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Due in March 2018

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in March 2018, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

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    Hi lovely! Me and my partner have been TTC since June 3rd when I came off he pill and I got this result today!!!!! I may be an April 2018 or a march 2018 we don't know yet as the pill has messed me up, but I'm so excited there is a thread for this xxxx

  • Hi Roo217, congratulations and welcome to the brand new Due in March 2018 club - don't worry, we're sure there will be other peeps along to join you very soon here. 

    We're pretty sure it's not physically possible to be due in April 18 just yet, but you'll know when you go for the first scan exactly when you're due - how exciting!!! 

    Had any pregnancy symptoms yet? 

  • Ah well that's a good sign then because we're both march babies so to have a march baby would be amazing haha!! Yes I have but I wasnt sure if they were from coming off the pill. I'm EXTREMELY bloated, my boobs are sore and have changed shape and I had a massive spot breakout about 2 weeks ago. I also had what I thought was an implantation bleed last sunday it was a very small discharge which was dark yellow/brown and most of all, I can't stop burping haha!! 

  • image This was a test I did on wednesay night (left) and Thursday morning (right) then the above is today so I must be very very early xxxx

  • Hi Roo2017 and Danielle

    i found out last night that we have baby number 2 on the way 😊

    I have been on this forum since I was pregnant with my daughter (Danielle my username was Bug91 in the June 16 forum)

    i think I am quite early, possibly only catching 2 weeks ago but got a bfp yestersay morning  a darker one last night. Keeping everything crossed for us both!


  • Congrats lovely! I'm going to do another test Sunday and then call the doctors Monday to book in. This is my first so I have no clue really when to do anything haha! 

  • Yes huge congratulations to you too!

    if it's any consolation i only did this all 20 months ago and i still cant remember what it is I need to do!

    i'm going to do another test today/tomorrow and then pop to the Drs to get booked in 😊

    What area are you from? 

  • Congratulations ladies, my due date based on date of conception is 17th march 2008 😁 image

  • That's my birthday!!!! Haha! My tests on the collage above were f the Wednesday just gone and then the first one I posted was yesterday. So I'd guess I'm very early. I had what I thought was an implantation bleed last Sunday so from that I'd guess I'm about 4 weeks now. It's all very confusing. I'm doing the last one in my pack tomorrow then calling the doctors. I'm so glad to be in contact with women who are at the same stage as me! I'm from a little town near derby but don't want to say where incase anyone knows me and we haven't told anyone yet! Xx 

  • Hi FamilyP (aka Bug91!!! We remember you so well!) huge congratulations and we are so glad to see you back! Mind if we ask, but were you guys trying? 

    And welcome to MadeForMums Cbess1, don't you just love those digital tests! Is this your first? 

  • So Roo2017 sounds like you have a good chance of having your baby on your birthday too, I am also from the uk, I hope you will keep us updated, I will be making an appointment with my doctor sometime this week too, anyway good luck Hun xx

  • Thank you DanielleMFM, no this is my 5th and my last haha! X 

  • Wow Cbess1, you must be a pro! How old are you kids? 

  • Hahahaha! Omg! I've just noticed I wrote 2008 well i was pregnant then but not with this one hahaha! Sorry I do mean 2018 of course x

  • I know right hahaha!, you'd think I should be but every pregnancy experience has been different and now I'm a lot older carrying this one so the risks are higher which I'm so scared about, well my first 2 are twins and they'll both be 16 this year 😬, i have a 8 and a 6 year old, this will be my last one

  • Mind if we ask how old you are Cbess1? You're twins should be super helpful the new baby though - have you told the kids you're pregnant yet? 

  • Thank you Danielle, we werent trying but we weren't preventing either, but this is the result of the only time we have dtd without contraception since Lily was born so I'm feeling incredibly lucky, still can't quite believe it! 

    Wow congratulations cbess1! You will certainly have your hand full! 

  • Oh wow that's incredible!!! My partner is a twin so I'm extremely paranoid I will be having twins haha! But the myth is it skips a generatIon! i literally would be so excited if my due date was my birthday, couldn't ask for a better present. I'm 22 and me and my partner have been together 5 years, have our own house and we just know it's time so we started trying about 5-6 weeks ago so hopefuy all the tests I have done are right , I have done 4 so you'd think so!! i will definitely keep you updated! And I hope you do too xx

  • Just a question, I may be getting ahead of myself, but as this is our first, how did you go about telling your family's? We're thinking of a card with a scan photo in, but obviously we would have to wait a while for that!! We've both just finished our degrees and we're working etc so it may come as a bit of a shock to family, but they know we both want one we've openly discussed it before so really I don't think it would be. Just want it to be magical! Plus we live about 50 miles away from them!! 

  • DanielleMFM I'll be 39 in november, and yes I told the twins a couple of days ago, they just looked at me like I was mental hahaha!, which I am of course hahaha! and I told the little ones this morning, 3 of them want it to be a boy and my 6 year old wants a little sister, I hope they can keep a secret because I'm not wanting to tell the rest of the family until I'm 12 weeks even tho I've told my mother, one of my 5 sisters and one of my friends already because I have a big mouth hahaha! I've told them to keep it a secret too, I don't think his family will be too thrilled about it, they was telling me no more after my 4th one was born, so they will be the hardest ones to tell 😬. Roo2017 they say twins come from the mothers side, i hope I'm carrying the one child, yes they do say it skips a generation, my uncle on my mothers side has twins but what's funny is one of my sisters also has twins they are 11 now, I didn't do anything special when telling everyone, I just opened my big gob and told them hahaha! But I think that would be a lovely idea for you to do, this will be your first so yes defo do something special when telling them all. FamilyP i'm just crazy haha! But I love my children so so much and every child is a blessing. I'm just praying everyday for my baby to be healthy and come out safely xx

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