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  • KG 101KG 101 Regular
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    Hi girls finally can upload pic 
  • Congratulations on the new babies!!
    Can't wait for all the photos.
    Our twinnes have also decided that mommy and daddy are the only place they want to sleep at night time. It's rough to say the least. I really feel you ladies. I haven't had a proper nights sleep in nearly a week now. 
    I've been breastfeeding but my right boob is now completely out of action. We got a pump so I'm pumping off that one which I can just about stand the pain of. I had this with Caleb and after 3 weeks had to go to formula. He ended up being diagnosed with milk protien intolerance at 5 months. Keep on at the bear if you think that's what's wrong. They fobbed me off so many times. Caleb was 5 months till we finally got the help and prescription formula we so very needed. 
    The twins have lost more weight than they like too so now we're on weight watch. We substituted some feeds with formula last night as I'm just do tired. I'm supposed to be pumping after each feed too. It's all a bit much and my mw, as much as I like her, didnt ask once how I am. She was staring at me latching and feeding the boys. I'm so tired when they ask you how often are they feeding, how much are they taking? How hard do they suck? I mean come on I can barely see out of my sleep deprived eyes. I know they are doing their job and I'm probably way over emotional right now but jeez. I'd expect to be asked if I'm ok after having emergency surgery that was traumatising. 

    Wow sorry for that rant I really needed it!! 😂

    Hope everyone else is having a better time of it.

    Congratulations Nay!! We should try and do a collage of all the babies once they're here.

    It's such a shame the notifications stopped I feel like I've been out of the loop for so long.

    "This too shall pass."

  • MrsBeeLMrsBeeL Regular
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    @Jadeelx just up feeding a fussy swaddled baby and wondering how you’re getting on with it?
    @Beartobe how are you getting on now?
    @Nay1234 I so don’t blame you going to formula - have been very temped at times and dh and midwifehas even suggested it multiple times when I’ve been in tears feeding! Not sure how I’m still going!!!
    @Abbiec1999 you might want to retest in a couple of days first thing in the morning to be sure either way. There’s some good groups on here for ladies trying/unsure about tests if you want more support from people at the same point as you. 
    @Laurennj how’s it going with the siatica? Horrible pain to have, but at least your little one will be here soon!
    @Lucyloo4 rant away!!! It can be painful and stressful and a rant is sometimes all you need! I was told by a consultant I needed more sleep to help with pre eclampsia symptoms- as if I had the ability to sleep more and wasn’t taking it!!! Just do you - mum knows best!
  • Wow @MrsBeeL your memory is insane, how do you manage to reply to so many people without getting completely lost?! How are you getting on? 

    We’re getting on ok thank you, I’m now day 4 dairy free and Ottie seems a bit more settled, going to give it a few more days and then slowly introduce dairy to my diet again and see if it makes any difference. Have tried nipple shields but because of Ottie’s shallow latch she struggles with them a bit and can’t feed through them very well. Am still managing to persevere through the pain at the moment. One sides not too bad one side is horrendous, hoping it hurries up and toughens up!! 

    @Lucyloo4 I know exactly what you mean, I said to my husband the other day I feel like an animal in a zoo because people just want to watch you feed etc. It’s also really bad of the midwife not to be asking how you’re doing! You must be exhausted, having one baby is tough going here, I can’t imagine having two!! 

    Thinking  of everyone xx
  • MrsBeeLMrsBeeL Regular
    edited Mar 14, 2019 3:43AM
    @Beartobe I have no idea - i took ages to write that post though! 
    Dairy free is hard work - I feel for you. 
    I’m still up. Dh have Emily an expressed bottle as he usually does for the 2/3/4am feed (whenever she decides to wake, not one an hour!) and he vomited it all up when he put her down. 
    We only do one expressed bottle a day and she doesn’t seem to be getting in well with it. I’m wondering about the flow but no idea how to tell from the teet?
  • Oh no!! That’s not what you want at all! The teat should have small holes that flow slowly but more than that I couldn’t tell you as a breast fed my last too so didn’t use bottles too often and he got on fine with them when we did. The dr browns bottles are supposed to be really good for colicky or reflux babies? 
  • I’ll have to have another look tomorrow because this isnt helping anyone right now!
  • I hope she settles soon for you xx
  • @Lucyloo4 bless you that sounds really tough. It’s good to rant this is what we are here for. I know the feeling of midwives staring and I hate when they ask how many nappies has she had, I’m like eeeemmm. It’s tough I can barley get through the day let alone think and try and count dirty nappies 😅 Just know your doing an amazing job for the boys no matter what. What’s the plan for the weight loss, we were just over here 10% yesterday so she came back today and she’s gained 60g so I feel like the pressures off a bit but teeny at 2.5kg so they’ll re weigh on Friday to keep a close eye on her. She’s still a bit jaundice too.

    @MrsBeeL I got my swaddles out! I actually found she did manage much better last night being wrapped up so thanks for that! She was still waking every 1.5 hours to feed but I did manage to put her down in her bed in between atleast and get a bit of rest. She will sleep in the bed next to me but I feel anxious doing that with her being so diddy still, so this is helping!! It’s such a faff though taking her out to feed, I did feed her a few times still swaddled but I get bad like she can’t use her little hands to feel around and support herself 😅 I bought a swaddle up bag but it’s a small from 7lbs so she’s not big enough to use it yet 😬 how’s emily doing now? Did you re feed? I’m not 100% on why she’s getting sick, did he burp her during the feed? Maybe it was a bit too much in one go. If not maybe try burping after every 50ml or something in small increments to keep everything easy for her. Also someone recommended the medela calma bottles as they are supposed to make it a bit harder for babies to feed like they are BF, and it really slows the flow. 

    @Nay1234 how are you and little man doing, how’s it going from 2 to 3 kids? Don’t blame you re the formula, I think its super tough trying to sit there BFing with other kids around.  Hope yojr doing ok and recovering well. 

    @Beartobe that sounds difficult but so glad you have perhaps identified the issue. Hopefully she settles down now. Do you have any breastfeeding groups that could maybe help with positioning to make things more comfortable? 

    Congrats to everone and their babies!! Love how many have come along now.

  • Also up for night feed lol 😂 I’m doing breast and bottle at the moment working well except that flow as he sucks hard on boob and then when he goes onto the bottle he sucks the same and ends up coughing cause it’s too fast but he’s getting used to it the more he has it hoping to take over with boob again but just not stressing about it as I think that makes it worse.
    Bear to be both my last children are lactose/dairy free it’s hard to start off With but worth it in the long run I also had to fight my way through the doctors as they only like to prescribe the special milk if certain due to it being expensive but listen to your gut feeling. 

  • Ahh jade she’s such a beauty!! What a little dinky dot. Ottie gets weighed on Friday too so I’m hoping she will have a good weight gain!! Xx
  • @Nay1234 that’s so interesting that your last two kiddies were dairy free, my first was too but it wasn’t diagnosed until he was gone 7 months!! I thought it was relatively rare but it sounds like maybe it’s not, does it tend to run in families etc do you know? Hope you’re doing well! Xx
  • Beartobe my first was around the 7month mark too I had to fight hard with my first to get the docs to take us seriously as they dident belive it was a strong enough allergy to start of with but once she changed to the special formula the improvement was massive. My second was diagnosed at about 8 weeks after they was telling me it was reflux and I knew it wasent my second has it slightly worse than my first though. The docs / allergy consultants have always said it’s not hereditary but I beg to differ but that’s just my personal opinion. My dad gas an intolerance to milk only and I’ve had a slight intolerance too especially through my pregnancy’s. What about you does it run in your family ? I’m just hoping third time lucky here and he’s ok but defo keeping my eyes pealed for the slightest hints. 

    Jade she’s beautiful loving thecswaddle and matching headband look ah one thing I miss about having girl baby is the dressing up lol 😂 my little man has also loved his swaddle and it’s handy during feeds as he constantly wants to suck his hands. 

  • @Jadeelx glad swaddling has helped. I definitely swaddle hercehen I feed - keeps her hands out the way! 
    Yeah I fed her myself and she just slept a couple of hours. He burped her loads during and after that feed. Poor guy, the one feed he does a day and she’s sick afterwards! He feels so useless as it is when feeding hurts he so much and now the one thing he could do that gave me a break isn’t working out!
    i might try doing the bottle myself doing and see what’s happening. If I can work it out it’ll be worth not sleeping 
  • @MrsBeeL could it be that perhaps she just had too much? Or more than usual? I found with my son with a bigger feed we had to keep him upright a bit longer to stop him getting sick. It could also just be a one off, see what happens tonight! 

    @Nay1234 yes definitely fun dressing her up, although not sure she agrees 😂
  • @Jadeelx I don’t think it’s too much, we just increased it by 10ml because she was still hungry afterwards, but she is never satisfied after a feed anyway, silt tongue tie. 
    Shes done it for a few nights in a row, just this one was a little more than previously. 
    I was wondering about her needing to be upright afterwards for longer. Dh is desperate to get back to bed so think he may put her down too soon... I’ll try that tonight, thanks!
  • Gorgeous pics ladies of all the new babies 😍 sorry to hear that things aren't easy on some of you at the minute and hope everything sorts itself soon. 

    My wee man is doing great. Like some of you  I had a few blood blisters and they were so sore. Thankfully they seemed to heal after a few days. I stopped feeding my toddler 9 months ago so I was probably still hardened a bit to feeding. It was definitely tougher last time. Leo is feeding like a wee dream little and often which is OK now while hubby is off work but might not be as easy when he goes back next week.

    My problem at the minute is getting the toddler to adjust. He will be 2 next month and is playing up big time. He is either clung all over me or pushing me away and hitting out. So unlike himself. He makes me feel like I've took the baby home and ruined his life lol 
    Anyone else experiencing this or has gone through it and has any tips?

  • Hello Everyone, 

    ive been reading all your messages but not got round to replying! Hope all you breast feeding mammys find it all easier soon. 
    Been a bit of madness here, came home Monday with the twins, they settled well, Tuesday I ended up in A&E, couldn’t breath and felt funny, finally found out today that I have a blood clot!!! They have put me on tinzaparin injections for the next 3 months!!! I’ve started to feel better and I’m less breathless but need to keep remembering that I can’t do things as quick as I could and that I’ve had surgery! 
    Hope everything eases up soon  for everyone xx
  • @Happy2try poor you, that sounds awful!! Lots of rest, easier said than done with twins I know but you must make sure you get better!! 

    @Campbello our eldest is 2yrs and 4 months so is a bit older than yours, we have tried really hard to include him in practical jobs. So the other day he helped us bath Ottie for the first time and I showed him how to test the bath water with his elbow etc and then he sat on the floor and rubbed her with cotton wool and when I change her nappy I ask him to get me things (like a nappy bag etc) so he feels like he has his own little role in her being around. I’ve also fed Ottie and then left her with my husband and Dex and I have taken the dog for a walk just the two of us and collected sticks or pretended we’re on a bear hunt just so we have a little time on our own together. He’s also been really playing up at bedtime so I’ve made him a sticker chart and when he gets 5 stickers he gets a treat which seems to be working well. Not sure if you can adapt any of those things to suit your little one? Will see if I can watch my brain for anything else!! 

  • Hi ladies.

    How do you know the difference between reflux and milk intolerance? Oscar is extreamly uncomfortable and we are trying to figure out what is causing him so much discomfort when feeding. He is fine when he is breast fed sicks up a bit when moved about but not crying and arching his back like when he is bottle fed. I haven’t noticed if there is a differesnce between breast milk in bottle to formula in bottle but was wondering what the symptoms of both intolerance and reflux were and if they are similar? Thanks x
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