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  • Congratulations mrsB and chevon hope your both keeping well and Ella and Emily, beautiful names. Xxx

  • Congratulations MrsBeel! X

  • Congratulations MrsBeel she is gorgeous. Hope you are both well 


  • Congratulations Mrsb shes beautiful all these girls the last week 💕 bet your over the moon and such a great weight.

    ladies just in case I don’t manage to get on here before the chat closes down till Thursday hope you all have a great week and no surprise babies lol


  • Only just joined follow on thread so I’m just catching up! Hope everyone is well? I’m 38 weeks tomorrow and feel extremely tired and fluy now hoping the end is near soon! 

    Aww still can’t believe how fast it’s gone , those mums with tiring babies or toddlers how hard work is it... this is the first time I’ve had a toddler and been pregnant I’ve just potty trained my daughter and it’s so difficult constantly up and down like a yoyo! ❤️❤️❤️ Glad the suns come out , feels like we all got pregnant in summer and now it’s like summer outside  it’s just been such a surreal whirlwind hasn’t it xx

  • Well ladies. I have been meaning to update you all and announce the arrival of my baby girl but it’s been a hectic few days.

    I went in for my induction at 1.30 on Tuesday and ended up giving birth at 4.28pm on Wednesday afternoon. It was not a great experience for my first labour as there was a few problems with the baby being back to back which caused an horrendous amount of pain, after me being adimant on not wanting an epidural I had to cave in and was demanding one after i Couldn’t cope with the pain any longer, luckily the epidural worked wonders for me but I was kept on a low dose due to me having heart palpitations but just to have the edge taken of the contractions was a godsend! After being in pain and suffering with my contractions I was finally told at mid day on Wednesday that I was fully dialated and was aloud to start pushing, at this stage the midwifes refused to give me anything other than gas and air as they wanted me to still feel the contractions. I had independant pushing for an hour and then I had coaching from the midwife for a further hour but baby would not budge and make an appearance , the baby’s heart rate was falling and she was getting rather stressed out, i ended up not being aloud to push any longer and got rushed to theatre for a forceps delivery, there I chose to have the spinal block as the epidural stopped working for me and I was completely numb from my neck down, but the relief i felt was unreal and I could finally build abit of strength up to help push my baby out...anyway I had to have an apesiotomy and with two pushes and abit of help from the forceps my little girl arrived into the world! i was still numb for the next hour or two and Lost a lot of blood so had to have a blood transfusion but i couldnt believe how much I could love someome so much! Was so worth the pain and I’d be more than happy going through it again to end up with something so precious! 

    Anyway, everyone meet baby Isla Jayne 👶🏼

    Weighing 5lb 15oz , she’s just perfect!💕


  • LaurLou she is gorgeous! 

    Sounds like you have been through it all, hope your recovery is smoother and that your feeling well. 

    Congratulations again 


  • Congrats laurlou sorry u had a rough time.  Hope u r both keeping well and recovering xx

  • Haha don’t think theyll be a surprise baby from me! 

    Last bumpie just in case 😂 36 weeks today!


  • I also want to say that I’m fairly sure there’s been a growth spurt gone on lasf week, as now I’m looking and feeling huge! I have my scan on Tuesday so we will see x

  • Oh my goodness I totally missed your post Laurlou! Congratulations she is perfect!! hope you ladies all are recovering well! X

  • Massive congratulations on everyone’s deliveries - it’s so lovely to see our little bumps arriving! 

    Hope Recoveries are going well and you are all enjoying time with your new additions 😍 can’t wait to hear of more! 



  • Laurlou congrat she’s beautiful enjoy every moment with your new little bundle.

    jade I also feel the same even my MIL noticed she was like when I saw you yesterday I was lol wow you actully look pregnant now no mistaking it before yo just looked chubby thanks lol 😂 she meant it in a nice way though I seem to have gained weight in my face this time too.

    im getting nervous now thinking this time in two weeks will be my last night without our new addition ekk I’m just hoping hes head down enough to have my sweeps this weeek but I have a feeing hes going to be a monkey and not corporate lol 😂 ive also had a decrease in movements so just keeping an eye out going to have aome dinner see if that gets him going otherwise I’ll be up the hospital for monitoring what I bet anything I’ll get there and he’ll be having a party inside lol 😂 

  • Laurlou oh congratulations such a dinky baba and so beautiful congrats to all u new mummies... jade u look Great , here’s me at 38 weeks image

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know, the new forum is now back up and running. 
  • Hey ladies how are we doing any one had a suprise in the three days we have been offline ? 

    Defo over being pregnant now had 2 sweeps and baby head fully engaged at 1/5 so hoping he shows his face before induction in 10 days got three more sweeps to try and coach him out in the meatime. Also had my show and lots of increased contractions just not regular or strong enough yet.

    defo over being pregnant though can’t wait to see his face. How’ have you ladies been ?

  • Hello ladies, I hope you are all well. Im just looking for some advise if possible. Im due in 11 days on 11th March. Since this morning, I have been getting period like cramps. I am so so so tired today and I haven’t slept any less or worse than normal. My midwife said baby is engaged. I have had discharge appearing over the last few days. Im a first time mum to be so I am completely not in the know. I suppose I am just so fed up and wanting baby here now. If anyone has any advise on what could be happening then all would be appreciated. Thanks, Ashley. 
  • Hi Everyone! 
    Was so weird with the chat being down, how is everyone doing? 
    We ended up visiting our hospital the other night as hadn’t felt one of the babies move for awhile, got there and they both wouldn’t stay still so ended up for a few hours!! Going today for my last scan, hopefully they will see how shattered and how much I am struggling and say they will bring them a bit earlier!!! 
    Ashley N sorry I’m a first time mum too so not really sure what to say, one of the other ladies will be better at helping you, I’m sort of the same as you! 

    Hope everyone is well! 
  • AshleyN I’m a first time mum too but have had my baby on Sunday. From what I know\experienced period pains are a sign of everything moving but could still be a while away. As with the discharge. 
    I know you’ll be hoping for some
    different news, and it really is nasty in the last couple of weeks but i promise it will soon be over and you do completely forget about all the URGH of the last few weeks. 
    Keep bouncing on an exercise ball, and really and truly try and relax as much as you can - honestly it’s exhausting and there’s no let up from labour onwards so make the most of that little one being wrapped up inside with no nappies, no crying and no cluster feeding!!!
    hannah im
    surprised you’re still going!!! That’s amazing with twins so well
    done you!!!
  • Thanks MrsBeeL, crying to the consultant didn’t make her want to induce me early, worth a try though!! Baby A is weighing 6lb5 and Baby B is 6lb3!! No wonder it’s bloody heavy!! 

    Hannah xx
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