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  • Congratulations - Oscar is gorgeous! Hope you’re both doing well!

    has everybody decided where they will be giving birth? I’m torn between two birth centres - one is ten minutes away but a freestanding one which would mean an ambulance transfer if things weren’t going to plan. the other is alongside a labour ward but is busier and is 25 minutes away. 



  • Nay - hasbhe turned Yet? Lots of time on an exercise ball?! 

    Sarah - I live 15 minutes from one of two in the country women’s hospitals so I’ll be going there! Has everything in one place - midwife led ward turns out the be next door to the consultant led ward so I’ll be in good hands!

    do they do tours so you can get a feel for each place? we did a tour and it sealed the deal for me

  • Springstart I agree with mrsb I think it’s where you feel most comfy that’s all that matters. If your worried about the distance from the Main hospital if needed then maybe the one next door to it would be more suited to worries.

    mrsb no he still not moved I’ve got 2 weeks they said or they Will book for a c section as a back up but he will have until 38/39 to move finally. Glad you like the birthing unit and you Have made a decision. not long for you now it’s so exciting isent it have you got much left to plan/get.

    i have consultant tomorrow and scan the next day so looking forward to the scan to see how much he’s grown. I have got this annoying itch on my arms/hands and legs the last couple of days that not a great feeling but apart from that feeling pretty ok now. 


  • Springstart as the others have said you have to go with your gut.. I’m using my local hospital but I’m considered high risk anyway so will be on labour ward either way. I think you just need to consider if it would bother you having to get transferred in an ambulance or not.

    Nay exciting you have another check tomorrow mines next week, hope he moves for you will probably leave you until the last minute 😂😩 knowing these babies. Hope the consultant can reassure you about the itching? 

    MrsB how are you feeling now? You must be v excited only a few weeks to go! 

  • Ah you’ve got time then Nay :) 

    i have everything well and truly sorted. Hospital bags have been packed and repacked twice just to make sure I have everything and have a last minute things list on display for my husband should he need to help!

    im 37 weeks on Tuesday so ready to go! Keep telling people in full term Tuesday as I will be and they seem to think it’s due date so having to keep explaining what it means but I can’t heko but say full term because I want her out now!!! Need relief from this pgp and everyone repeatedly telling me their opinion on the size of my bump! Haha 

    excited to meet her and see what dh is like with her!!!

  • Ah that’s so exciting MrsBeel! I hope she doesnt keep you waiting too long and you can get back to normal pain wise. I’m sure your ither half will be so sweet with her, it’s the best thing seeing a dad and baby 🥰 have you started doing any of the ‘labour inducing‘ old wives tales?!

    I’m going to aim to do my hospital bag soon I think, so I’ll have time to pack it and unpack it as I remember doing that too with my son 🙈. I need to wash her bits! most are in moving boxes but I don’t think we’ll move until so close to d day so I’ve left a few newborn/0-3s out for quick access just in case!

    33 weeks 

  • I’m eating dates (when I can stomach them!) bouncing on The ball, and have some rasberry leaf tea tablets to start taking. I keep making curry and having spices Nando’s! Pgp makes most other things a little more tricky. baby is head down but still not dropped...

    Have a home Visit from midwife on Tuesday so hope all is well!

    washing everything took me so long! Have no drier so had to have heating up to dry things quickly one load at a time which made me over heat!!! But it feels good when it’s done!

  • Hi Nay1234,

    Dis you get your liver function testa done- specifically ALT, AST & alkaline phospate? It might be cholastsis of pregnancy. It usually sets in late trimester and impacts 1 in 100 pregnant women. I had an early onset in 4th month amd it was hell. I literally bleed while scratching.

    I hope you dont have this condition. Incase, it happens they just gave you a tablet that brings the level down.

  • Sorry, noticed some typos. Pardon me!

  • Sounds like your doing all the right things MrsBeel! Last time at my 40 week app the midwife suggested that we do the deed, much to my husbands embarressesment, he didn’t know what to say! 


  • Wanttobemummy I have my consultant today when I saw my midwife last week she did say if it continued and went to my hands and armr (last week was only in leg/feet) then they would run blood tests so I’m assuming thatscwhat they mean will ask today thank you for your reply how did it start for you ? Was it obvious that you had it my itchy ness isent too bad at the moment.

    mrsb thats good you are all ready to go so exciting and I agree year fav bit of my first labour was seeing my oh bond with our daughter such a special moment.

    ah jade we moved the day before my first came and I’m pretty sure that’s what brought her on so fingers crossed it helps you too do you have an idea of when your moving yet ? 


  • Jadeelx did try that but between pgp and the aftermath of braxtons and pain I’ve decided that’s on hold now till after labour!!!

  • I don’t blame you! It’s not on my to do list either this time around 🙈

    Nay good luck today hope there’s something they can do for you.

    No idea when we will move but the whole place needs doing and we wont have builders for another few weeks so my estimate would be 6 weeks at least 


  • Ah jade hopefully you get in on time fingers crossed for you.

    saw the consultant today got my induction booked in for 39 weeks she was open to having it earlier but ild rather make sure he’s cooked. Get sweeps from 37 weeks though so end of this month what’s scary knowing thats onky 3 weeks away. Also have to have weekly liver and bile blood tests for my itching as she thinks I may have that OC she said that If results come back tomorrow high then I will have to go triage but if ok just have to have test every week so hoping it’s ok. Got piriton and special menthol cream for itch relief. Baby boy still haven’t moved lookig forward To seeing him tomorrow

    how’s everyone else doing ? 

  • Sorry all, didn’t link to the new thread so havent seen any messages!! Hope you’re all well? 

    Dont know if it’s any help but spinning babies really helped me when my first was breach later on in my first pregnancy xx

  • Nay1234, 

    The doctors were not able to diagnose me until later in the 6th month since they werent expecting the cholastais to start so early. I was repeatedly told that skin dryness and itching is normal in pregnancy. My mom is an OB GYN back home and she insisted that i get a liver test done and that is when they found the issue.

    The other problem is that i never had the itching at the usual places like legs and arms. I got it extensively on my back starting from the nape of the neck.

    Anyway, I hope your tests come back all good. Just be wary of the fact that in america, if one has cholastatis the baby needs to be delievered as soon as you start the 37th week since this condition is supposed to be fatal for the baby. So i will be induced in mid feb tho my actual DD was 7th March. Not sure what the standards are followed in the UK but i would suggest checking with your mid wife/ doctor.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Jade that sounds horrible timing for you! Hope it all works out!

    saw midwife for a home visit today. I am 37 weeks today, lost mucus plug and 2/5ths engaged!

    We’re hoping for labour before the next appointment in 2 weeks!

  • Congrats MrsB! Did they give you any tips on making it happen or just the usual stuff? 

    im 36 weeks and 3/5ths engaged but in no rush to bring on labour at the moment, im so uncomfortable and in pain but am feeling a little daunted by the idea of a toddler and a newborn at the moment so in a funny limbo stage!! 

    Does anyone have any tips on bringing on milk on one side? I fed my little boy til 6 months on just my left side because I couldn’t get my right side to keep up and he was tongue tied and even after a frenulotomy he had a bad latch. I really don’t want that to happen this time round. Im planning on hand expressing from 37 weeks and will focus on my right side, but any other tips from anyone? Thanks xx

  • That’s great news MrsBeel, hopefully things start happening for you soon!

    Im the same Beartobe, in no rush to have this baby as I’m terrified of having a baby + toddler 😂

    In regards to your milk supply I would say lots of skin to skin and you could try offering that breast first, but be careful not to favour a side as this could lead to supply issues in the other breast and so offer both breasts at each feed. Supply is all in response to demand, so the more baby feeds the more milk the breast will produce. The Breastfeeding network is a charity who offer great support, you can always give them a call and one of the supporters can assist you, they may even have local support groups you can go to when baby is here for some face to face support too, also LaLecheLeague. Kellymom also has some great pages on what a good latch looks like, so I’d suggest reading up on how to position baby for a good latch so that you can avoid getting into any issues. Having a low supply is actually quite rare and the issue usually comes from poor attachment as you said, so if your having issues getting baby to feed from a particular side for any reason it could be a good idea to pump to ensure you maintain the supply while you work on resolving any issues. The most part of our milk supply is established in the first few weeks of birth.

  • Thank you! Will have a look. Used a breast feeding specialist last time and we just couldn’t get my right side to keep up. but as you say it is mostly established in the first few weeks and it was a little way down the line before we were able to sort his feeding issues so i may have just missed the boat last time. Will endeavour to get both sides working this time as I hate being so wonky boobed! But at least I know my left side is a trooper and can cope 😂

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