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  • 💓💓💓💓💓 Wooo Go Chez💓💓💓💓💓

  • MrsB that’s so annoying. Can you phone the community team and explain what’s happened and what the hospital said and see if they can fit you in for an extra appointment before your next one? I really feel for you, I remember with my first how uncomfortable and fed up I was at 39 weeks just desperate for him to come and every day felt like a whole week!! 

    I keep getting shooting pains into my pelvis which are so uncomfortable and I’ve had a few niggles over night in particular but my grandmother is going in for a major operation tomorrow and my little boy is poorly so I’m fairly sure my body won’t put me into labour until both those things are done with! Xx

  • thanks For the advice ladies. Called the community midwife office and they’re going to try and get me an appointment tomorrow morning at another clinic for a sweep. At least its something and if it doesn’t work I’m on their radar.

    beartobe a day lasting a week is about the right way to describe it! 

    Husband compared his 4 hour morning shift every day to being 39 weeks pregnant with pgp today... not quite sure how I didn’t scream at him for that!!!

  • Haha that was brave of him!! Hope he went off to his morning shift with his tail between his legs! so pleased you’re having an extra appt tomorrow, that sounds really positive. Have you got some raspberryleaf tea you can drink too? And get hand expressing and bouncing on a ball!! Keeping everything crossed for you that you get some movement soon xx

  • hey ladies ah mrsb that’s great news sometimes you just have to be pushy for hem to do things and fingers crossed it works for you and don’t worry about it too much it’s really quick and personally not that bad.

    so had scan today baby boys had a massive growth spurt and put on two pounds in two weeks so already estimated 7.3 pounds ah i have a feeling hes going to be bigger than his brother and sister as they where defo smaller at This stage. He’s engaged though so that’s something fingers crossed he stays there so I can have a sweep next week  at 37,weeks consultant said I should have them every 48hours to have the maximun chances of working ealry on but I guess it all depends on the first one and if I’m favourable hopefully because it’s my third I will be. If all else fails though been booked it for induction just before 39 weeks so a Good day in all fairness.

    hows everyone else doing ? X

  • Nay that sounds hopefully! Hope it works for you!

    i had my sweep today, and she sent me to hospital for an assessment straight away, talking of even inducing me tonight. But they’ve given me codeine for pgp and if it doesn’t help in a couple of days I go back to be induced. Or even if it does help I can go back on Tuesday (40 weeks) and be induced then.

    They weren’t too impressed I hadn’t been given codeine before or been sent to see a consultant seen as I’ve had pgp since week 15!

    But fingers crossed firstly the sweep magically works tonight but if not I finally have a plan. 

  • Ah mrsbeel glad you have a plan now l :) yeah unless us women stand up they don’t seem to do much until It gets to much for us. But least they have finally helped you now I got my fingers crossed for you that the sweep did the job did the midwife say if she thinks it looks promising.  

  • She said I wasn’t dilated but cervix was very soft so “well underway“

    have had a lot of Braxton Hicks since that have become painful like a contraction but haven’t had the peak and drop off like a contraction! 

    So who knows!

  • Evening ladies 

    Nay that’s great news that he’s had a growth spurt, you must be feeling so relieved! 

    MrsBeel I hope that things start to happen for you soon! How did you find the sweep? 

    Ive started loosing parts of my plug, it’s clear though not bloody like last time when my waters went shortly after, so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. i know that the body can just re grow it. I’m having a lot of period pains too, it does feel like she’s getting ready to leave! 

  • Sweep part was fine. Opening my legs wide enough for them - not so much fun! But if it gets  things going it’ll be worth it!

    thats how my plug went at 36+6 and then started with period pains a couple of days later, then irregular contractions started the following week!

  • So pleased you finally feel like you’ve been listened to and are getting somewhere MrsB!! Fingers crossed we get some exciting news from you soon.

    ive not had a bloody show or anything yet, a bit of mucus but nothing too much. I didn’t get it until the day I was in labour last time though. Had a couple of really good contractions last night that lasted about 30 seconds and really came in waves but then it all went quiet again! Other than having contractions 4 days prior to establishing labour last time I had no signs so just a waiting game for me I think! Xx

  • What’s your due date beartobe?

    up with bad period pains - a phrase you never think you’d say - I hope they get worse!!!

  • How are you feeling MrsB? Really hope things are still progressing for you! 

    im due 6th March so 38+1. Is funny though because I won’t go on the induction list for another 3 weeks so lots of you ladies on here could have your babies lots before me! Xx

  • Had a couple of contractions but yet again didn’t continue! Still have period pains though so will go for a long walk when dh gets home.

    codeine has done nothing so at this point I can go in to book an induction whenever I want... i just would try and avoid a c section if I can and it indication didn’t work thats where It’d go straight away..

    beartobe that’s still not long though 

  • mrsb to be honest the pain killers don’t work for me either and I’m on stronger ones than codine. Do you know your bishops score from your sweep as that indicates weather induction would work or not. I think it’s tricky as it’s your first why dont you request another sweep for tomorrow as you can have them every two days to see if anything has changed. 

     had midwife today she says baby’s head low for third and I have sweeps booked from next Tuesday and then every other day until induction. So hoping one will work.


  • MrsB I absolutely believe that nipple stimulation on Saturday Sunday and Monday, started my labour on Monday night. I just did each nipple for 10 mins, 2x each, twice a day (I did it whilst on Facebook in the bath haha). Hope things pick up for you soon! 

    I keep trying to post a pic of baby Ella but it won't let me for some reason! She is absolutely perfect and I am IN LOVE!

  • Chez, congratulations! Please email your pic to [email protected] and we'll upload it for you.

    Hi everyone, please do check out this announcement about changes to the forum, happening next week. We hope it explains everything, but if not, just post on the Announcement thread and we’ll help 😊

  • Chez that’s amazing I’m so happy for you, how are you both doing?

    MrsB how are you doing, any news? 

    The chat will be read only from Monday- Thurs I think, I bet someone has a baby in that time and we will be none the wiser! Haha 

    Nay that’s great news baby is so low already it seems like that will help the sweeps work in your favour if his head is making a good connection on your cervix 

    Im still loosing more and more of my plug and lots of cramping which is worrying but it’s not amounted to anything, still just period cramps so I’m carrying on as nomal. Not sure whether to give midwife a call just to see what she thinks 

  • Jadeelx everyone will have to give birth before Sunday night or cross their legs for 4 days!

    im pretty much the same! They said if codeine didn’t work to go back in to book and induction. Had tonnes of contractions yesterday but woke up today with nothing! So frustrating. 

    So I think I may go back in after lunch - book and induction for tomorrow evening or Sunday morning but ask for another sweep in the mean time and maybe they can see where everything’s at to see how successful an induction would be... 

    i REALLY don’t want a c section - but if the pgp continues to get worse every day I will end up with one because my mobility is getting worse and I’m simply not going to be able to open my legs wide enough to deliver myself! 

    So I feel a bit stuck! Anyone with previous pgp got any advice? Sorry for my long rant!

  • So I hit 38 weeks pregnant today and I am done. 

    I‘ve had a lovely, easy, straight-forward pregnancy but my word nine months is a long time. 

    I cant wait to meet our little man. But I also can’t wait to put my own socks on, to sleep on my back, to have a glass of wine, to walk without looking like a duck, to not have to use the loo 8 times a night or have to sleep sat up because otherwise the heartburn is ridiculous. 

    Hope we all ge to meet our new additions very soon! 

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