable. 

  • I have to go shopping thursday as i have no clothes which fit, all of my jeans are too small. Im only 6 weeks and 3 days (roughly).  I just want my 12 week scan now, so nervous but excited 

  • I have a question ladies. I know it's important to take folic acid up until 12 weeks but what about after that? I remember asking the midwife last year what vitamins I should swap to as there was no way I could swallow Pregnacare ones and she didn't seem to know?! What are people planning to do/ what have you taken in previous pregnancies after 12 weeks. 

  • I'm sick of wearing leggings every day :( it's only going to get worst though isn't it lol!!

    I've noticed that Topshop do some lovely maternity clothes though so I'll be looking forward to purchasing some of those!

    I'm not 100% sure to be honest Lizzy, maybe you should give your midwife a call?

  • Lizzy I took the multi vitamin throughout my two pregnancies. It's important to take your folic acid until 12 weeks ideally. I'm heavier now so I got the larger dose folic acid from my gp so take that and vit d separate. 

  • Thought I'd share a wee pic of my scan for you girls. I was 6 plus 5 on Wednesday. image

  • Ahhh how sweet gummybear! I am countdown now to the 19th August for my 12 week scan, feeling so nervous!!

    How is everybody feeling? :)

  • I am worrying a lot, suppose it will be the same until the scan! I haven't even got a date for mine yet so that's worse! X

  • How far gone are you Frankie?

  • Frankie86 I'm really worrying too. Last night I couldn't stop crying thinking what if there's something wrong with the baby😥

    I don't think I'll relax until I've had the 20wk scan...but I'm only 7 wks so a long time to wait ad worry😞

  • I feel your pain Bethyo, but try to relax as stress is good for the baby. My midwife told me the less stress the better, there's no point in worrying about things because it wont change, just look after yourself! x

  • isn't good***

  • I'm only 7 weeks bethyo & amy17 seeing the midwife on the 18th August so I'm assuming I'll get my date then! Yeah my boyfriend keeps saying the same, just relax! 

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