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The Due in March 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

March 2018 is around the corner, but seeing as there's already been one baby born, we thought it was time for the members of the Due in March 2018 birth club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and this gorgeous super soft Gerri Giraffe comforter, thanks to those lovely people at Gro Store. (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • Hi everyone! So since our little man arrived first i thought i’d better get going on sharing his story. I had been due on 3rd March but my waters broke themselves at 37+3. I made my way to hospital where they believed labour would most likely begin within 24hrs. This was not the case, the following day (37+4), there was no signs of anything happening so i was brought down to the delivery suite and was being prepared to begin induction on the drip. As i was being prepared (cannula in place but drip not attached), labour began and with the first contraction baby’s heart rate plummeted as the cord was around his neck. His heart rate remained low for 4 mins despite trying everything to help the situation. Very quickly, the situation had changed!! My consultant made the decision that i needed to be taken for an EM/CS. Within a matter of mins I was in theatre and we soon welcomed baby Donnchádh, our most precious Valentines Day gift, at 7lb 15oz. We are so in love with our baby boy, can’t quite believe he is finally here!! 💙😍 Since then, we are home and have settled in well!

  • Ahhh, amazing story Mel!

  • Hi everyone. As promised here is our pretty unique birth of our beautiful baby girl, Isabella. 

    Hey Hun. Hope you're ok! Just like to let you know our baby girl arrived yesterday. Isabella Winnie Donaldson arrived at 9.04pm weighing 7lb7oz. Definitely got a birth stoWe'd been snowed out of our village on Thursday by 10ft snow drifts, stayed the night at our friends and yesterday morning my waters broke in his bathroom. Went to see the midwife who said that she thought baby would arrive by the evening. So we set off in an attempt to get home. We got about half a mile from the village and had to abandon the car and go on foot across the snow drifts with me having contractions. We got home for a few hours to pick up some essentials but by 3.30pm my contractions were every 5 minutes so we set off back to the car. A JCB was clearing the road but still hadn't done all of it so I had to reclimb the drifts with regular painful contractions every 5 minutes. It was hard work walking through the drifts as it was, but eventually we got back to our 4x4 and set off. 

    Although I did get assessed at the birthing centre where I was only 3cm dilated but contractions were coming fast so she sent us straight up to the hospital. 

    We travelled 30 miles up to the hospital and arrived at half 4. We were in a side room for a little bit but then were able to use the birthing pool and gas and air and she arrived at 9.04pm! 

  • Oops, I clicked send before I had managed to organise it. But the major gist of our birth story is there! I'll attach some photos to this post of our adventure!!

    We are both home nice and safely now and doing very well. Our roads have luckily been cleared now. We live on one of the worst hit areas of Cumbria but are all so grateful we were able to make it to the hospital and had the safe arrival of our little girl.





  • Samanthajanex, WHAT A STORY!!! Just wow! Did you ever think you wouldn't make it? Were you cool and calm or freaking out? And Isabella is gorgeous, well done! 

  • Thabks Danielle! It's certainly one to be telling her when she's older. None of the midwives could believe our journey into the hospital. I'd like to think that I was quite calm, I knew I had no choice but to carry on so our girl could arrive safely. I think I let everyone else do the worrying, including neighbours carrying our bags and baby seat for us! I knew we would make it, I had every faith in my partner to get me to where I needed to be!!

  • Lovely birth story mel! And wow what a unique birth story from you Samanthajane! Congratulations again ladies 🎉👶🏻

    My due date was 07/03/18 but our darling daughter Isla arrived 13 days early on the 24/02/18 💗 Here is my birth story... 

    On Friday 23rd February, I realised I hadn't felt any fetal movements since 7/8am that morning. I tried all the things to get her moving that usually worked but still nothing. So at 6:30pm that evening, OH and I arrived at maternity triage with concerns for reduced fetal movement. At 8pm I was given a bay on the triage ward and assessed. My lower back pain at this point was excruciating and the midwife explained that this was because the baby was back to back and her head would be pressing against my spine and nerves. She also said that it sounds like I'm having a slow approaching back labour. FHR was good and my obs were normal. The doctor came at about midnight and checked my cervix. To my surprise I was 2-3cm dilated and almost completely effaced... so she gave me a sweep, scanned baby and said there was good fluid around her and she was ready... the doctor asked if I wanted her to break my waters but we agreed that we'd see if I went on my own over night. Nothing progressed so at around 4pm the next day (24th February) i was taken down to labour ward and given my room. I'm not completely sure of the time the doctor broke my waters but I think it was around 5pm... around 30 minutes later I began to contract every 4-5 minutes lasting about 45 seconds. The pain was moderate but definitely progressing with each contraction... After a further 15 minutes my contractions started to get unbearable, coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting for 1 to 1 and a half minutes. At this point I started using gas and air. At around 9-9:30pm my cervix was assessed and I was 5cm and considered to be in "active labour". Contractions at this point got so unbearable I screamed and screamed for the epidural. The anaesthetist arrived what felt like hours later and began to discuss the rules and regulations. By then I was having the worst contractions and just needed him to get the epidural in... so he preps my back, I'm on the edge of the bed waiting and he gets a call from A&E for an emergency as someone was in critical condition 😭 he tells me he's very sorry and has to leave right as I'm in the peak of a contraction and I just sobbed and screamed in disbelief. Then the contractions jumped up another level and my body started to bare down with pressure. I told the mw "I need a #2 and that I need that man to come back now!" By now I began to lose control of the pain and had a few out of body experiences where I didn't feel I was present. There was no relief from the pain and it was just getting worse with every contraction. The mw explained that I could be close as I kept telling her I really need to #2, bearing in mind I was still having a back to back labour. She checked me again and said there was still a bit of cervix there but I couldn't stop my body pushing. It was like I didn't own my body in that moment of time, it completely took control and started forcing the baby down into the birth canal. The mw said push when you feel the urge so at around 10:45pm I started actively pushing. The mw started to see her crowning and the pain had gone up to a whole new level. I struggled to keep control and deliver her head and the ring of fire was totally real! I was losing control of the pain more and more and the emergency button was pressed as baby went from nice and pink to turning blue fast. This meant she wasn't getting oxygen whilst compressed in the birth canal. The mw said very firmly and was pretty much shouting over me "you need to push now. You have to get her out now! Right now", so I pushed and I pushed with every ounce of strength I had left and at 10:55pm our beautiful daughter was born. I have never EVER in my entire life felt so proud of myself. I laboured and gave birth with no pain relief (except gas and air) and the whole labour took only 5 hours! I had no tares, just a tiny graze and no postpartum haemorrhage this time round so was super pleased. We left the delivery room a few hours after and went down to the postnatal ward where we stayed the night then went home the next day.

    Our beautiful Isla

    24/02/18, 10:55pm, 7.7lbs, 48cm and absolutely perfect! 😍


  • Amelia Joy born on 7th March 2018 at 5pm weighing 8lb9oz 💗


    We had our routine growth scan on Monday 5th at 39 weeks due to my bmi being low early in pregnancy. They identified that baby's growth had slowed as she was previously tracking above the chart for weight but was now around the 50th percentile line. They also tested me for obstetric cholestasis as I had persistent intense itching and found I was positive for that. Therefore the decision was made to book me in for induction on Wednesday 7th March and give me a sweep there and then. 

    On Tuesday evening I began loosing my mucus plug then around 3am I started getting contractions. When we got to the hospital for induction the contractions were about 10 mins apart so they put me on the monitor to check baby then examined me and found I was 2-3cm so didn't need pessaries and so just broke my waters around 11am. The contractions started getting more intense but at 1:30pm I was still only 4-5cm. They allowed me 2 more hours to try and progress before they planned to start the drip. After about 1 hour the contractions were pretty intense so I asked for some codeine and gas and air. Baby's heart rate started to drop a little so the midwife asked me to lie on my side and the pain level shot through the roof! I wasn't due to be examined for another 20mins but they decided to check early and found I'd gone from 4-5cm to fully dilated in an hour and a half! They told me to wait an hour then we would start pushing but after about 20mins my body started to push and I couldn't stop it. At 5pm on the dot Amelia made her appearance at 8lb9oz (her brother was 7lb!!) 

    She came out with her hand over her face which the midwife said was a first for her but unfortunately it meant I suffered quite a bad tear due to the irregular shape as I pushed her out! The doctors were stitching me for an hour and a half!!! And I kept clotting so they were intervening with other things too. It's safe to say that hour and a half was more painful than the entire labour and birth!!!! But luckily I was allowed skin to skin with baby the entire time. 

    We are now still waiting on her scan to check the ventriculomegaly that was picked up on a scan but the hospital have messed us around :( 

    We are finally enjoying home life as a family of 4 awaiting further news :)

  • I'm getting goose bumps just reading these stories! Congrats ladies xxxx

  • Amazing birth stories so far! Just magic! Please do pop me a PM with your name and address so we can send your birth gift. 

  • Hi ladies. I am amazed at how strong you all are and the situations some of you were in. You’re all real tough cookies.

    So since im still stuck at the hospital I figured I’d use some of my spare time to bring you our birth story.

    on Wednesday the 28th I had a check up with our consultant to see how things should progress. A scan was taken to confirm babies size and they feared him to be around 10pounds, and if left any longer he would keep getting bigger causing issues. So an induction was booked for the following day.

    myself hubby and mum arrived at the hospital at around 11:30am and a prostaglandin was inserted at 1:30pm. With in an hour mild contractions had started. At around midnight they eased off allowing for some sleep. At around 2am I had woken needing the loo and contractions had become notebooks instense. I sat at the edge of the bed calmly breathing through with hubbys help when I felt very wet I shifted thinking it was just wee and realised that my waters had broken, cervix check later and we were 2cm dilated. Pains consisted too intesify causing me to consider pethadean. IT wasn’t until around 12:30pm on the Friday that we were officaly in established labour  at 4cm and we’re finaly aloud has and air and moved to the labour ward. 

    Pain consisted to get worse and even 4hours later we were only 6cm dilated. I then asked for an epidural as I could not stand the pain any longer. This was at around 6:30pm on the Friday however by 11:30pm when we were last checked we had only established to 8cm, it wasn’t until 5:30am on Saturday the 31st it was confirmed we were 10cm however a small amount of cervix was remaining and we were not around to start pushing until 6:15am. 

    2hours if pushing later and still no baby. A doctor then cane in and advised that a sergical delivery including forceps and an episiotomy was the best corse of action. i agreed as the epidural was allowing pain to reach my right hip and baby had his foot in my rib cage causing pain. 

    So I was rushed to theatre peeped and baby was our with in two pushes with a really strong epidural. Baby Jack was born at 9:15am weighing 8lbs11oz he had a little mucous on his chest that was auctioned out and pooped on the way out and it inside thankfully. 

    However I am still at hospital as there is cause for concern about infection. I had a higher than normal level of something in my blood and urine that has made them believe there’s is an infection and then this afternoon I had a bought of dioreha leading to me being confined to my room and nurses having to wear gloves and gowns when entering the room. But I am convinced it was the different medications given to me as I have not had any further problems since 8pm yesterday. 

    Mew are a little concerned about babies feeding as he isn’t not latching well but thankfully I a man able to hand express to try and feed him where possible. Some of the midwifes on shift are fabulous Andrew I could ask for any better assistance but some are way to hands on for my likeling. 

    other than all this crazyness mr.p and I are over the moon with our little bundle and can’t wait to bring home and start a normal routine with him. Needless to say this was not the labour and delivery we wanted but at the end of the day we have our baby and that’s the most important thing. 

    image image

  • Hello everyone, thank you all so much for sharing your birth stories - each one is so unique and special. Please do pop me over a PM with your full name and address so we can send you your baby gift. 

  • OhOh, don't close the thread yet Danielle, I'm getting mine ready! 😄

  • Don't worry tayto, this thread will always stay open ☺️

  • hope you don’t mind me sharing mine, always been a lurking not really one for posting but now home life has settled down I want to tell my story! 

    Bit of Background; 

    i fell pregnant at 19, I was so scared of people’s reactions I held of testing until 23 weeks (I regret that massivel) kept my pregnancy a secret until 32 weeks (bump popped out and got the ‘oh wow you look pregnant’ comments) despite everything baby was healthy on ultrasounds and hearing her heartbeat made me sob like a baby. 

    She was due a day after my birthday but decided to come at 39+5 the day before my birthday, so on the 14th I started getting a backache (but hey that’s normal right?) I could cope I went about my day like usual, around 8pm I got a bath to try and soothe my back, it didnt Help, I bunged my hair on top of my head and went downstairs to relax. 

    mild contractions started around 9.30 (I thought I just Needed a big poo sorry tmi😂) they wasn’t regular and thought nothing of them, at 10pm my waters went (much to my screaming of OMG MY WATERS BROKE NO BABY YOURE NOT DUE YET) 

    contractions kicked up a level straight away and it hurt like hell, phone hospital who didn’t believe I was in labour because they wasn’t regular but said to come in to monitor baby because I hadnt felt her move in a while (worst feeling in the world) got to the hospital around 10.45 by this time I was crying in pain, I was pushing in the hallways and crying thinking something was wrong with my body (it couldn’t be happening that quickly right she’s my first baby??) wrong, I was examined quickly I was 8cm, only allowed gas and air (I didn’t want anything else), from start to finish my labour was 3 hours 13 minutes, she came out kicking and screaming (much to my delight) no cuts or tears, slight graze which stung so bad when I peed.. swore I didnt ever want to do it again (keep trying to tell myself it’s my hormones that have made me extremely broody only 5 weeks later ..) when the midwife examined me after it stung and I accidently kicked her (poor lass looked mortified) I did tell her it hurt 🙄

    my little bubby (ivy) weighed 7 pound 2, she’s abso perfect🙊👶🏽

  • Hi 20yearoldmama, thank you so much for sharing your birth story, we're so glad you decided to post - i remember peeing after birth - felt like I was on fire too! 
    Please do come and check out our March 2018 Babies thread - we'd love to see you over there. 

    And to everyone here, if you've not sent your name and address to me yet via PM, for sharing your birth story, please do! 

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