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  • What a palace to send a photo! Screenshot it in the end x
  • Palava not palace
  • Hey ladies 

    Leila arrived today at 1231, weighing 6lbs2 I am in love 💗💗💗

  • Alf85 said:
    What a palace to send a photo! Screenshot it in the end x
    Sorry it was such a mission Alf, but the pic was worth waiting for. Isn't he perfect! 
  • Jadeelx said:
    Hey ladies 

    Leila arrived today at 1231, weighing 6lbs2 I am in love 💗💗💗

    Huge congrats Jade! She's a beaut! X
  • @Jadeelx Congratulations! You've made me all teary - Leila is just gorgeous, and you look remarkably beautiful too - all glowy! 

  • Alf85 said:
    What a palace to send a photo! Screenshot it in the end x
    What a beautiful picture!! He looks so angelic xxx
  • Beautiful pick Alf and huge congratulations Jadeelx she’s gorgeous ❤️
  • Beautiful pictures girls! Jade huge congrats she’s beautiful and love the name! Enjoy ur new bundles xx
  • Jadeelx said:

    Oh she is gorgeous xx🥰
  • Alf I love the photo, adorable! 
    Congratulations jade, just gorgeous, hope your both well 
  • Congrats jade she’s beautiful and you both are looking so well. How did her big brother take to her I bet it’s crazy being a mum of 2 now lol 😂 

    5th sweep today and finally some progress 3-4 cm and cervix soft so at least if I know on Monday on my induction they will just be able to break my waters yay 😀. She said my waters are bulging and as soon as he puts enough pressure on cervix with his head that will be it like my last son as soon as they broke my waters he was born 20mins later start to finish of labour. But going to try and enjoy the weekend as a family of 4 before we become a family of 5 and if he makes a surprise appearance then will be a bonus. 

    Hows all you other ladies doing today ? 

  • Nay glad you have progressed after the sweeps and it will all be easier on Monday! 
    I went in today for my first steroid injection, got my second one tomorrow and then all set for Monday morning, they have said all being well I will be going down about 8am! I’m really struggling with what to do this weekend, we don’t have my stepsons this weekend so they ain’t here to keep me busy and not really sure what I want to do but dreading the full weekend! I get very moody when I’m anxious so hubby will probs hate me by Monday morning!!! 

  • Thank you ladies!!
    We are home now and yep it’s crazy looking at these two kids, that are mine 🙈 
    My son hasn’t taken much notice yet but it’s only been a few hours so let’s see how tomorrow goes.
    Little lady is doing well, seems to love the boob so far, I can’t get her off. Nice to cuddle but I’m in need of some sleep 💤 
    Good luck for Monday Hannah, that’s so exciting!!! Well done for having the injections too, they aren’t nice but good for the babies. Perhaps this weekend you could have a nice lunch or dinner date with hubby last one for a while xx
  • Nay I’m so glad somethings happening, hopefully he will come on his own this weekend 3-4cm is fab!!! Xx
  • Ah Hannah I think it’s going to be a long weekend for us both lol 😂 I’ve got to ring at 8am to find out what time my induction starts are you having a c section or trying naturally ? Oh I dident realise you had to have the steroid injections here it’s anything over 37 weeks they don’t give them. I’ll be 38+6 on induction date.
    jade so glad your home bet that’s a relief so much nicer to re coparate at home. How was your c section second time around any easier ? ah tomorrow will be a nice day for your little ones I loved it when my two spent their first day together and my eldest realised he was here to stay lol 😂.
    yeah I’m hoping something may happen too but not getting my hopes up as my babies seem to be stubborn but you never know I guess.
  • Yeh, I was surprised about the injections but my hospital say anything under 39 weeks with an elective c section, I’ll be 38+5 so only just!! They have me booked in for c section as twin a is breech but have said will scan me on Monday morning to see position as I did want natural, though they have stressed the stress that could cause on babies so part of me thinks still go c section!! 
    I have been having lots of back pain and tight aches in stomach after the injection and have had spice for tea so currently on a birthing ball!!
    I agree nay it is going to drag for us both!  Think hubby will just annoy me, I’m not great with fuss or people trying to help me! 

  • Morning all, congratulations on our new arrivals and good luck to all heading in over the next few days. 

    Aftee a long labour ending in a c section, Isaac arrived at 9:13 on Friday morning (8th March - his due date) a solid 8pounds 7 ounces. He is a dream 😍 

    Hopefully heading home from hospital today 🤞🏻

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    Ahh massive congratulations! 

    My induction was long in the end and also resulted in an emergency section as twin A decided to turn transverse/breech just as I'd got to 3 cm. Not the best outcome but they're both here and healthy. They came at 4.04 pm and 4.05 pm on the 7th March, Dylan Robert Amphion 5lbs 5oz and Freddie Leonard Zethus 5lbs 1oz. They are soooooo diddy!

    Awe not long now Hannah and Nay. Keep going they'll be here before you know it.

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