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  • Anyone else getting a weird pins and needles sensation in their ribs/just under the boob? It’s driving me nuts!! 

  • Beartobe - I’ve not had pins and needles in ribs but have had it in other places - I think it depends on position of baby and what nerves the press on. I keep getting dead hands and pins and needles in my hands but if I shift the bump weight (leaning forward or lying down) it stops it temporarily...

  • Hey ladies how are we all ? anyone had any labour signs yet ? Not long to go for us all ? I have just over 3 weeks till get induced but hoping the sweep works in a week and a half time if hes head is down enough lol 😂 fed up of being pregnant now just in constant pain with my pelvis and tiredness is creeping up apart from that though all good. Have offically started getting contractions just not regular yet so I’m hoping it’s the start of something to come in the next few weeks fingers crossed but third babies are defo little terrors Like I was told lol 😂 .

    anyone finished shopping yet ? I only got A changing bag and bouncy chair to get exciting  to see things in the house now preparing for his arrival my daughter is super excited. 


  • Also forgot to say I’ve also not had pins and needles in ribs but have had them in tops of my thighs from him pressing on a nerve i belive.

  • Thanks ladies! Reassuring to know it’s not just me! You sound well on your way Nay, hopefully the sweep gets you going properly xx

  • I had 2 hours of contractions 4-6am and then managed to sleep for an hour and woke up and they were gone :(

    hoping they wake me again tonight but stay this time!

  • Ah wow ladies look at you all with labour signs, exciting! MrsBeel how was your night, anymore? 

    I still haven’t packed my hospital bag and I’m thinking I should do that today, atleast go and buy the bits I need 🙈 I went at 40+5 last time so doubt she’ll try and be super early but you know, better to have it sooner rather than later I suppose! My section is only 4 weeks away 😬 I have washed all her up to 1 month & newborn sleepy suits so I am sort of prepared. Just need to tackle a few blankets, not going to wash hats & muslins I don’t think? I did last time though. 

    No hospital apps this week, what’s everyone else up to 


  • Jadeelx same thing - few contractions and that’s it. its a good sign but the most frustrating thing in the world! Have midwife tomorrow so see what she says. I’m hoping she’ll have a look and say I’m dilating and effacing with it all at least. Or perform a magical sweep and get the baby out!!! Pgp pain is just ever increasing and I don’t want it to get to c section stage!

    Yes definitely pack your bag - every baby is different and this one could come before due date!!!

  • well that definitely sounds exciting either way, im sure it sounds like the start of things so I wouldn’t be surprised if things ramp up over the next few days. I can’t see how you wouldn’t be dilating & thinning out with her being so low and engaged!

    My son never engaged and even when my waters went my cervix didnt get the memo and never did anything, I’m yet to know what it feels like to walk around with a babies head in my pelvis lol 

    You should do all the things to ’help’ today, long walk, ect ect maybe it will tip things over the edge tonight 

    excited for you! X

  • I’ve done an hour walk every night haha. Think thats what is doing it it’s just my pelvis is taking a beating so not sure I can keep it up!

    and engaged baby makes for a very awkward life - would’ve loved her not to engage until actually in labour! Haha

    how did they get your cervix going in the end?

  • Mrsbeel oh that’s exciting hopefully things start happening how many weeks are you now ?

    jade I dident wash the hats etc either lol 😂 did you decide to go for the c section in the end ? Exciting you only have 4 weeks ek. I have consultants on Tuesday and will find out my defo plan they said i can be induced earlier due to my SPD/PGP at the moment it’s 39 weeks but now I’m on crutches they will do it at 38 possible 37 if I want but ild rather struggle for the extra week and just have sweeps from 37 weeks but his heads not engaged enough To have them yet so not holding out much hope. 

    also have another scan this week what possibly could be our last that’s scary and also midwifes so busy week for me this week with all the appointments. 


  • Well they tried to induce me to get things going and other than contractions my cervix still didnt respond, that’s why I ended up with the c section.

    Nay yes I’ve booked it in for the 18th March. I just don’t want to anxiety of labour failing like last time and bevause I already had a c section the doctors will have a low threahold for doing an emergency one so I’d rather just have one from the get to, if you know what im trying to say. Atleast i can plan my sons childcare and sort him and have a relaxed approach about it. My hospital are doing enhanced recovery so I can probably be back home the next day, so it’s fine for me really.

  • (After my waters going naturally with meconium) 


  • Yeah thats Understandable jade at least it’s planned and more relaxed for you this time rather than An emergency and you’ll still be able to come home soon. Also why I want to waitbto be induced at 39 weeks so there’s more chance of induction working for me as I know last time I was induced at the same time so I know it will be ok. And That’s also why I’m happy being induced so I can get my little ones looked after planned rather than in a rush it would just stress me out more lol 😂 

  • I think if I had other little ones then I would prefer it to be all organised, so can see what you mean! 

    I have my pre assessment for my section this week and a midwife appt. I was trying to read about the pre assessments and what is done, all seems pretty straight forward! Though it did say that it’s normally the week of your op, mine is 3 weeks so hope she hasn’t messed up any dates!! 

    Move really struggled this weekend, walking is becoming very difficult to the point of not being able to. I’m now having sharp pains in my bits and low achy back, just going to try and have a bath. I think I’ve just over done it this weekend with it being my stepsons birthday and was out of most fri/sat trying to get stuff ready! Feel a bit lost on Braxton Hicks and labour as the twins will be my first so the nerves are kicking in!! 

    Hope Everyone else had a nice weekend 



  • Hannah mines just shy of a week before the op, and I have to go in basically the day before for bloods and swabs. What was done in your appointment?

    Nay that makes sense what ever makes you feel comfortable we all know our own bodies as long as baby comes out safe and sound xx

  • Just to let you all know.... my induction has been brought forward to Thursday! 😬 not gonna lie... I'm feeling nervous haha. You'd think I'd be calmer having done it before haha x

  • Oh how exciting hun!!!!! Hope everything goes well and will be thinking about you on Thursday 

    Hannah xxx

  • Ekk chez that’s exciting not long I’m the same always get nervous I think it’s normal reaction as it’s seems so close now how many weeks will you be ? How comes it’s been brought forward oh im excited for you illd be keeping an eye out for your birth announcement

  • That’s so exciting Chez! ill be keeping an eye out too and hope it all goes smoothly xxx

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