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  • Ah I had the same beartobe, my right side was always smaller but we coped. Would of been nice to be even 😂 hopefully no issues for you this time though! X

  • beartobe - no tips given! Becuse im only 37 weeks and no longer have a medical need to be induced or c section it’s a case of baby will come when baby wants to, so now tips given by my midwife anyway! 

    Just a robust but flexible birth plan made!

  • Beartobe, in my case supply was reduced on my left compared to the right, I could get 5-6oz in 5mins on the right while I would struggle to get half of that amount on the left. I just carried on breastfeeding and thought that it was due to a previous lumpectomy and scar tissue etc. I did breastfeed for 17months though. 

    Had a growth scan today due to 2previous small fibroids, all is well, baby weighs 4lb 7oz already😳. I have been having it quite rough this past few weeks. It stated with dizziness but both the Midwives and the Gp couldn’t tell why and they concluded it might just be a viral infection as my bloods results was ok. i took 2weeks off work, the dizziness is alittle better now but I just feel shattered and exhausted all the time. Normal daily activity no matter how light is unbearable. 

    I was hoping to return to work today but my manager said if I still  don’t feel up to it I should go back to the Gp. Maternity  is meant to commence 4th march but I’m on annual leave from the 25th Feb. Just confused as to what to do because I don’t want to go off earlier than scheduled.

  • Anyone else just DONE with pregnancy? 37+4 And I'm just sick! Been losing mucus plug in small amounts for days, Braxton hicks are so bad, not sleeping, back is agony.... the list is endless 😫 

    17 days til induction but PRAYING I'll go sooner!! Gonna ask midwife for a sweep on Monday to see if can get things started 😫

  • Chez I am with you. 37+2 for me. Literally have every sign, baby is engaged, music plug gone a few days ago, beyond exhausted but yet worked on the house all day yesterday! Have been sick. Bowels are sooo emptied and all the rest. Get. This. Baby. Out!!!

  • MrsBee I feel your pain! I forgot all about the last month of pregnancy - and the fact it lasts an actual year 🙄😫 

    Husband keeps saying 'hurry up and get it out so I can have some time off this job' 😂😂 

    Can't even remember what it feels like to just feel like a normal non-pregnant human being haha 

  • My husband said exactly the same almost every day this week!!! I decided he should book annual Leave if he wants time off again, not making me go through this last blooming month of pregnancy!!! 

    i can’t remember what it’s liek for clothes to fit and feel comfortable, or to sleep any way I want ... or sleep full stop! Well i guess that last one will be a while before I remember that one again!

  • I feel you ladies! Hopefully only a matter of days for you both and not weeks like me.

    I was at MAU last night with terrible back pains and tightenings. Everything seems normal on examination and test for preterm labor came back negative so put my mind at ease that I won’t go into labor within the next few weeks. Doctor said unfortunatley the pains are just a side affect of pregnancy now. I didn’t feel like this with my son but she said it’s second time and everything is looser 🙈

    They are pulling my growth scan booked in for Tues forward to today or tomorrow just waiting on a call for the appointment.

    Baby girl is so active lately I feel like she is going to burst out! 

    I think I’m going to go and do a bit of hospital bag shopping today as still need to pack.

    Jade 33+4

  • Jadeelx I’ve been having those pains too. Midwife said if it gets extreme to go to the hospital. I’ve had shooting pains going up my spine into my neck which is almost paralysing!

    they can test for labour?! I thought it was just contraction? Ok you’re in labour!

  • So uncomfortable isn’t it. Atleast I can just take some pain relief if I need it and not be worried my baby is trying to make a premature appearance. I was so concerned as it felt like the start of a when they induced me in terms of pain. Baby head isn’t even engaged so can’t use that as an excuse! 

    Yes it’s called a fetal fibrobectin test (fFn test), they just take a swab and run it through a machine. Quite fancy actually! 

  • Hey ladies how are we all today ?

    jade how did your scan go ?

    ive been suffering with the shooting pains too and just general spd pain everyone around me is ill at the moment so much going around.

    seeing the midwife weekly now and scans every 2 weekly get to have my first sweep In 2 weeks what’s exciting I’ll be 37 weeks not they they worked for all my others but still hoping lol 😂 and he’s finally turned thank god just hoping he stays down now lol 😂 


  • It was ok thanks Nay. She’s gained weight but has fallen below the line she was tracking on, so has not gained at the same rate as usual. I don’t have my doctors review until Tuesday so not sure what their opinion was. The sonographer wasn’t concerned as everything looked ok and she has gained some weight, and placenta working ok but the doctor did say that low Papp a can lead to growth issues so I’m worried it could be the start of slowed growth?

    my next scan is booked in for 37 weeks but that will be a month since this scan technically since I had it on thursday a little bit early so I want to ask the doctor for some sort of review before it as I’m not comfortable leaving her for all that time and not knowing what’s going on. 

    Even when the midwife measured me on friday my bump is barely measuring 31 weeks.

    Nay that’s so good he’s turned and great you’ll see them weekly now, it’s getting so close isnt it!! 

    Jade 34 weeks. X

  • Hi Everyone, 

    Hope your all having a lovely weekend. We had a scan again on Friday and seen the Consultant, they have decided to book me in for a c-sectiin 4 weeks time, a week and half longer than they usually leave twins and only ten days before my official due date! Not got a scan till 1st of March now which is making me anxious as I’ve been having them every week because of the little girls umbillical cord so Ive decided try not to worry and if notice anything slight I’ll just go up to day unit! I’m already feeling very up, can’t seem to do much l, I know they say with twins your body thinks it’s further than it is, just feels like I do the same stuff every day, somebody seems to turn up at my house every day “to help” so I’m not getting a minutes peace! I know in a couple of weeks I’ll be glad! 

    Hows everyone else feeling



  • I am very grumpy!! Little lady is giving me so much pain and discomfort, lots of shooting pains and contractions. Got admitted to the labour ward the other day because I was having so many contractions but they settled down again Thankfully. Generally angry at the world at the moment, I’m in pain, stressing about having a newborn, my grandmother has just been given 6 months to live and so we escaped to the coast for the weekend to try and get away from it all and whilst trying to stop my little boy tipping coffee everywhere I have broken my toe!! I am feeling very sorry for myself right now!! Xx

    36 + 4

  • I’m in both due in Feb and due in March groups and everyone is saying the same thing - I’m afraid it doesn’t get better!

    i can hardly sit still, have all pre labour signs, everything hurts and am beyond tired. Just want her to come now- I’ll be happy for the contraction pain so that I can get in the hospitals massive birthing pool and be submerged in hot water! My bath just isn’t deep enough!

  • Ah jade have you a midwifes appointment soon you ciuld tell her your concerns as she should help you either see your consultant sooner or book a scan for you. It’s horrible waiting when you don’t know what’s going on makes it drag.

    Happy2try thats good that you have a date now it’s around my induction date too 4 weeks time. It’s good they are all healthy and perfect. thry should be great weights when they make their appearance. 

    Bear2be oh no sound like your really going throug it at the moment not long till you see baby and all be worth it.

    im also suffering with the hormones and being super grumpy lol 😂 

    mrsbeel everytinr I see your name I get excited to see if you have has baby yet as your one or the first.

  • Haha sorry Nay, nothing yet! I can only wish!

    feel like I get to the end of the day of bouncing on the ball and baby is properly nearing down and any lower will be out and then I wake up in the morning and she doesn’t feel as low!

  • I have doc on Tuesday so it’s as soon as it can be sort of. just hope she keeps growing it’s made me a tad anxious! X

  • Aw can tell were all getting sick now haha! I'm counting down the days. Induction in two weeks today but hoping I can persuade the midwife to give me a sweep tomorrow! 

    Jade try not to worry too much about the growth, at my 33 week scan  they were massively concerned baby wasn't growing and at the 36 week one two weeks ago they're now saying baby is huge and I'm looking at a 10lb baby! The estimates are almost always wrong x

  • Jade I’ve read scans are up to  15% out or up to 2lbs out - so they’re really not so accurat, just a guidance or tiny or huge but 5lbs could easily be 7!

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