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  • Aww alf85 gutted love seeing all these baby pics so glad he’s doing well for you and he’s a little guzzler! How r u finding motherhood xx
  • Yes ok just trying to figure out his feeding. Currently bottle feeding expressed milk..not satisfied with anything less than 90mls. But quite regularly sick afterwards and very uncomfortable, not sure if it’s due to me not winding properly or him wanting more than he can physically take. 
  • @Alf85 I had a similar thing with Emily. I end up burping her mid feed whether breast of expressed bottle. She doesn’t always like it but it helps her get more and keep it down. I’ve also been told I have an over supply so milk comes out fast (like with a bottle) sobthat doesnt help
  • Thanks I’ll give it a go, just don’t want to giggle him about too much scared of being sucked up on again, gone through so many Muslims and clothes, trying to settle him takes ages which takes time away from expressing more for him, need to start breastfeeding again x
  • Yeah totally get that. I hate it - especially when she looks so sleepy and relaxed and then there I go pounding on her back but it’s definitely been worth it for her. And she definitely is better on breast rather than bottle if that helps motivate you towards where you want to be
    (obvs no judgement for anyone who doesn’t want to breastfeed - it’s flipping tough and at the end of the day - fed and healthy mum and baby is best!)
  • Campbello said:
    Hey thanks for all the good wishes. Baby Leo arrived at 9.18pm last night at 39 weeks weighing 7lb8oz. We are home and all went very well. He is simply perfection 💙

    Congrats beartobe what a lovely name 😍

    Jadeelx best of luck and hope all goes well. 
    Congratulations!! What a lovely name so glad you are well xxx
  • KG 101 said:
    Jadeelx said:
    So I’ve just left and I’m going to come back tomorrow to have her. They have me the option of this afternoon/now but I didn’t finish the packing and want to go and spend some more time with my son. And now she is moving so I’m feeling conflicted but the Ctg was ok in terms of her heart rate but she didn’t move off the hour she was on it. The second steroid injection is done so that’s good atleast will give her the best chance. 
    Nervous beyond belief! Going home to tidy and organize, still in our old place so need to find space for her😬
    Aww good luck jade! Yes go and spend some last quality time with ur son and get sorted! What happened with ur movements? Mine have slowed a little but she’s still moving I thought this was normal?? I’m 39 + 2
    Mine have just slowly got quieter and since it’s the 4th time it’s happened they would just prefer to deliver the baby. It’s just over a week earlier than the planned date anyway so I’m the grand scheme of things not worth the risk since we are so close to the end anyway. If your worried always just give your maternity triage a call and they can advise you? The thing is only you know your baby and it’s pattern so it’s if you feel concerned you should get checked out. Mine still moves too but just less often than before which is a change to her normal behavior. X
  • Thanks all for your well wishes!

    @Alf85 so glad to hear Oscar is thriving and all is going well!!

    good luck @Lucyloo4 hope things move quickly for you and all goes as you hope 

  • Congratulations campbello!! 

    Best of luck for tomorrow jade xx
  • Can’t believe how many annnouncements we’ve had - it’s all getting very exciting.

    Ive just got back from labour triage - my waters broke at 1:15 this morning so they called me in to check that it was definitely my waters. 

    Monitored me and baby and confirmed waters had broken. Been sent home to see if contractions start as not had anything so far but am booked in for 1:20 on Friday morning (my due date!) to be put on a drip if nothing has happened before then 😬

    willing this baby to get a move on in the next few hours 🤞🏻

    sarah 39+6
  • Ah good luck Sarah! How exciting for you. 
    I am up now having my antacid before heading into labour wait for 8. Feeling very nervous but exicited about meeting baby today! Eeek!
  • *ward
  • Aww Sarah same scenario as me and thankfully after a few hours rest I went into labour myself so fingers crossed for you

    Jadeelx best of luck for today hope all goes well xx
  • Good luck jadeelx!

    thank you - hoping all progresses on its own! 
  • Hoping all goes well for u ladies today and we have more announcement by this evening ... all exciting ❤️❤️❤️
  • Congratulations all the ladies that have announced in the last day or two! 

    Lucy hope your doing ok and everything is going smooth! Good luck to you all for today as well 

    38 weeks 
  • Good luck jade for today and you too springstart.
    all these babies are flooding in now so excited.
    ive officially started to get anxious about labour but trying to keep busy.
    woke up feeling sick,headache, loads of plug and icky stomach this morning so I’m hoping it’s the start of something developing as I’ve had enough of feeling like poo now lol 😂 got last sweep tomorrow before induction on Monday if he’s not made his appearance in by then. He’s defo playing games lol 😂 

  • If anyone is having problems posting baby pics, you'll need to shrink your images.
    Here's a little guide how to do that (it takes 2mins)
  • Aww fingers crossed for u nay! Feeling the same , feels like I’ve had congestion in my head for months and still so sick and breathless! The end is near for us all! Are u still having a home birth? Xx good luck today jade and Lucy xx
  • Ah KG it’s like the third baby curse urgh ! I’ve also got the whole sinus feeling/headache. Yeah only if he comes before Monday though as that’s my inducement date for hospital. I really though something was happening this morning seems to be stop start. I’m guessing tomorrow will be tester as to see if anything is changing down there I feel like it is but I don’t think you can really tell all I know is it’s defo being a struggle. KG I hope it’s not to much longer for you too xx
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